Darren Criss Concert in NYC: Exclusive Presale and Ticket Giveaway

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UPDATE: The sale is ON! From 12p EST/9a PST through 4p EST/1p PST, you can buy your tickets to the Irving Plaza show before they're made available to the masses by hitting up LiveNation.com and using the password "celebuzz." If you're in the New York City area and want in, act quick because they'll likely be sold out in no time.

If you're any bit like us at Celebuzz, you love yourself some Darren Criss (remember our amazing Livestream with him?). Even further, you likely also enjoy free tickets to things, and also opportunities you won't find anywhere else on the web. If those things apply to you, then get ready for one seriously Glee-tastic announcement we're about to make.

Darren will be performing a one-night show in New York City at Irving Plaza on Wednesday, June 15 Celebuzz can reveal, and we're giving you the chance to buy tickets on presale before everyone else -- plus there's a pair up for grabs in a giveaway!

So what do you have to do?

Celebuzz has four solid hours of presale exclusivity from 12pm EST - 4pm EST on Friday, June 3. Simply use the password "celebuzz" when buying your tickets on LiveNation.com, and you can scoop them up before they're made available to the general public and the show sells out. Tickets are $20, and will surely go quickly. After the presale ends, they will be available via charge-by-phone at 800.745.3000, at the Irving Plaza box office or on LiveNation.com.

As for the ticket giveaway, to enter simply leave a comment in this post or on our Facebook wall  telling us what you'd say to Darren if you had the chance. Creativity will be rewarded (and keep it classy/PG). The show is at Irving Plaza on June 15 (doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm). Transportation to NYC and the venue will not be provided. We've got one other pair to give away as well, so stay tuned for that!

Not in NYC or able to make it to these shows? You can see Darren and the rest of the Glee crew on their live tour by checking out GleeTour.com for a date near you.

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  • Jenny

    Just read that they gave tickets away! Did you win?!

  • Erica Pierce
    Erica Pierce

    If I had the chance to meet Darren I would thank him for being such a strong role model for so many kids and teenagers out there. I would tell him that he's my inspiration for my music, and that I strive to be someone like him. My friend and I sing A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel songs on the bus every day, despite the weird looks from everyone else on the bus. Darren, I love all your obscure oddities, from your pink sunglasses to your amazing curly hair :) I've been dying to see Darren ever since the first A Very Potter Musical, and have supported his work all along the way. Seeing Daren would not only be the time of my life, but also the perfect birthday gift! I wish everyone here trying to win luck, I know whoever wins will have the best day of their lives seing none other than Darren Everett Criss. We love you <3

  • michellej12

    Hello Darren Criss and CelebBuzz, I couldn't find a giveaway date, but I hope I made it before the deadline. Here goes! If I were to speak with Darren, I would thank him for carrying himself with genuine passion. I haven't met him; I've only watched Glee, as well as live performances and interviews from youtube. Even through these usually impersonal mediums, it's evident that he loves what he does. In his interviews, he infuses his answers with a combination of professionalism, enthusiasm, and quirky insights. As someone who struggles to be comfortable with herself, his comfortable demeanor is an example from which I draw strength. In spicing up professional obligations with his authentic flavor, he demonstrates that you can be successful without sacrificing your originality. What inspires me the most is his ability to do this with race and gender/sexuality. I'm half-Indonesian/half-white, but, growing up, my friends and family often jibed me for being "too white" or "too American." I feel really self-conscious about it still. Yet, when I saw Darren describe his American and Filipino identities in an interview with the Filipino press, I was shocked at his ability to express himself without apology. He loved his Filipino family and food, but he didn't participate in intense Filipino traditions. Whereas I would have felt guilty for not being Asian enough, he accepted that he was more American than Filipino. I aspire to achieve his level of self-acceptance. And I love how he plays with gender/sexuality. He's a straight actor that portrays a gay character and supports gay rights; he performs songs written from a female perspective and doesn't change the pronoun from "she" to "he" ("The Coolest Girl" is one of my favorite songs to rock out to); he wears reddish and green nail polish to interviews. I don't think a man or woman should have to adhere to the personality which his or her (or hir) sexual orientation stereotypically regiments. Not all of us have the freedom to blur these lines safely, but Darren's actions contribute to the movement that seeks to make it possible. In short, to Darren Criss, an absolutely lovely musician and actor, thanks for being yourself and owning it. P.S. It'd be awesome if I could go to your concert. I found out about it a week after the pre-sale, so I didn't get the chance to buy a ticket. Let me know if there's anything else I can do!

  • Debby

    Thanks for acknowledging your devoted fans during the “When I Get You Alone” Glee music performance. Love the pink glasses! Big fan of your solo and acoustic work. Keep singing with your free style and keep those away who may want to quell your style with auto-tune!! You were blessed with not just one Muse but a harem.

  • Danielle

    So I was stupid and wrote my creativity reply on a different Danielle.... So here it is And for the creativity part… Hey there Darren, Pardon me starrin’ I just think that you’re cute. I like those glasses, And it never clashes, With anything that you wear. Look at that guitar, And his lightning scar? Gosh this guy is talented. So I just wanna see you, Cause’ I wanna be you, Cause’ you’re Darren, what the hell can’t you do? Most of it doesn’t rhyme, sorry :(

  • Danielle

    WAIT. Sorry, I posted my reply on the wrong Danielle. My original post is the next Danielle down. Gosh I feel stupid....

  • Danielle

    And for the creativity part... Hey there Darren, Pardon me starrin' I just think that you're cute. I like those glasses, And it never clashes, With anything that you wear. Look at that guitar, And his lightning scar? Gosh this guy is talented. So I just wanna see you, Cause' I wanna be you, Cause' you're Darren, what the hell can't you do? Most of it doesn't rhyme, sorry :(

  • Mary-elissa Giovanni
    Mary-elissa Giovanni

    I don't know if this contest is still going on but incase it is....If he actually had free time to talk to me (i imagine his time is limited while he's working) I wouldn't have anything planned to say at all. I would just treat him like a normal person introduce myself and just let a conversation unfold naturally and not be a weirdo about it lol. If It came up I would tell him that I was psyched to be there and bring my younger sister since she had some bad luck on monday at the Uncasville show. A friend of ours won tix (and didn't bring me but thats another story) and was a grand prize winner so that included the meet n greet. Well my sister was so excited she forgot her ticket. we live in ct but a little over an hour from the casino - of corse she didn't realize this til they we're all most there. She had a friend drive out and pick her up in Niantic while the rest of the group went ahead - she got her ticket and her car and drove all the way back - she made it back for the show but missed the meet n greet where she would have met Darren. Talk about crappy luck. So I would be psyced to tell him how I was the best sister in the world cause I won tickets and she got a second chance to meet him and have a great night dancing and laughing with me! .

  • liz raymond
    liz raymond

    if I meet Darren Criss, I would say "thankyou for being on glee and playing Blaine. Blaine has helped me overcome my eating disorder and it's something that I have struggled with for a very long time. I have finally realized because of the character that you play, that having flaws and being imperfect is okay. Also thankyou for being so inspiring to so many people out there and helping them through your music during difficult times in their lives. It has definitely helped me get through my eating disorder. I hope that one day Starkid makes it to broadway cause you guys are talented group of people and I am blown away by everything you guys have done. Seriously thank you for everything and I wish you best of luck"

  • Elyse Frelinger
    Elyse Frelinger

    no words. just distill all of the above into an interpretive dance. possibly accompanied by one of the songs written above hahahaha WERQ.

  • Zoe

    I'm not exactly sure what to say. I know everyone has already said how much they love you and how much your an inspiration. (which I couldn't agree with more) I guess I'm not just a fan but a friend. I respect you, Darren, and what you do and how much you love your fans. Your amazing and really original and inspiring. Over all you are my Idol. You make me feel like its ok to be me and just have fun in life. It would mean the world for me to meet Darren and I can't express how great it would make my life. I love you DARREN!

  • brndnw

    Im not sure what i would say if i met Darren, I would try really hard to stay calm and not geek out all over him. In my head I think god i hope i actually call him Darren and dont blurt out "you're harry freakin' potter!" or "You're harry potter, you're the boy who lived" quoting AVPM/S will not be the way to go. In actuality I would probably just thank him for making it seem like it can be cool to be a huge geek and to love/geek out about things like Harry Potter, SciFi, super heroes, and Disney. And for bringing me so much happiness and laughter with Starkid. Listening to those soundtracks always makes me happy and each week I feel like I fall in love with another one of his songs.

