Arnold Schwarzenegger Grabs Lunch With His Son Patrick (PHOTOS)

While there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family over the last month or so, it seems things between the former governor and his son are going fine.

Arnold and his 17-year-old son Patrick were spotted in Santa Monica after having lunch at popular eatery, Umami Burger.

Patrick, who just returned from a trip to NYC, seems to be in good spirits.

Through his Twitter, Patrick shared that he was excited for some authentic, NY pizza and attended a number of meetings while there. He also made a stop at Dylan’s Candy bar, and even mentioned some good fortune he experienced on his flight back to LA!

“on my way home right now to LA and i got on a flight 1 hour earlier and bumped up to 1st class! #lucky”

Good to hear he is staying so positive! He also added how excited he is for summer, saying “Home sweet home. Quick trip, now back at home and get to see the family and friends and prepare for summer!”

Patrick also tweeted about the lunch: “bout to grab an unami burger which is the best! Going with a few of the CHP officers that worked with my fam for last 7 years. Cant wait!”

Check out all the photos of the father/son duo getting their grub on in the gallery!

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