Enrique Iglesias Is A Wanted Man (PHOTOS)

You can’t escape his love! Enrique Iglesias is a wanted man in Hollywood, with a casting notice calling for a very specific type:

“Puerto Rican or Dominican type badass … Think Enrique Iglesias.”

The casting notice is for none other than Lady Gaga, who Idolator reports is ready to film her video for “Edge of Glory.” Why not go for the real thing? The two could definitely stir up some press, as one requirement to get the part is they Enrique-type “must be willing to kiss” Miss Gaga. Maybe his girlfriend Anna Kournikova is the jealous type?

Whatever the case may be, Enrique is plenty busy doing his own thing. The singer took the stage in Tel Aviv, Israel, where we’re sure many in the audience wanted to try out his kissing skills in their own private “audition.”