  • lissp

    I'm gonna be honest. I had no clue who Darren Criss was before Glee. However, even though I thought it was impossible to make Glee any better, Darren Criss's arrival on the show did just that. He's brought joy and immense talent to the show! I'd tell him how beautiful his voice was if I met him. Next: StarKidPower on YouTube. AMAZING. From A Very Potter Musical to Little White Lie, Darren has never stopped making me laugh at his adorable and infectious silliness. I'd thank him for making everyone laugh and for embracing his inner child :) Darren has an awesome style! I love the cute sunglasses he always wears, so I'd compliment his style haha. Although I've never met Darren, I saw him in person from afar once and he was honestly the sweetest to his fans!! Naturally, I'd have to thank him for being so wonderful and appreciative to his fans and for taking the time to meet them. I have an immense amount of respect for Darren because of the way he treats his fans... He realizes that we help him get where he is today (obviously his amazing talent helps too :P), and I really admire that about him. I want these tickets more than anything, please help :) Thank you!!

  • Sanjee Soliman
    Sanjee Soliman

    At first, I would probably freak out. And once I calm down (if I ever do), I'd say this to him; Darren, you have been SUCH an inspiration to me, as well as so many other people. Your original songs are so wonderful, and they're always on repeat. Your acting and music in Glee and all the Starkid productions you were involved are amazing. Despite your sudden claim to fame, you have remained humble and down to earth. You have many fans that have known you since the early Starkid days, and many of them, such as I, are still your fans. We have seen you grow up (even if some of us are younger than you. Aka, me), and mature into an even more fantastic actor and musician. You have a great sense of humor, are good natured, and seem to be truly optimistic about everything. You aren't afraid to be yourself and make a fool out of yourself (some people apparently think this. I think they're crazy), even in front of the cameras. We can all tell you have been truly grateful for this sudden and very fortunate opportunity to be on Glee, and I hope you will make the most out of it. Glee is a great show to be a part of because so many young people in America live their lives as the perfectionist cheerleader, or the badass that's trying to get clean, the closeted football player, or the out and proud gay kid living in a homophobic town. As Blaine, you have helped many people realize that they don't need to hide who they are anymore. And you yourself, in your own life, are a perfect example of not being afraid to be who you are. "There's nothing more badass than being yourself." Thank you for every single thing that you have done, even if you didn't necessarily mean to do it. You make many people's lives a lot better just by showing that you don't need to hide who you are. You can dish out nerdy jokes or randomly sing and play guitar, and have fun with being who you are. I know now that I don't have to hide who I am anymore. I don't think I would be who I am today if you aren't how you are. So many people in Hollywood act a certain way to keep up appearances, and you can tell it's all fake. But I can genuinely tell that you are the kind of person who isn't afraid to be silly and made fun of. You just take it in stride and move on. You don't let it bother you. You are such an amazing person, and just keep on being who you are. :)

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie

    Darren, you are my inspiration and make my heart go WEEE! If I had to choose my favorite hobbit to ever walk this earth, it would be you. Oh and also, there are unicorns all over the world jealous of your eyebrows.

  • Anna Taitano
    Anna Taitano

    If i had the chance to meet Darren Criss, i would tell him how much a person like him means to me. i live by his quote "there is nothing more bada** than being who you are". his is not like the stereotypical pop songs we heard on the radio about wanting to dance or meet a girl. They have true meaning. "baby you're not alone, cause you're hear with me, and nothing's ever gonna take us down..." i could go on and on singing this song. Darren, your music really does get me through rough patches and ahrd times. I know i'm not the only fan to claim they new you before glee, but i want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. i love your music and seeing you on my favorite show on tuesdays :) and by the way, we can match with my pink sunglasses :)

  • Jessie

    and i tried getting tickets since twelve and they all got bought by some jerk on ebay selling each for a hundred dollars:(( it would seriously make my life to win these tickets and i cant even explain how much darren means to me and how exponentially amazing it would be to see my idol live. I want to be able to see him sing the songs i fell in love with. Nothing beats a live performance and these tickets really would mean the world to me

  • katya

    i would say YOU ARE SUPER MEGA FOXY AWESOME HOT!!!!!!!!! give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and run away screaming...

  • hellochristie

    POSTING THIS A SECOND TIME BECAUSE I WASN'T LOGGED IN BEFORE. NOT STEALING. There are so many things I’d say if I could meet Darren Criss. First, he’s amazingly talented, has a beautiful voice, and is a lyrical genius. He’s really my inspiration. Another thing I would definately tell him is that he should never stop wearing bow ties or suspenders, because he can rock the look. Also, I think he should always paint his nails :) If anyone can bring that into style for men, it’s him. And now, I will use the power of Broadway to try and persuade you to pick me to win the two tickets: [[To the tune of “One Short Day” from Wicked]] One short day In New York City One short day To meet Darren Criss It’s really a One-time opportunity He’s really amazing; the concert where he’ll sing, I don’t wanna miss. [[To the tune of “Today 4 U” from RENT]] It’d be my lucky day today, I really must say, If this pair of free tickets came my way. So please lend me your ear, I’ve wanted to do this all year, I’m going to sing my love for Darren Criss for all to hear. [[To the tune of “It Takes Two” from Hairspray]] They say it is difficult, I will not deny, But would good’s a contest, if you’re not willing to try? And so I will wait and pray until the moment you decide, That I deserve them, I’m your girl. To win these tickets, would mean the world, But I need two baby, I need two. [[To the tune of “Some People” from Gypsy]] Some people will sit and mope, They couldn’t buy tickets, so they lost hope, That’s okay for some people who don’t need this as I. But I feel ready to cry when I think of, All the concerts I couldn’t go to, All the sold out places along the way, All the times I’ve been said no to, Come on, Darren, what do you say? To save your ears, I typed this rather than sang it. Although to be honest, I would probably sing it if I had to to win these tickets. I’d do anything…within reason

  • Christie

    There are so many things I'd say if I could meet Darren Criss. First, he's amazingly talented, has a beautiful voice, and is a lyrical genius. He's really my inspiration. Another thing I would definately tell him is that he should never stop wearing bow ties or suspenders, because he can rock the look. Also, I think he should always paint his nails :) If anyone can bring that into style for men, it's him. And now, I will use the power of Broadway to try and persuade you to pick me to win the two tickets: [[To the tune of “One Short Day” from Wicked]] One short day In New York City One short day To meet Darren Criss It’s really a One-time opportunity He’s really amazing; the concert where he’ll sing, I don’t wanna miss. [[To the tune of “Today 4 U” from RENT]] It’d be my lucky day today, I really must say, If this pair of free tickets came my way. So please lend me your ear, I’ve wanted to do this all year, I’m going to sing my love for Darren Criss for all to hear. [[To the tune of “It Takes Two” from Hairspray]] They say it is difficult, I will not deny, But would good’s a contest, if you’re not willing to try? And so I will wait and pray until the moment you decide, That I deserve them, I’m your girl. To win these tickets, would mean the world, But I need two baby, I need two. [[To the tune of “Some People” from Gypsy]] Some people will sit and mope, They couldn’t buy tickets, so they lost hope, That’s okay for some people who don’t need this as I. But I feel ready to cry when I think of, All the concerts I couldn’t go to, All the sold out places along the way, All the times I’ve been said no to, Come on, Darren, what do you say? To save your ears, I typed this rather than sang it. Although to be honest, I would probably sing it if I had to to win these tickets. I'd do anything...within reason.

  • Carolyn Beer
    Carolyn Beer

    I would say to Darren, Hi Darren, Dare, Darrel, Darian, Dare Bear or whatever people call you, My name is Carolyn and I am a huge fan of yours. (I would then to proceed to beat box while my friend raps this) Yo, Yo YOOO this guy name Darren we think he's totally awesome I think he rank even higher, so much higher than a possum hes a superb harry with excellent humor we've heard hes on glee too and that is NOT a rumor you're an inspirational guy you make everyone go "sigh" Even dragons, flying high in the sky He's part of this group Starkid who are the coolest cats in town hes got some sweet pink lids which you can see from ALL around You're my inspiration, you'd never smoke Jr's Pot even if you did, you are still SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOME HOT Solid. Thanks Darren, you helped me get through some tough times in my life and I love your songs. from Carolyn(and friend who I don't know if she wants to be mentioned) and thank you Celebuzz for this oppurtunity for tickets=D

  • Steffie Palang
    Steffie Palang

    Darren, you talented song writing/singing darling, these tickets were harder (and more nerve wracking) to get a hold of than wild chipmunk. Also, I missed a chance to meet you before and I gotta get back to jersey soon. So, please, if you wouldn't mind giving me a hug now, i'd greatly appreciate it! love you, you're totally awesome!! kthanks!!

