Check Out a Sneak Peek of Cory Monteith's Straight But Not Narrow PSA! (PHOTO)

Avan's Gay Rights PSA
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Celebuzz told you guys that Straight But Not Narrow was announcing which Glee star would be in the latest PSA and we are exicted to share that none other than Cory Monteith has teamed up with this incredible cause!

That's right, Cory has joined the movement and will be speaking up in his own PSA, and SBNN has provided us with this sneak peek!

The video is set to be released sometime next week, so we will keep you guys posted!

In the mean time, check out SBNN on Twitter (@WeAreSBNN) and their site for more updates!

Are you guys excited to see the newest PSA? Sound off on Twitter or Facebook!

Photo credit: Rachel McDonald

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  • Carl

    I agree with healthy skepticism that ambitious celebrities jump on "causes" for careerist moves mainly driven by greedy publicists. Cory, you can say all you want, we know the truth about you being involved with males as you struggled as an addict, person, actor... How tragic & unfortunates the homophobia from certain fans of Underdog themed GLEE. Equally frustrating & disappointing is Cory's lack of calling out prejudiced fans. He NEEDS to set a tone of accountability - since he CHOSE to make a STAND via this SBNN PSA. One just needs to scan other alternative blogs (datalounge etc) where ppl cal him out on not being TRANSPARENT & clear about HIS IDENTITY.

  • Lauren Reed
    Lauren Reed

    My comment was based on what happened all day yesterday, just minutes after this press release was sent out via the internet. There was virtually a epic war on Tumblr. An army of Cory Monteith's "straight" fans literally went on attack against all of the LGBTQ bloggers. They were disrectful, mean, and homophobic. His "straight" fans blogged, tweeted and posted horrible statements about how "all the sick fags can now go away and stop deaming about Cory Monteith". Thousands of comments were hateful, bullying, and homophobic. I don't imagine Cory Monteith or the SBNN organization could have seen this happen, but it did. I read alot of the LGBTQ bloggers posts and found alot of them devestated by how mean "straight" people can be. Many LGBTQ bloggers wondered why "If it doesn't matter whether you are straight, gay, bi, etc... that suddenly all of Cory Monteith's straight fans had the audacity to see this as a "victory" and felt compelled to "punish" his LGBTQ fans. One 16 year old gay blogger who has "boy-crush" on Cory was bombarded with such hateful texts, posts, pictures, and homophobic slurs that he actually posted that considering suicide. Luckily many of his fellow LGBTQ bloggers rushed to his defense and provided him with an equal amout of pro-gay love and support that he finally relented. The SBNN site may try to blur the lines of sexuality. It also is saying what the LGBTQ has heard over and over again........As long as you are "straight", people will listen to you. Unfortunately that stance does not blur the line of only redefines it. After yesterday's experience on Tumblr, the only thing that Cory Monteith and SBNN accomplished is defining that being "straight" is being in a position of authority and that other "straight" people can only learn tolerance of LGBTQ people from "straight" actors. Why don't they skip the "I'm straight and this is what I decree" bull-crap and just show everyone both, gay and straight, how they feel about gay bullying. The last thing LGBTQ young people need is to have someone they look up to, and maybe even have unrealistic hopes about, tell them that he/she is definately different from them but has the power to help them. Then these same LGBTQ young people spend the rest of the day being bullied, harrassed, and thrown under the bus, just like every other day of there lives. Maybe someone should start a LGBTQ but Not Hateful website. I'm just say'in......................

  • MusicFan

    I get what you're saying, but the best thing wouldn't be him coming out as homosexual unless he actually is, and apparently he is not, you seem kinda certain he is and that is confusing to me. Anyway, you said: "What does his sexual orientaion have to do with teaching tolerance?" There is a point in this spesific campaign to state that he's straight, since the target group of it is straight males. If you check out the website they say that "About Straight, gay, and everything in between…. why does it matter? Straight But Not Narrow was started by asking that very question. There have been a number of great campaigns and charities that have recently emerged to show support to gay youth & teens. However, we noticed one significant niche missing in the efforts…. the message to the young, straight male. It’s an unfortunate reality that most of the bullying and harassment that gay teens face comes from them. It is for this reason that we are building a campaign that is primarily directed to the young, straight male by using comedy and their peers to positively influence their views on LGBT teens." So I think it's cool that he's doing his part to help:) But I do agree with you that the more celebrities who are positive role models come out, the better, as long as it's true:)

  • Lauren Reed
    Lauren Reed

    Technically I think this a good program to teach some of the ignorant people in this world that gay bullying should not be tolerated on any level. I also think that having someone who is visible in the media and pop-culture is a good role model. However, due to the sensitive nature of young gay people's emotions, it is sometimes polarizing when a popular star publicly declares "I'm straight". Why can't Cory Monteith, regardless of his sexual orientation, just say he doesn't condone bullying on any level. Why must Cory Monteith publicly declare his "straightness" when it comes to gay bullying. What does his sexual orientaion have to do with teaching tolerance? How many celebrities have we had that feel the need to tell the world, due to career goals and a homophobic society, that they are "straight", only later on, when they need a boost or a headline, reveal the real truth about their sexual orienation. Cory Monteith has done alot to help the LGBTQ community since his rise to fame. The best thing he can do to really make a difference is to come out as a proud, respectful, caring homosexual man who cares about who he really is and not who his delusional fan-base of teenaged girls what him to be. Just do it Cory. We'll all still love you for who you really are..... a great role-model who happens to be a terrific entertainer.