Celebrities Make the ‘Hollywood Pledge’

Kardashian Childhood Pics
See the Kardashians as kids!
The Give Back Hollywood Foundation has officially launched the ‘Hollywood Pledge’.  The Hollywood Pledge is a collective group of incredible celebrities who are using their platforms to support various charities and shine a light on the importance of getting involved in philanthropy.

Kim Kardashian, Adrian Peterson and Kellan Lutz have all joined as Pledge Ambassadors! On the website, Kim reveals her charity of choice is the Dream Foundation. Other stars that have already taken the pledge include: Justin Bieber, Jewel, Kelly Osbourne, Rachel Zoe, Ricky Martin, Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman.

Todd Michael Krim, founder of The Give Back Hollywood explained,

“For more than seven years, The Give Back Hollywood Foundation has linked celebrities with meaningful causes and produced hundreds of charity events, especially those focused on children, health, and disaster relief.”

On Saturday, June 4th the foundation will be having a launch party where  they will introduce the Pledge to the rest of the Hollywood community. For  more information visit: www.GiveBackHollywood.com