  • Heather Gaun
    Heather Gaun

    Thanks for Kickin' it up a notch! ;)

  • Nik Nickel
    Nik Nickel

    If I were to meet Darren I think I would say, "Thank you for being brave and being a great example to all. The relationship that blossomed your character and Chris Colfer's character is something that really touched me. There are not many popular or even gay characters on TV right now. It really touched me as a member of the LGBT community. It's a great step forward for all of us. Thank you for being a part of Glee, thank you for being a talented, bright young man that can be a amazing example to us all." I hope he reads ALL of these comments because we are all fans that were touched in some way by his talent.

  • Jamie Secor
    Jamie Secor

    Hey, Darren, if this isn't a testament to how awesome you are, I don't know what is. I'm a Buckeye. You're a Wolverine. Even so, I have spent 105 minutes and counting trying to buy tickets to your show. The site keeps telling me there aren't tickets, but I know there are, because my friend got one. So the only thing I can glean from this is that the universe is a Michigan fan, and I'm being punished for the past ten football seasons. So, on behalf of Buckeye nation, I apologize for beating your team so soundly 9 out of the past 10 years. How's about we hug it out? Also, if you can convince the show runners that you need to perform anything by Red Wanting Blue or O.A.R. or the Clarks, I will buy you a cupcake. Possibly more than one.

  • Lindsay

    "Start from when you were 5..."

  • Sophie Riscigno
    Sophie Riscigno

    Oh wow thank you so much!! Getting to see Darren preform live would seriously be a dream come true... hopefully I wouldn't be geeking out too much and i'd actaully get to sing[rap?] this to him!

  • Rocco Severini
    Rocco Severini

    nevermind i am having no luck getting tickets but i really hope to get to see him =[

  • Tasja Fišers
    Tasja Fišers

    If I were to win these tickets, I would tell Darren that he saved my life. He gave me something to live for, and when I felt alone, watching one of his musicals or listening to his music gave me the strength to keep moving. I became a HUGE fan, I joined his street team, I made a tumblr just so I could keep up with all of his news. I literally cried when he joined Glee. I would tell him that he is an inspiration to all of his fans, and tell him how many people he has truly changed. If not for him, I don't know where I would be. I wouldn't have made so many friends through the mutual love of his plays. I wouldn't have had music to listen to when I felt completely alone in the world. I would have never tried to fight my depression. I would tell Darren that he honestly saved my life.

  • Joe

    same here. WTF

  • Sarah Lee Schwarz
    Sarah Lee Schwarz

    If I could say anything to Darren Criss I wouldn't. I would sing to him. As one of his Character Blaine said “I’m not good at expressing my Feelings. I’m Much better at singing them.” I'm the same way. :) I've tried writing songs about his Supermegafoxyawesomehottness but I can’t say things better then Darren so I would sing. "I've heard music I’ve heard noise, I wish that he could hear his voice. The way that I do when I’m trying to sleep at night and dream my life away but he is gone when I awake. DARREN! DARREN! See what you've Been. What you've been Doing to me. I see you singing on that stage, looking like an ANGEL and I do is pray. That one day you will hear my song and realize that all along there’s something more that I’ve been trying to SAY!!! WHEN I SAY DARREN!!!!! See what you’ve been Doing to me :D" He inspires me and is the kind of Person and Artist I want to be someday. I think we are all so grateful that he lovingly, happily and adorably shares his talents and MUSIC with the world. So the best way I would show appreciation for that is to sing to him like he dose for us. Thank you for the MUSIC DARREN!!

  • Anna

    Did you guys have like 2 tickets for your presale, or did 'resellers' get them all in 2 seconds? 'Cause I was on there at 12:00:00 and they were all sold out already.

  • Elyse Frelinger
    Elyse Frelinger

    no words....distill all of the above into an interpretive dance :o)

  • Lara Nicole
    Lara Nicole

    I would give him this poem I wrote: Darren Criss With your brown green eyes The ones that twinkle when you hear red vines With your curly locks That makes girls go into shock With your glistening smile That is far from hostile You’re almost hard to believe But in your songs we can feel you grieve Your talents amaze Throughout every phrase Your lovable charm and grace Should be kept in a case We have seen you grow From Harry Potter, the boy who lived To Blaine Anderson, the guy’s whose motive Was courage You’re an amazing inspiration And I am sure your name would spread across the nation You make me giggle and beam Make me feel like I am living a teenage dream You are totally awesome And I hope to see your fame blossom. Darren, you are an amazing inspiration. I am about half your age, but you still inspire me to become a performing artist. I really hope to go to your concert because you amaze me with your talents and your smile. When I am down I usually listen to Not Alone and when I need something to make me smile I play Human. Your music relates to people of all ages and I hope you realize how much you have made a difference in my life. I love how you portray your characters almost making them seem they were written for you to play. You have made me realize that I can be whatever I want to be as long as I set my mind to it.

  • secondstar

    They wanted me to plan what I would say to you. Well, where's the fun in that?

  • Michelle

    Darren, I know you're super modest but I don't think you understand just how totally awesome you are! Not only are you a great performer and supermegafoxyawesomehot but you are just so sweet and goofy and clearly care about your fans. I really love that you are such a wonderful role model to your younger fans and I also really love how you reach out to your fans who are struggling with finding themselves. I've been a fan of you and Starkid for like 2 years and my friends and I have been hoping that you would become more famous because you deserve it and also we’d really like to buy a cd with your songs! I love listening to your original music and I love hearing you cover songs too and I have wanted to see just you perform live for so long!!! I live in Toronto and I am missing the Glee performance because I have a very close family member's wedding and I can't miss it! I am 20 years old and seriously broke into a bit of tears when I realized the performance was on the same day as the wedding. I act like a young fan girl when anything comes up about you and I always vowed never to be that type of girl and would laugh at my friends who were obsessed with boy bands and that type of stuff. So anyways yes I live in Toronto but it wouldn't be hard for me to bus into New York for your concert. In July I'm moving away overseas and I think it would be totally awesome if I could see you perform before I go. I don’t mean to sound creepy because you don’t know me but I have to say I love you and I wish you tons of success and happiness in the future!!!!! This is what I’d say to Darren if I met him except he may not be able to understand over my squealing.

  • Megan J Blankenship
    Megan J Blankenship

    What would I say? Haha, if I was close enough to Darren to actually speak to him, I'd be a puddle of melted fangirl... But seriously, I would just like to let him know that he is an inspiration to me and he is my greatest role model. He has helped me so much with accepting myself. <3

  • etucker

    My friend and I came up with a way to express our appreciation for Darren Criss while combining all the things he loves. If I (or we) ever met him, I/we would tell him that we would know he was the best because "we used the force and would be able to see his talent, even if he were wearing an Invisibility Cloak."

  • Lexi

    Darren, you are so incredibly talented. You have been such an inspiration for me to follow my dreams. Thank you so much for everything you have given to your fans and the world. Also, what is Starkid's Sango Song about because we've tried to figure it out and we can't?

  • Kelsie

    Dearest Darren. I would like to think we are soul mates. Not because you play a gay teen on a hit cable show, or because of your dashing good looks and sparking personality. But because you were able to make Harry Potter into a musical. Bringng together my two favorite things in the world... Harry Potter and Singing. Glorious.

  • LEAH

    Pretty sure I would gleek all over the floor out of excitement if I got to see Darren play. 'Nuff said.

  • LEAH

    They were thinking about you, Darren Criss, when they said only real men wear pink. And boy, do you wear it well. You are MY teenage dream.

  • joe0919

    Haley: Uncle Joe, you also spelled "the" worng. Me: I'm sorry Hale, it's too early for me. I'll see if I can just buy the tickets today. Haley: But it could be sold out. Me: Life can be full of disappointments. All we can do is try. Haley: Okay, thanks for trying any---.[click]

  • joe0919

    Haley, my niece, said I also misspelled "positive" and that it could be used against us. Tough crowd.

  • joe0919

    Sorry, I misspeled "inspires". Need new prescription glasses. What uncles will do for their nieces these day LOL.

  • joe0919

    Hey Darren My mom's Filipino and I graduated from Michigan...but I'm afiraid our similarities end there. I'm part of that underrepresented (?) demographic of men of a certain age who appreciate your youthful creativity and postive outlook to make things better in this crazy world. Your music rocks, your acting entertains, and your writing insspires. Go (blue) Bro! And BTW, just he fact that we are seeing you perform live makes me Uncle of the Century. Thanks...may we have a picture with you?

