Bradley Cooper & Ryan Gosling vs. Ryan Gosling & George Clooney: Who Makes the Hotter On-Screen Pair?

Ladies — time to start mentally preparing yourselves, because some of the hottest on-screen duos of all time are about be upon us.

Not only have Ryan Gosling and George Clooney wrapped up filming on their political thriller Ides of March, but news just broke that the 30-year-old Canadian actor would be sharing the screen with yet another Hollywood dreamboat (and the secretly fluent French speakerBradley Cooper.

So, what can we expect from B-Coops and Ry-Gos’ new movie?

According to Variety (via Huffington Post), the two will star in a drama titled The Place Beyond The Pines, which will be helmed by Blue Valentine director Derek Ciafrance. In the film, “Gosling will play a pro motorcyclist who becomes a thief to support his son, while Cooper will take on the part of a rookie cop who becomes his rival.”

When can we buy our tickets?

Now, we know that each of Ry-Gos’ future co-stars are sexy in their own right, but who makes the hotter on-screen duo: George and Ryan? Or Ryan and Bradley?

We’ve decided that we need our readers’ help to answer this near impossible question, so please cast your vote in the poll so we can decide once and for all!

Also, be sure to check out some photos of Ry-Gos and Clooney on set of Ides of March below. (For research purposes of course.)