Le Swoon! Bradley Cooper Speaks Fluent French (VIDEO)

Buff Bradley
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We guess we can add this to the list of reasons why Bradley Cooper is one of the most eligible bachelors out there.

Not only is the actor sexy, funny and talented but he can speak fluent French! While we've seen him spending time in the city of lights enjoying the French Open and promoting The Hangover II, we had no idea he had honed the sexy skill until he was on this French show.

Yeah, we don't really know what he's saying, but we do know that it pretty much makes us weak in the knees.

Watch the video for yourself (if you think you can handle the hotness) above!

Also, check out some of Bradley's Parisian adventures below! (Sidenote: we wonder if he used his bilingual skills to get this lady's number).

[midpostembed id="7919721" type="gallery"]What do you think of Bradley's secret sexy skill? Have you added it to the list of requirements for your future husband, too? Let us know by hitting up our Twitter or Facebook!



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  • R

    U mad?

  • sophie1986

    [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/03/French-Brad-cooper-340_189.jpg[/img] More guys shouls learn how to speak French fluently. But only handsome guys.

  • Marie

    Slightest glimpse... I am not a fan of French nation, but do you actually know anything about Communism? Because as European living in a country where Comunism was still twenty years ago, Germany has never been super communistic state. I would say Nazi. And French are assholes, Nazis too. I have no idea why you brought Communism here.

  • Noah

    The French are a bunch of cheese-eating fools who surrender at the slightest glimpse of aggression (Germany). Anyone who supports this blasphemy is essentially a Communist.

  • mimi

    AHHH MOI AUSSI JE PARLE FRANCAIS! HAHAHA If I ever meet him i'll talk to him in french lol jk

  • tatts09

    yes bradley.stop giving me more reasons to bionk your brains out.


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