  • Abraham Lim
    Abraham Lim

    If I were to meet Darren Criss, I would say something along the lines of: 'Surprise, Darren! A heterosexual man actually thinks you, in all of your multicolor-nail-polish-glory, thinks you're rad and inspiring both on- and off-screen.' Then, I'd probably sing him this random, freestyle verse: 'If I were to paint this world one color, It would be a bright shade of pink, And not just cause that was your answer in a blurb, But like you, pink would make the world friendlier, I think'

  • Dohee

    If I met Darren Criss i would say something like "I'm sorry if I Stutter, but I'm probably Not Alone when I say that there is No Way I can express my Jealousy for your talent Even Though you are just Human. Your music really Kicks It Up A Notch and shows me the Beauty in Life. Don't You feel like we're Gettin' Along despite being as Different As Can Be? I feel like The Coolest Girl for watching you change the Status Quo in the Days Of Summer. I Wanna Be the one to tell you, even though it may feel like your success has hit a peak, It's Not Over Yet.

  • ebbz95

    Darren Criss is a guy who has this energy about him and you just can't get enough. He's honestly a breath of fresh air and that's "totally awesome!" From Glee, to Starkid, to his beautiful music, you can tell he puts his heart into it. If I were to meet Darren Criss I would probably try to act all cool and calm but just embarrass myself because I would be in the presense of such a funny and talented dude. I'm shy but watching Darren makes me know it's okay to be a goofball and push towards your dream no matter what. So, basically, when I find my voice after seeing him I would say hi!! & tell him to not ever change. HUZZAH!

  • Lucie Lindloff
    Lucie Lindloff

    I forgot-as a last ditch effort to keep from being hauled off by security I'd throw out some cheesy lines like "I was wondering if you had an extra heart mine seems to have been stolen" or "Baby, if you were words on a page, you'd be what they call FINE PRINT!"

  • Chelsea Danielle Jones
    Chelsea Danielle Jones

    If I could meet Darren, I would first thank him for being a huge inspiration to me. He and his music helped lift me out of a deep depression. When I felt I was all alone in the world, he reminded me that I'm truly 'Not Alone' and that we're all 'Human'. When there was no one else for me to turn to, I turned to him and his music. I wear my Starkid merch proudly and talk about him wherever I go, mainly because I owe so much to him. He's gone from a guy doing youtube videos of Disney covers to one of the most beloved characters on Glee. He is my inspiration, when I feel that I'm not good enough I remember where he came from and where he has gotten and I know that I too can achieve my dreams. He holds a special place in my heart as a mentor and comforter and I've never even met him.

  • Britt

    If I had the chance to meet Darren, I would probably be a blubbering mess. I would want to tell him that he saved my life, though. I would tell him that I experienced bullying my entire life from both my family and outside of school. I was abused and mistreated my entire life and felt worthless. I had been told my entire life that I wasn't good enough, that I was undesirable, that I would never achieve. No one ever made me feel of worth. I believed it. And so, one day, I tried to end it. I failed, though I don't see it much of a failure now. A week or two later, Darren was on Glee. I knew him from Starkid. I couldn't believe it. I saw this dorky guy, who was not afraid to be different, achieve his wildest dreams. He brushed off any naysayers, he didn't succumb to the judgments of others, he just continued to be his wild and crazy self. He inspired me. He inspired me to not only pursue dreams but to actually have them for the first time in my life. He gave me the drive to prove my family and my bullies wrong, to show them that I am worth something. I don't know if I would be around today without him. I haven't attempted or even thought about it since he started Glee. He gave me a second chance at life.

  • Christie Pate
    Christie Pate

    Oh and honestly.... If I could catch a ride with you and the glee peoples from detroit (glee live on the 13th) to new york, that'd be great. kay thanks. That isn't totally ridiculous right? pshaw I can hang out with famous people. That's how real life works, right? Great! That'll just make it easier, and you're heading that way anyway. So really we would just be saving money, and the environment, double win. So yeah, you know just get back to me on that one. Like I said, not totally ridiculous. totally awesome though... yes, yes it would be. (nice of me to just go ahead and comment on my own post, yeah that's good)

  • somewhereonlyweknow

    Darren! Can I hug you? Your beaming smile makes me melt! Did I just say that out loud… now I’ll seriously melt. Anything you'd like to say to all the ladies out there? I really admire your crazy nutty hyperness. It’s attractive and your attractive and, I think what I’m trying to say is that… Your inspiring in more then one way and even though I won’t ever “get you alone,” at least I know that I’m "not alone.” Thanks for impacting my life over the past few years. One more hug?

  • Mary Beth
    Mary Beth

    If I had the opportunity, I would tell Darren that ever since I saw his Starkid production AVPM on youtube when it had 200 views in 2009, I was drawn to him for some inexplicable reason. I friended him in facebook because something truly told me that this kid was going places. (psychic? you decide.) His theater company and all that he involves himself in (encouraging voting, supporting equality, counteracting bullying, etc.) never ceases to impress me each and every day. I would tell him that I sent him a birthday card even though I have never sent a fan letter to anyone else in my whole life. And it was because, as weird as it sounds, I truly feel like one of his friends. This is not because of his television or youtube exposure, but rather because of how much he has truly inspired and affected my life. He is always warm, grateful, and humble to an astounding degree. He is a big nerd like me. And hes never afraid to act like his silly nerdy self. As someone who has been bullied in the past, he has served as an example of the great things that can can be accomplished when you be yourself. Like Darren, I am a music and Disney lover, theater-goer, Gleek, Starkid, and lover of pink Raybans. I traveled a great distance to see Team Starkid (sans Darren) last March and would do anything if I could meet him someday too. And two years after AVPM, we now know the ending of LOST (take that dumbledore!). So now all I've got to wonder about is seeing what Darren's got in store for us next.

  • Joey Wohlhieter III
    Joey Wohlhieter III

    I’d say to Darren Criss: "My handsome handsome Filipino Hobbit. You're awesome. No really, you are. You make Dumbledore sing, it's hilarious. You rock the White Boy 'Fro, it's sexy. You don some pink sunglasses, it's cool. One question: Can I please get a pic with you, Starkid King? You grabbed my hand in Indy. I wanted to snap a picture but was afraid I'd pull you off the stage. (That would be bad.) I must try again. (The picture taking, not the pulling you off stages. Again, bad.) Don't doubt that this cute-if-broke-and-geeky Hoosier Hobbit won’t hop in his hooptee and drive straight to NY upon landing tickets to your show. (Said Hobbit now begs and pleads with Celebuzz to make a heartland boy's dream come true, a small guy who held up a sign at the Glee concert that said "Chris Colfer Let Me Be Your Blaine." Midwestern gay boys. We're adorable.) Why would I do all that? Why would I drive seventeen hours non-stop to see you, Darren, in concert? Oh yeah. Because you're awesome."

  • Lucie Lindloff
    Lucie Lindloff

    If I met Darren Criss I would tell him how truly grateful I am for him as a person and his music because he helped me get through a very difficult time.I would tell him how a month ago my grandma, who not only raised me but was also my best friend died after three weeks in the hospital. I stayed all day and night in the hospital with her and at night when I couldn't sleep, I would watch random things on the my laptop. The one video that kept me going day after day was Darren Criss singing "Not Alone" live (from his website). The lyrics and music were very comforting at a time when I felt the loneliest. Then to keep from being too emotional in front of him, I would make a wildly inappropriate joke because I have a bad habit of doing that when I'm really nervous. I would then creepily laugh at my own joke until security hauled me away while I scream "DARREN! YOU'RE DA BOMB!".

