First Pics: Josh Hutcherson Starts Filming for 'Hunger Games' (PHOTOS)

Hunger Games

Update: Photos removed by request.

Get excited Hunger Games fans – the stars of the new film are trickling down to North Carolina to start filming of the sure-to-be-epic movie!

Star Josh Hutcherson was spotted milling around on set in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. At one point, the hunky actor – who is dating Vanessa Hudgens – was spotted talking to someone behind a screen as his co-star Paula Malcomson looked on.

In the film, Josh will portray Peeta Mellark, one of the main protagonists of the popular book series.

Also on set: 30 Rock beauty Elizabeth Banks (who welcomed a baby boy in March) and newcomer Willow Shields.

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  • HG lover
    HG lover

    Every good book gets butchered. It's f-ing annoying. How they change things how they think it should be. Black hair, grayish eyes. That's Katniss and gale. Peeta IS blonde. How hard is that? Really? If your gonna make a book like the hunger games into a movie, and want it to succeed? Then do it right already.

  • Shanice

    Who cares he's blonde or not??? I Just Want To See The Movie Out NOW!!!!!!!! And i'm sure he's good, the AUTHOR chosen him herself!! In your face people!!

  • Tegan

    Wow, how long have you needed glasses? Josh is gorgeous and your ignorant hate is the best reason I can think of for ALL forums disabling comment abilities.

  • ADV

    Peeta is BLONDE, they already started filming, so it's too late to dye his hair again


    it's not blonde thats like... darkish brown, with like gold highlights ... can't you go a bit blonder? peeta=blonde not brunette. now him and jen will look like cousins or something...

  • Dee

    I would like to clear a few things. What is more important is that they have an actor who can bring the character to life. Josh is an exceptional actor and he pretty much has his personality if you have seen interviews. His hair may not be as blonde as i think it should but they picked the right actor. I think he is cute and he is not supposed to be hot that is Gale. I always thought Peeta needed a innocnet face and Josh has that. I think he looks the part and its not his fault if they didnt dye his hair to as blonde as we all thought. For all we know, they have him in a wig. Another thing Vanessa has been in alot of bad movies lately. I think she is trying to get close to him , hoping she will get a part in the movie or maybe the most liekly things they are just having fun. I dont like them together but its not going to last. He just doesnt seem like he would be in love with a girl like that. Another thing if you love Zac Efron so much you should probably marry you local gay.


    Shut The Fuck Up Shut The Fuck Up Shut The Fuck Up Shut The Fuck Up

  • laura

    you are so assho..

  • Lauren

    Stop complaining. Would you rather have a blonde actor who the casting directors didn't think was good enough, or a dirty blonde actor who fits the part?

  • Gabbi

    Is it really necessary to do that? Hate on people? I mean, it's ok to not like him but calling him "fugly, fat and gross", that's just LOW. Show some respect and little maturity you have and keep your opinions to yourself. Or at least, say something that actually makes sense. I had to let this out. It really made me angry. Because even if I don't particularly like Hudgens, I don't go around saying she's a skank, a fake and ugly. It's just wrong.

  • angel2317

    no so sure about him playing Peeta well lets just wait till the movie comes out. hope its good

  • teri

    he's a cute kid but he doesn't look like peeta. And zac fans need to stfu already. lol

  • mattie

    by the way zac efron hotter and cuter than he is.

  • mattie

    seriously she said she not dating anyone. she single. stop spreading rumors because all it cause is problems.

  • @shton

    This is bull! Vanessa has insisited she is single, and yes, I know there are rmors of them dating but nothing has been confirmed. And by the way, Josh Hutcherson is NOT a hunky actor. In fact, he's fugly and fat. Now, Zac Efron is what I call HAWT! Either way, I will always hate Josh Hutcherson as long as he's dating Vanessa hudgens because she belongs with Zac.

  • @shton

    This is bull! Vanessa has insisted she is single and yes, I know there are rumors about them dating but nothing has been confirmed. And by the way, Josh Hutcherson is NOT a hunky actor. In fact, he's fugly and fat and gross and whatever else there is to call him. Now Zac Efron, he's what I call HAWT! Who knows, maybe they can figure things out.