Justin Bieber Debuts New Tattoo While Selena Hangs With His Family (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber gets his own star ... sort of! Though it's just a matter of time until Bieber is on the Walk of Fame, this particular star is tattooed on his elbow. 

The teen heartthrob showed off the ink while visiting his family and friends in Toronto, Canada, and he brought along his girlfriend Selena Gomez. The couple was casual as they mingled with his relatives, but Selena did remember to wear Justin's favorite color, purple!

Selena also showed her love for her new man in a special way – she wore a silver dog-tag with "J" engraved on the front. Cute!

The couple toned down the PDA (as we all saw in Maui last week) as there were children present! While in Hawaii, Justin, 17, and Selena, 18, who have been together for a little over six months, were seen getting cozy while frolicking on the beach. The Biebs was showing off his newly chiseled abs while Selena wore her same bandeau throughout the week. The two were also spotted grabbing lunch at the Four Season and greeting fans during their romantic getaway.



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  • Dgaf

    If u are real fans then u should be happy if he is happy and it sure looks lik he is happy with her !!

  • kaylee

    what is she doing trying to tickle him or something?

  • saidah

    thats bullshit!!! i love justin but right now am gettin mad that his changin his hole life for this bitch!!!

  • jessica

    hey i was first by the way i like your tatto

  • jessica

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  • jessica

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  • adela

    I still like justin but idon,like selena whit him


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  • sara

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  • sara

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  • Jasmine

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  • jelena

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  • jezze

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  • AC/DC girl
    AC/DC girl

    He an his dad have the ame tatto soo sweet

  • soni

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  • lesbianintercourse

    i didnt know selena gomez was a lesbian

  • XxMExX


  • danyy

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  • Poti Suan
    Poti Suan

    ouh i luv his tattoo wow selly so sweet wear purple..

  • Poti Suan
    Poti Suan

    wow sweet


    hey ye r a great couple LUV YE JELENA!!!!!! but i luv selena more im ur number 1# fan i luv u ppl keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) xxxXXxxXXXxXXX

  • idaolivia

    they look so cute i looooove jelena 4ever

  • idaolivia

    hmm hi has 3 tattoos ???

  • Marian Simms
    Marian Simms

    is that a tatto on he's ellbo

  • Marian Simms
    Marian Simms

    he's all ways wearing those shorts

  • Micki

    I was just looking at the other pics and unless I'm wrong it looks like Justin has a new star tatoo on his elbow

  • rainbowpanda

    noooo y is he changing sooo fast i miss the old justin :,( he better not tattoo all over him self >:( he already has 3 ugly ones..... n he proly wearing earings cuz his dad wearing them

  • rainbowpanda

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  • rainbowpanda

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  • Noah

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  • dafish11

    yeahh...he now has a tattoo and earings... he sure has changedd...i wonder why? theres no rush for him to be older he had a ton of time

  • justbeliebers1

    is justin wearing earrings?!?!