  • ilovedarrencriss09

    If I met Darren Criss, I'd ask for a picture with him because it would probably be the best day of my life and I'd want to have proof of the total awesomeness that is Darren. Next, I'd ask if he could sing me a song, maybe "Sophomore" because I pretty much feel that way about him - "I've got a t-shirt on from you/your records all I listen to/ I drop your name with all my friends/ ain't it a shame that it's pretend/ and I'm pretty sure that one day you will meet me and you'll see just how cool I am/ but for now I'm stuck as a sophomore" (I just finished my sophomore in college - and yes I am in love with Darren, of course). Also, I'd love to maybe sing with him - I know the words to pretty much every starkid song - AVPM, AVPS, Starship, and even Little White Lie. I've been a huge Starkid fan since before I ever watched Glee, but now I LOVEEEEE the Warblers and I'm so happy for Darren. I love how he's still a kid at heart, and he loves Disney songs and writes music about Harry Potter and Starship Rangers and of course love. Another thing I'd say to Darren would be to applaud him for his work regarding gaining respect for gay youth and LGBT in general. I'm straight, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that my way is the only way. It's so important that we stop judging others and bullying them and just start living our own lives. If everyone lived like Darren, the world would be a much happier, more beautiful place. Darren is an inspiration to everyone. He just seems so kind and down-to-earth and amazing. His music really helps me feel better and overcome obstacles. In high school, I had an eating disorder and was severely underweight, to the point where my life was at risk if I didn't gain weight. Darren helped me realize that I'm not alone, and now I'm at a healthy weight and able to compete as a triathlete. "I still have trouble, I trip and stumble trying to make sense of things sometimes. I look for reasons, but I don't need 'em. All I need is to look in your eyes..." I've tried to win so many contests, and it would be TOTALLY AWESOME if I actually won one. I know I've rambled on, but talking about Darren tends to make me do that. I guess you could say I'm obsessed, but in a good way. I wish Darren all the best and if I were to meet him, I'd definitely be living my teenage dream. THANK YOU :)

  • Joslyn Korytkowski
    Joslyn Korytkowski

    I would tell Darren how much of an inspiration he is to me, and that he is such an incredible person and performer. I will also tell him how he puts me in a good mood whenever I feel like crap. His music is incredible and he is one of the most talented people I have ever seen. I enjoy everything he does, from AVPS to Glee. He is one totally awesome performer who I would love to meet, because as a fellow musical theatre major I hope to follow in his footsteps to fame. I am completely obsessed with Darren and everything he does, getting to meet him would make my life.

  • Lindsey Bass
    Lindsey Bass

    If I were ever to meet Darren Criss I would tell him how amazing he is for working with and creating so much with Starkid and that all of his music is amazing, even the Disney covers where he snapped guitar strings. I love how interactive he is with the livestream and twitter and all his amazing interviews, how he tries to make everybody feel included and special, whether they were Starkids first or Gleeks first. He's been such an inspiration and I at least will always remember that "there is nothing more badass than being who you are." Also: SLEEP!!!!

  • stephanielupikachu

    I just finished Harry Potter. So I'd probably sneak in a comment about Darren being responsible for a whole boatload of tears. And happiness.

  • Iruy

    If I meet Darren Criss, I will tell him simply that he gave me a place to belong. How? I am Japanese. I am Godzilla. And he said, "That which makes you different is what makes you strong. Whether you're gay, straight, purple, orange, dinosaur; I don't care." Godzilla is a close relative to a dinosaur yeh? The two are both kinda "Roarrrr" -ish? I now belong =) But on a serious note, I would say that for fun and then thank him for being him, because he makes being yourself, the best ever. Makes you love your self for who you are. So thank you. Arigatooo <3

  • Emily Dwornik
    Emily Dwornik

    To the tune of Ginny (From A Very Potter Musical) You're such an inspiration with eyes I want to stare in, Darren. You music is so catchy I'm so glad that you're sharin', Darren. I bought a pair of glasses like the pink ones that you're wearin', Darren. I think I'm so deserving, Wanna see you at Irving (that's in New York). Darren Darren Darren.

  • Courtney

    I would thank Darren for being such an unabashed nerd. He and the rest of the Starkids unapologetically made a musical about Harry Potter, and fans loved it because it was such a great example of the genuine excitement of the fandom. Plus, his music is wonderful, and deserves to be heard everywhere.

  • Heidi Waldschmidt Winters
    Heidi Waldschmidt Winters

    I would tell Darren that I think he is amazingly talented and adorably goofy. Even though I am an adult woman with a 6 year old, I have the biggest crush on his work, his voice and smile.

  • Helen

    OH! I forgot to say thank you. I would thank Darren for giving one of my BEST FRIENDS and I a reason to laugh out loud constantly at school belting Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts in the halls. The fun we had was worth all the weird looks from upper classmen :P

  • Amanda McCullough
    Amanda McCullough

    Jill, you just made me heart go weak. I'm lucky to have friends that understand my geeky side of me!But seriously, i should be alarmed that you know me this well to know that I'd comment on this..lol :P Either way, I know everyone on here is deserving to see him and it's awesome to see how he inspires people from starkids to gleeks. Don't forget to register to vote everyone! Sorry little PSA.

  • Helen

    If I happened to meet Darren Criss (which would make my entire life because he is so inspiring and downright adorable) I would say the following..... After all this time I STILL THINK you are the greatest HUMAN ever. My name is not SAMI it is Helen, and EVEN THOUGH I am only a SOPHOMORE, I feel JEALOUSY toward every other person that has ever gotten to meet you (now i am one of those lucky people!!!) You make me feel like I am NOT ALONE (cheesy but true :P). This concert under the GOOD OL' MOON is the highlight of my life. I would also tell him that he inspires me so much on glee. Even though I am not a gay teen boy struggling with his sexuality, his portrayal of Blaine, and his personality in general have made me feel that it really is okay to show people who I truly am. And it just so happens that I am a fangirl, who wants to meet and see the concert of DARREN FREAKIN CRISS!

  • Jill Burke
    Jill Burke

    I've known Amanda McCullough for about two years now, and over the past two years she has dealt with countless obstacles including the death of her grandpa and her father's diagnosis of chronic leukemia. As opposed to falling into a state of depression and isolation, she managed to keep her head held high and make a major significance in the lives of those around her through her positive attitude and loyalty. A huge part of the Amanda of today is Darren Criss. She absolutely loves him, not just because he's muy guapo ;), but because he is such an amazingly beautiful person on the inside. She has followed his entire career and it would mean the world to her to have the opportunity to see him.

  • Mr.CrissLuverXOXO

    Character: (As themselves) Me playing the role of "Me" Darren Criss playing the role of "Darren" Me: Hello Mr. Criss! It's a pleasure to meet you! (Hug) Darren: Nice you meet you to!! Me: I like your sunglasses... (giggle). Anyway, I'd like you tell you that you are an inspiration to me, and all of your other fans that feel a tug on their hearts at this very moment. I am truly lucky. If you think about it, I am one in thousands. However to me, I feel like one in billions- trillions even. It's me- it's everyone, that gives you stength to do all of the incredible things that you do; that we do. I love theatre, literature, and singing with all of heart. You are one of those real people that might have a wisp of a dream, but without a grasp, have no means to consume it. Darren, you did this. So many look up to you and I get to be the one standing with you. And really this is all that I could have asked for. Darren: Wow, thinks, that means a lot to me. Me: No problem, hey do we have time for a quick question? Darren: Yeah sure that'd be awesome! Me: Well... I can't help but wonder... Who's you'r favorite Harry Potter character?? Darren: (Hilarious and imensly awesome story) Me: Thank you so much!- for everything <3 :)

  • Brooke

    I would tell him that as a person who has not always felt comfortable in the world, seeing someone as amazingly accepting and so wonderfully humorous like him has brought a smile to my face and has reminded me that there is so much to live for. There is music and there are friends and there is certainly enough laughter to be had. I feel like watching how humble Darren is shows that there really is a chance for anyone to have a great life and be fabulously blessed. No matter what. In essence I'd say thanks for getting me through the hard times.

  • Itzel

    I would say, "Hey Darren! Did you know elephants can swim?"

  • Toniann Herbst Conti
    Toniann Herbst Conti

    if i met Darren, i would probably use the same smoldering look like in the movie tangled and simply say "hey" lol... after all i am married... but i can still appreciate a good looking guy.. not to mention one who can sing his heart out...

  • Ellie Cody
    Ellie Cody

    Darren, I first saw you in AVPM, and then in AVPS. I love all of the stuff that you did with Starkid, and it has really inspired me. After seeing how amazing student written/ performed plays could be, it made me want to write plays and music. Music always seems to be what keeps me going through whatever life decides to do with me. The musicals you wrote with Starkid were seriously some of the funniest things I've ever seen, and it never fails to brighten my day. The music you write tells the truth, and that is something that I admire because it is really hard to find music that speaks for how people truly feel verses how they wish they felt. It is especially hard to pour your soul out into your music, and then share it all with everyone. I know this because every time I've written a song, I'm always worried about how people are going to judge me: That is why I admire you When I first saw you on Glee, I was over-joyed. When I found out that you were playing a gay character, it meant a lot to me because I am really passionate about GLBT rights. I think that the fact that you are a straight man playing a gay character really shows your acceptance, and it makes me so happy to see people supporting people who are different from themselves. I am also straight, and I feel that it is incredibly important to support those who struggle against prejudice and oppression. In short, meeting you would be amazing because I really look up to you, and I hope that I get the chance to meet someone who is so inspirational.

