Top 12 Celeb Couples With a Crazy Height Difference (PHOTOS)

Kim & Kris Bikini Love
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Ladies love men who are tall, dark and handsome (tall being the operative word here) but what happens when said lady is somewhat on the short side?

The rumor mill is churning that 5’1″ Hayden Panettiere has found herself a new man after spending time in the company of NFL player Mark Sanchez, who stands at a nice 6’2″.

This got Celebuzz thinking, who are some other celeb couples who have ladies breaking out their tallest stilletos?

Well, of course, there’s Kim Kardashian (5’3″) and her new fiance Kris Humphries (6’9″) as well as married couple Josh Duhamel (6’4″) and Fergie (5’4″).

Don’t forget about those tall ladies who love them some shorter guys though. Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley was spotted out with a much taller mystery lady over the weekend.

Check out the rest of the Hollywood couples with a big height difference in the gallery!