Justin Bieber vs. DJ Pauly D: Whose Star Elbow Tattoo Reigns Supreme?

Biebs vs Pauly d!

Is DJ Pauly D one of Justin Bieber's secret role models?

While we highly doubt that the Biebs will be running around with a blow out and fist pumping over the country any time soon, it seems that his newest tattoo (a star on his left elbow) is curiously similar to the Jersey Shore star's same tat. They even have it on the same arm!

Although, Pauly D is known to be quite fond of the 17-year-old singer.

If you didn't already know (or maybe you just forgot) Pauly D dressed up as the Biebs for Halloween last year! Check out the photos below.

After realizing the (practically) matching tattoos, Celebuzz decided to let our readers decide whose looks better -- Justin or Pauly D?

Let your voice be heard and vote in the poll!



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  • BlazeniCK

    Pauly D's

  • Ashley

    All haters shut up cuz justin bieber is 18 not 12 and dude seriously you hate justin bieber cuz you want to be like him :) AND I GOT FOR JUSTIN'S TATTOO..

  • Jenna

    Pauly D's!!! Duh! Justin looks like a friggin idiot!!! As always.. :-)

  • Sheena

    Ummm...Pauly D's looks way better! Justin and his boney ass elbows lol

  • keeley thornes
    keeley thornes

    OMG!!! jb looks waaaayyyyy better but i dont like his tattoo lol xxx

  • rainbowpanda

    ugh pauls is better i stil go for jb duhhhhh

  • Gabby

    Pauly D. Why is Justin getting a tattoo? He's 12.

  • danielleakame

    lamest tattoo ever....lol