  • Jackii Bagley
    Jackii Bagley

    I would probably just say hi. True story.

  • kaleidomusings

    That's not a very fair question just because, if I had the opportunity to meet Darren Criss in person, I would want to have an honest, natural conversation with him. Not recite a monologue about how much I admire him (which, while he has inspired me in many ways, is probably something he hears all the time). So, if I were to meet Darren Criss, I'd like to just meet Darren. Darren the person. Darren the individual. Darren, who really isn't that different from you or me.

  • Michal Leibowitz
    Michal Leibowitz

    Darren Criss= SUPER MEGA FOXY AWESOME (HOT)! Enough said!

  • Amanda McCullough
    Amanda McCullough

    Oh and to add. I would say Thanks for starting off my real summer in the best sort of way. I'm even rescheduling my exam to take it early so I can go!

  • campfirecrush

    I'd have a lot of things to say to Darren... and I'd probably not make any sense because I'd be rambling like a fool because meeting him would be surreal. First I'd probably make a stupid joke (that I'd regret instantly) about how seeing his show was worth it the night before my last final/US History Regents exam (which I have on the 16th at 7:45 am). After that awkward introduction, I'd tell him that he'll be getting a letter from me in a fan book on this glee live tour, but I'd like to explain it in person anyway. I'd tell him about how he, his music, and his friends saved my life. About how it's hard to believe anyone who says that music saved their life until it happens to you, because I know I didn't. I'd tell him that I found his song Not Alone when I was going through a really hard time in my life. I'd say that the Starkid shows gave me something to laugh about, and how glee gave me something to look forward to. And I'd say that Not Alone is my top played song on itunes because I'd listen to it on repeat and it made me feel a lot better, and it quite literally made one of my problems disappear. I'd tell him that I stopped self-harming because I wanted to be able to meet him and thank him someday, and I promised myself that I would make it happen, and, of course, I'd be thrilled that the day actually came. I'd tell him that I respect him more than anyone else, and that he's helped me and so many others more than he can imagine. I'd really just like to be able to thank him in person.

  • Alison Kurtzman
    Alison Kurtzman

    If I were to meet Darren Criss I would first probably tell him that he's supermegafoxyawesomehot. Then I'd tell him how inspiring he is and what a great role model he is. He's done so much and yet he is still so humble and down to earth which is amazing and is such a testament to him. I have a lot of LGBT friends who have found so much support in Glee and he has done so much for the show and for his character. I'd like to thank him for what he is doing and tell him I think he is doing amazing work and I can't wait to see what is to come next from him because whatever it is I am sure it will be absolutely amazing and astounding and influential. Oh and lastly that his pink sunglasses are SO awesome!

  • Yvonne Strumecki
    Yvonne Strumecki

    I would simply say thank you and give him a bug hug. (He has enough crazy fans who want to maul him. Keep it simple stupid.)

  • Caitlyn Buttigieg
    Caitlyn Buttigieg

    I would tell him how much of a fan I am for years now, since A Very Potter Musical. I'm a Starkid and Gleek to the core! His quirky antics, dedication and constant joy in everything he does never fail to put a smile on my face. No matter how successful he gets, he’ll always be the down to earth Starkid that we love. When I heard that he was rumored to be on Glee, I literally did a happy dance for over an hour. He has no doubt lived up to the hype and has far surpassed any expectations. His original creations, be it theater or music are all amazing, but no matter what, he always adds his own spin to what he does. But most of all, I would recite this simple haiku for him: Fierce as a red vine Pink glasses shine gleefully Have some apple sauce

  • estefallen

    Darren Criss is an amazing performer. He sings with a great amount of passion and has an wonderful voice. His performance in "A Very Potter Musical" was priceless, he did an outstanding job. Also his role on Glee is equally as breath taking, he has really helped changed television for the better. He is one of my idols, he is boundary pushing, with his acting as well as his singing, I can not wait for what may come in the future. Meeting him would be a dream come true, he really is a fantastic person.

  • Emma Krasnopoler
    Emma Krasnopoler

    If I met Darren Criss, I would tell him that he, his music, and Starkid have gotten me through a really tough time. Ever since my brother has been in an accident which left him with no oxygen to his brain, he has been in the hospital. Darren Criss' music has kept me from going completely insane, and I owe him a huge thank you for being inspirational and beautiful inside and out.

  • Malissa Antonucci
    Malissa Antonucci

    If I could talk to Darren, I would say: There once was a mysterious unicorn who felt completely lovelorn waiting for Darren unwilling to be barren until she saw he was shorn! That's all

  • Sheridan Merrick
    Sheridan Merrick

    If I met Darren, I would sing him this song I wrote to the tune of Teenage Dream :) (Verse) You are perfect in every way, shape and form Your career started in a messy college dorm You went to school so you co-ould learn to act, sing, and perform This is where… Starkid began Just a bunch… of crazy kids Writing plays… and musicals Who knew you’d… be such a big hit?! (Chorus) Dar-ren I just really wanna say You- make- me smile every day You- make- me truly believe that I’m not alone! I’m not alone! Sus-pend-ers, and hot pink sunglasses This- is- as hot as it ever gets So- right- now, I just want to thank you so much! Thank you so much! (Verse) You’re Harry Potter, a show and a sequel, too And hopefully a... third show will come out soon I know it’s hard work, but I just can’t enough... of you! Then your Disney covers are Oh-my-gosh! So fabulous It’s so great find a guy Who is so hil-ar-i-ous! (Chorus again) Dar-ren I just really wanna say You make me smile every day You make me truly believe that I’m not alone! I’m not alone! Sus-pend-ers, and hot pink sunglasses This is as hot as it ever gets So right now I just want to thank you so much! Thank you so much! (To the part I’ma get your heart racing…) Yo-ou play an out gay teen It’s inspiring It means everything to me It’s been lovely meeting you, And singing this tune, Can I have a hug, please, too? Yeah!! (Repeat chorus)

  • akashnikolas

    For writing "Not Alone", for making a Harry Potter Musical all about a celebration of misfits, for playing a confident, openly gay teenager on Glee, for his work with the Trevor Project, for his already iconic "Teenage Dream" performance, for his emphatic support for gay issues (as a straight man), for all this and so much more, Darren Criss has done for LGBT Youth what the chessire cat did for Alice: he has left an indelible impression.

  • C

    You're beautiful. Never change. Stay happy. In another world I think we could have been great friends.

  • Allison Landis
    Allison Landis

    I'd start by saying that he and his music is an inspiration to everyone. It has given me hope to find love ("Not Alone") and hope to hold on to my dreams because if you believe you can- like he did- anything is possible. Then I would probably ask questions, like what's his favorite part of touring? If could perform any song by anyone, with anyone? I know for sure I would stay away from asking standard interview questions cause I'm sure he's getting tired of answering the same questions over and over.

  • Louisa Vikner
    Louisa Vikner

    If I met Darren, I would let him know how much of an inspiration he is. From taking a stand against bullying to encouraging youth to vote, Darren is never afraid to voice his opinion. His passion, love, and unbridled enthusiasm truly shine in everything that he does. Even though he is kept busy with glee, he still makes time for his friends in Team StarKid. As someone who constantly struggles with the juggling act, I applaud Darren for how well he handles it. I admire that despite being the newcomer in a well-established show like glee, Darren is still his gregarious self: covering Disney songs, rockin' the pink sunglasses, and letting his imagination go wild. So, I would like to thank him for showing me that it's okay be to yourself. "Who wants to be normal? I'll never conform. I'll be content to resent the status quo." As a musician, he helped me realize the sky is the limit - to strive for the highest. The creativity and raw emotion behind his music encouraged me to reinvent the way I interpret my pieces. I can honestly say that because of Darren, I have become a better musician, and a more confident person. Thank you, Darren, for opening my eyes to the beauty that is all around me.

  • sam

    If I were to meet Darren Criss, I would tell him how much he truly means to me. I love everything that he stands up for and everything he does on Glee. His music makes me happy even on my worst days. I would just thank him over and over again for being so amazing in everything he does.

  • Jamie

    If I met Darren, I'd tell him that he seems like an amazing person, that his music is totally awesome, and his voice is fantastic. Even if he does tend to forget song lyrics from time to time lol

  • Marianne

    I would ask for his mother's phone number. She did a great job raising her boys. His positive outlook on life and never fading smile are truly amazing and inspiring.

  • Gail Browne-McDonald
    Gail Browne-McDonald

    I would probably thank Darren profusely for making being educated and intelligent so attractive to legions of young women (and men). I would also say thank-you for putting the fun back into being a fan by being real, goofy, approachable and considerate. In a world of polished, packaged, plastic commodified celebrity his joie de vivre is utterly refreshing and enchanting.

