The Kardashian & Jenner Clan Belt Out Their Own Rendition of Katy Perry's 'ET'! (VIDEO)

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After Kendall and Kylie Jenner debuted their Celebuzz video Q&A, they promised they'd be sharing more videos with you guys, and the latest one is finally here! 

The whole Kardashian/Jenner gang made this video, set to Katy Perry's "E.T.", while on a recent vacation and we must say, it only solidifies our excitement for the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on June 12!

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian as well as their men Kris Humphries, Scott Disick and Lamar Odom, show that their family vacations are anything but typical as they dance and sing along to the hit song.

Khloe blogged about the video, saying:
"Hi dolls! Happy Tuesday!!!!! I hope you all had a fab Memorial Day weekend. I’m so excited to finally present to you the Kardashian/Jenner/Odom/Disick/Humphries family music video. Kendall and Kylie are so creative and they always make music videos with their best friends Spencer and Madeline, but this time, they wanted the ENTIRE family to participate. We all learned the words to Katy Perry’s song ‘Extraterrestrial’ (even Bruce LOL) and then took turns lip syncing to it. My favorite part is where Masey is dancing. How cute is he?!

I’m so happy Kenny and Kylie made this video — it’s so much fun for us to watch and it’s something we’ll always have. I love my family!!!!"

Check out the whole Kardashian/Jenner family (including adorable baby Mason!) above!

What do you think of their music video? Are they bound for musical greatness? Or should they stick with their day jobs? Let us know by hitting up our Twitter or Facebook!


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  • ComputerNerd

    the video won't play for you guys because it is ran through Flash and you are probably on a Apple product, it isn't their fault but they should probably use Quicktime if they want to reach their entire fan base. ... and the was okay, kind of dumb.

  • Gloria Camara Hale
    Gloria Camara Hale

    soooooooooo funny !

  • Hugh Moody
    Hugh Moody

    Thanks!for the information.

  • diane

    the biggest waste of my time i hate the kardashian family their all so annoying especally KIM hate her stupid baby voice

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    you can watch it on Kim's blog thingy and it works :)

  • Michaela

    This was really awesome!!! I hope to c more!! The world loves the Kardashians!!!

  • Dima

    I love the part where Kourt and Scott are kissing Masey!

  • Sandra Hernandez
    Sandra Hernandez

    Cant stop watching love the home video!!! Great job Kendall and Kaylie.

  • Agyness Irene
    Agyness Irene

    this is so cool! you guys rock!

  • SalmaAmr

    they're all so beautiful and fun. Wish I knew them in person.

  • April Alvarado Mascarenas
    April Alvarado Mascarenas

    TOO much money and time on your hands.. but it was cute!!

  • Emma Divian
    Emma Divian

    Haha I LOVED it! So greatttt!!!!

  • Belynda

    I couldnt watch it either, but you can see it on you tube, just press The kardashians, Covering Katy Perry ET

  • Christy

    Awesome vid!! For those of you having issues playing the video, try Fire Fox. Internet Explorer did not work for me, but Fire Fox did ;)

  • Lea

    Yea, crappy feedback, but still cool of what I could see.

  • Lisa

    Thats cutee. :) Love that the famiy is involved. And bruce haha. :)

  • Denise Daigle LeBlanc
    Denise Daigle LeBlanc

    I loved it!!! It's nice to see a family so close and having fun!!! :) :)

  • Charlotte

    OH it worked! :D LOVE it <333 Kourt looks gorgeous and Mason is sucha cutie :')

  • Charlotte

    Won't play for me, i live in the UK ifthat's any help? :L

  • Sarah

    i LOVE that first one of kourt <3 and the slow-mo one of khloe you look beautiful doll

  • Rachael

    lol super cute! like the camel kiss khloe my husband gets so annoyed when I act like im going to kiss him and lick the side of his face lol lol

  • Lisa

    Wtf is this?so shady...get a life...thanx alot guys for spoiling this song for me.......

  • Fay

    so cool alothough the lip singing was faster than the actual song...still love it though

  • Fran


  • Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile

    Hi. If you can NOT watch the video successfully, can you please state what browser version and OS you're using, e.g., "I can't play the video on IE 6 for Windows". Thanks!

  • kris

    so funny!!.... cool!

  • Angelica

    i laughed so hard!

  • Rosa Lapina Williams
    Rosa Lapina Williams

    Wont play...refreshed and everything...please repost so we all can watch it....

  • Rosa Lapina Williams
    Rosa Lapina Williams

    Wont play...refreshed and everything...please repost so we all can watch it....

  • Mel

    Love it!! You guys are awesome, Mason is sooo cute!! Can't wait for the next season to start xo

  • Evelyn Perez
    Evelyn Perez

    It won't play for me either!! :(

  • Lauren

    Refresh the page and then play it

  • Rayda Trieb
    Rayda Trieb

    so cool!! Love it!;)

  • TyKesha Yamonia Henderson-Merriweather
  • Julia

    why wont it play!!!!!

  • lalo

    nice video thats beautifull nena kisss me hell yea......................besame xd........

  • jazzybabyy

    love it <3

  • Krystal

    HAHA! So cute!

  • Poe

    Yeah I can't get it to play either ....

  • Anam Salvatore
    Anam Salvatore

    it wont work

  • Molly

    You should really make some more : ) So much fun xoxo

  • Kaitlyn

    I can't get it to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Debra L Johnson
    Debra L Johnson

    thats cool u guys