  • Caroline Rexrode
    Caroline Rexrode

    Darren, it's truly amazing to be speaking to you right now, since you've inspired me so much over the past two years. You're determination, talent, and strong will has helped me to really start pursuing my dreams, and to believe in myself more. I find it wonderful that even though you're in the spotlight right now, you stay completely true to yourself. I mean, who can forget all the epic red carpet pictures you've taken with goofy faces and groovy poses. You're one of the people I really look up to in this world, not only for your amazing talents as a musician and actor, but also for your good nature, and your fun optimistic personality. Please never change, and don't forget you have tons of fans who think you're TOTALLY AWESOME just as you are.

  • Danielle

    If I could meet Darren, I would tell him how inspirational he is. I would tell him that he is probably the main reason I am starting to take guitar lessons this Summer. When I first watched AVPM, I just couldn't believe how talented he was (whether it was acting, playing the guitar,singing, or just looking cute in those glasses), and being a huge Harry Potter fan myself, it was absolute heaven watching the musical. The music was absolutely incredible, and I find it astonishing that he wrote most of the music. Mostly I like how almost all of his music is relatable to everyone, and how sweet it can be. Like in his song "Don't You" he says "Let's pretend our lips are made of candy, after all we need sweets every now and then". I don't know about you, but I find that much more attractive than "Tonight I'm f*ckin you," a song that I don't think could ever win a girl's heart. I would tell him his songs have given me confidence. Being a teenage girl is rough enough, but his music is like a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, or just someone to lean on. "Coolest Girl" is amazing, being an absolute geek in school has its down sides, but this song reminds me how cool I actually am. "Not Alone" is by far one of my favorites. Its title says it all, the lyrics instantly comfort me like a close friend. He has given me faith that there are still truly good and talented people out there. He is my idol :D

  • Anne.

    Oh, wow. I'm put on the spot here. I kinda don't know what to say off the top of my head. Darren, Darren Criss. Wow, is it just me or is that light a bit to bright, I swear I see a glare of some sorts. Its kinda hot in here...Darren, look at me. I just want to say, that with all my heart. I admire you. I ADMIRE YOU GODDAMMIT! Look me in the eyes! I survived the rapture for this show! No, in all seriousness, thank you. Honestly, because if it wasn't for you and your role on Glee. I would have never came out to my parents. I was scared, my parents are not accepting, not at all. But, I didn't want to really live with a mask for the rest of my life. I saw this character you portrayed on Glee and the happiness that he exuded. I wanted that. So, I might not have a great and welcoming home as I use to, I have eternal happiness. Thanks to you and your songs.

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis

    I'm not writing this under the delusion that I will get picked or win. In all likelihood it'll probably end up being someone who's already met him once before, or seen him perform live. Even if it's not it won't be me. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably never get to see him preform live let alone be able to tell him any of what I say here. You say to be creative but I find that honesty far outweighs the silly. If I were to meet Darren Criss, I can guarantee there would be a moment of gaping. Full, open mouth, fish-like gaping because, hello, I'm meeting a guy who's inspired me significantly over the course of the last three years, starting simply with the fact that he and some friends formed an functioning musical production company before most of them were even done with college. Once I got past the gaping I'd probably fidget with my hands, trying to decide what to do with them as I stammer out a ridiculously high-pitched hello. But once my nerves were done having the equivalent of World War III in my stomach, I'd probably go with full-on honesty. The first thing I would do is ask that he let me get through everything I had to say before he responded because there would be the definite chance of a nervous break down and hyperventilation if he didn't let me get through it all, before finally getting around to what I would really want to say. Firstly I'd thank him. I'd thank him for being himself. For not giving into Hollywood expectation and stereotype like so many young stars do when they start to make it big. I'd thank him for continuing to be the sweet, humble, goober he was before any of this ever happened. I'd ask him to never change and to keep being the brilliant, intelligent, beautiful soul that he is and never apologize for it. I'd like to tell him how his passion for everything he throws himself into has inspired me to keep doing what I love. How he's inspired me to try new things, new forms of art, to step outside my comfort zone, expand what I do. I'd like to tell him how his music, the blinding passion and reverence that he has for music in general, puts me in a constant state of awe. That there is no one more deserving right now than he is, and he can be humble all he wants but it won't change how I feel. It's been so long since I've seen a young artist tackle music with such a respect and understanding like he does and it's so refreshing. He understand what he is saying, what he is singing. He feels the music and you can see that. People are so caught up on how an artist sounds sometimes, or even looks, that they don’t take the time to feel the artist. You can have a beautiful voice but if you don’t feel the music you are singing it doesn’t resonate. Darren resonates. You can see in his facial expression, the way he tackles the music that he is living and breathing it. One thing I will always love Darren Criss for, almost first and foremost, is his music. Above Glee or anything. I read somewhere he considered himself an actor who could sing, whether this is true or not I don’t know. I consider him an artist who inspires. ‘Artist’ encompasses all aspects of artistic expression and he has proven himself a master of more than just one. He has the determination and extraordinary ability to potentially succeeded in whatever he wants to do, and I will always support him in any regards as a fan who loves and appreciates him. Now, whether I'd be able to get this all out to him without becoming a blubbering, sobbing mess... That's something else entirely. I feel like I just wrote an essay.

  • Lindsay

    Darren, you are supermegafoxyawesomehot and one of the most amazing people. I wear my pink Raybans everyday just for you and I hold you in the highest respect. You've shown me that stars can stay down to earth and I am so proud that you appreciate every one of your fans. I hope you get the Emmy nomination and win if you do because you deserve it. I love your triangular eyebrows, and your curly hair is incredible. "There is nothing more badass than being who you are." -Please consider me for the ticket it would be a dream come true and meeting Darren would be the best thing that could happen for me. Thankyou!

  • Sam

    If I actually met Darren Criss and I had a chance to talk to him I would say : You are the best. Your musical talent and acting omg, its amazing. I want to be in the acting/musical industry and you just inspire me! You were a great harry potter and now, you're a great blaine! I hope you continue to succeed in your career!

  • Jami

    Also I'm going to the Glee Live concert June 16th at the Izod Center, section 121!

  • Jami

    If I were to meet Darren Criss after I stopped crying from shock I would tell him that he is truly my favorite actor/singer/songwriter to date. He even surpassed Adam Lambert for me which is hard to do because I love him mucho as well. I also would tell him that Glee came alive for me once he joined the cast and that Blaine's love for Kurt will save lives. Finally I would say that I would love to get to know him, not just as a celebrity but as a person to know what he's really like. :)

  • Meg

    Darren- I've followed you since I first saw AVPM. I've always been curious what your favorite Harry Potter Book and Movie is. I love all your work and am so very happy that you have been able to follow your dreams so far. Your songs have provided me light during the darkest of my times. Not only have your songs been there for me, but your character as Blain is very relatable for me. COURAGE speaks volumes, thank you for being one of the many people who have shown me this. I can only wish for the best for you and your career.

  • Jonathan V
    Jonathan V

    I would thank him for everything he's chosen to be. An inspiration, a role model for boys and girls, and a life saver for some. I've heard stories of how his songs in the Starkids Productions have brightened peoples days to the point where they don't consider suicide. I would tell him these things and I would tell him how awesome he is. He truly is an inspiration to many.

  • Janice Schlaf
    Janice Schlaf

    Pretty simple really...I would just thank him for being him.

  • kblessard

    I've imagined meeting Darren a hundred times, I look up to him so much. I've been a huge fan ever since the lights came up in A Very Potter Musical, and honestly the idea of meeting him just...ah. I can't even imagine. But I think I would say something about how much I look up to him, and how whenever I'm feeling down about myself I listen to his music and I feel better. If I had time I'd tell him how I was bullied when I was in the eighth grade and how I have horrible self confidence, but all I have to do is turn on his EP or anything he's ever sung...and I feel better. Also I'd give him a hug and compliment his glasses. And to be honest, I'd probably cry a little too.

  • Hannah

    This is what my friend and I would tell Darren: We are the theater geeks at school. Hannah dances ten hours a week. Sheridan is in her 21st production right now. We want to succeed, but mainly, we love doing this. We are not the typical fan girl. Although we love Glee, we are so much more than just fans. To us the process of Darren’s rise to fame is not only interesting, but inspiring. Just as in “Glee,” we feel the prejudice against theater people. We're also so proud of Darren because of his achievements with Starkid.Although Starkid is successful because of the creative writing and witty humor, their secret ingredient is something entirely different. Part of the reason for Starkids’ success is that they are fun, zany people who simply have a blast on stage. Being theatre people ourselves, (we did our first production together when we were eight years old), this is very inspiring. We look up to Darren soooo much! It’s nice to know that there is power in just doing what you love. He is doing what he loves to do, and he's succeeding in it too. This is the lesson that Darren has taught us: That through rejection, teasing, frustration and whatever other crap life has to offer, never EVER give up. Thank you so much! Hannah and Sheridan

  • donuthead

    Darren, thank you for your commitment to using your fame to give back to the community, whether it's to support anti-bullying efforts, to promote tolerance, to support AIDS research, or the arts, all of it! I sincerely hope you remain grounded despite the craziness of fame (I would truly hate to see you appear in the news as another statistic of how fame ruins the lives of some very talented people; so please take care of yourself and surround yourself with old friends, family and those who REALLY are looking out for YOU!) Your spreading the message of kindness and acceptance means so much to so many people, and truly, as corny as it sounds, makes a huge impact on the world. "Stay gold."

  • Leslie StarKid Huynh
    Leslie StarKid Huynh

    What would I say to Darren? Are you sure you want to be here for a few hours? Jokes aside, I would tell him that because of his humbleness and quirkyness and raw talent, I get immediately happy when I hear his name or listen to his music or watch Glee or StarKid. Basically, he's a role model of mine because even though he became an overnight sensation, he hasn't let fame get to him. All of his StarKid fans tell him to never change, and guess what? He never will. He'll still be the pink (or yellow) sunglasses-wearing dude we've known, or have come to known, and love. Also, he's never pitted his fans against each other. Let me bring you back to around November, where he told us StarKid fans to "meet our new baby brother, Glee." Wow, this was only supposed to be what I would say to him.... Well all in all, I would tell Darren that he's an inspiration and that a lot of people, including myself, just love him for being himself.

  • Jennifer Dumin
    Jennifer Dumin

    I saw an interview in which Darren recounted that as a young adolescent, he stood outside the home of a girl he had a crush on and serenaded her with a song he had written for the occasion, while she looked on from her bedroom window. What I love about the character of Blaine on Glee, in addition to his amazing voice, is his daring, bold romanticism. He has an incredible confidence that allows him to be exposed and vulnerable in a way that is rare with adults, let alone teenagers. Both Darren and Blaine have managed to pull off grand romantic gestures in such a devastatingly charming way that they were not only palatable, but endearing. (Apparently he won the girl at the window!) I would like to ask how much of Blaine's character is informed by Darren's own personality and experiences, and if at times playing Blaine feels nostalgic.

  • mshellealexandra

    If I met Darren, I would tell him how much he means to me, and to all of his fans. I would tell him what an inspiration he is to all of us, Morphing from the dorky, adorable wizard playing Disney covers in his own little cupboard-under-the-stairs into this generation’s “Teenage Dream,” while still keeping true to himself, and encouraging others to do the same. I would tell him that when I’m stressed, or sad, or angry, his music is the first thing I listen to, over and over again until I’m singing along and smiling again. I would tell him how proud I am of him, of his success, because from the moment we pressed that little play button on “A Very Potter Musical Act 1 Part 1” we knew he was somebody, but us fans never would have imagined that he’d end up inspiring so many people from an entirely new platform – the hit TV show Glee. I’d tell him that he taught me the most important lesson of all: to say “screw you” to the haters, even when those haters were really just myself. He’s taught me that I can be someone, I can be anyone, but why not just be me? Watching him succeed without changing or considering change for a moment has motivated me to embrace the person who I am, rather than becoming someone I’m not. I’d tell him what an incredible spokesperson he is when it comes to equality. His faith inhumanity, and hope for change in our society’s views and prejudices has changed my personal views on myself and the world. I know who I want to be. Thanks to Darren, I know how to get there: simply climb out of my cupboard, embrace myself, and take it one step at a time, never forgetting where I came from or where I’m going. Thank you, Darren, for saving me what could have been a really tough time figuring that out for myself. I’m a slow learner, but I guess you’re just a really, really good teacher. Never change.

  • Yasmeen Mughal
    Yasmeen Mughal

    If I met Darren Criss, I would say thank you. (After I give him a hug, of course.) I would say thank you for being an inspiration for me and thousands of other people. It's only been two short years since I've seen him on my laptop screen dancing around as Harry Potter. Look at him now! He's on one of the biggest shows on television showing the rest of the world how amazingly talented he is. Then I would give him another hug and ask for a picture to seal the deal and hand him the brownies I made. Or I would be at a complete loss for words and be a blubbering idiot. Either one.

  • Sherin Shetty
    Sherin Shetty

    If I met Darren I'd tell him that he's a creative genius. He's an inspiration. He's a man that the fans love, and it's so truly wonderful how incredibly sweet he is. He appreciates his fans, and we appreciate him, especially for not patronizing us. We respect him, and although some fans haven't been there to see his incredible journey from obscure college musicals to Glee stardom, the intensity of support we all feel for him is all the same. I'd wnat to let him know that no matter what happens you can expect all of us to support him through his endeavors in television, theater, music, whatever. He should know how much of an inspiration he is to music lovers, musical theater geeks, gays-straights-lesbians, and how much he really effects people. I'd also let him know that recently a girl posted on "Gives Me Hope. Com" saying that his song "Not Alone" helped her through her depression and congradulate on just his immense success and the fact that he's totally awesome. *Starkid Reference!*

  • Stephanie Pufferfish Liang
    Stephanie Pufferfish Liang

    If I met Darren, I would thank him for being who he is and for being an inspiration to so many people. And also, thank him for accompanying me to school everyday (even though I'm just listening to his songs). =]

  • Marisa

    if i got the chance to speak to darren, i would start off with a harry potter pick up line: "i'm like oliver wood, baby, i'm a keeper!" lol, actually i would most likely completely chicken out of saying that, but i would make sure to tell him that he is my inspiration. I have loved musical theater and perfoming my whole life, but was always afraid to persue my dream because i was afraid of failing. everything that darren has achieved (from starkid productions to glee) has convinced me that doing what i love and being happy is more important than anything else. because of him, i will be studying theater in college. as both an amazing singer/songwriter and actor, darren is one of the most talented performers on television today. he never fails to make me smile, and for that i will forever be a fan

  • Danielle

    If I got to meet Darren, I would just want to thank him for everything he's done. Not just for me, but for countless people. He's literally saved lives with his words and his music. His words and his music have helped ME. My father has recently been in and out of the hospital and whenever things are getting too hard to handle, I'll start playing Darren's music. It's the only thing that can get to me and make me realize that things will be okay. I would always want to thank him for just being him. For being the way he is and saying the things he says. If the world had more people like him, it would be a much better place. He's the kind of person people should aspire to be. He doesn't care what someone looks like or how they dress or their race, sex, sexual preference. He just doesn't care. To him, a person is a person and we're all beautiful and equal. Also, from what I've seen and read, he is nothing but kind and generous to his fans. He could be sick and could be exhausted, but he'll still go out of his way to sign an autograph or take a picture. And lastly, I'd tell him he inspires me. He inspires me greatly. His message of always believing in yourself and keep at what you love has made me continue writing and made me believe that I can one day be great. If I could meet Darren, I'd tell him I love him, that he inspires countless people and has truly changed our lives, MY life, for the better. And that I'm glad fame hasn't gotten to his head, that he's still the same dorky guy he was two years ago that sings Disney songs and wears rainbow yet mismatched socks with loud, brightly colored clothes and doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks.

  • Rose Barnett
    Rose Barnett

    If I were to meet Darren, I would go a bit like this: Darren, thank you so much for sharing your gift of music and creativity with all of us. Your music and lyrics speak to so many people and I know for a fact can pull people out of any dark place they may be in and see a brighter side of life. The musicals you've been in mean a lot to me. I'm so proud that you were able to "hit the big time" as it were and now have the ability to share you talents with even more people. I hope you have all the success in the world, because it's exactly what you deserve.... Can I have a hug? Yes, something like that, although I doubt I would be that well spoken in the moment!

  • claire90

    What I would say to Mr. Darren Criss: I admire you with all my heart. You have made it so, so very totally awesome to be a nerd and I am proud to live in a world that has you at its center. For it is true, you are the center of the world. Well, my world at least. Everything you do with Team Starkid is fantastic and every note of every song and every minute of every scene will live on forever. You are brilliant in everything else that you do too- my friends and I live for your appearances on Glee, the videos from your concerts, your interviews, and your other shenanigans. Everything you say inspires me, and I know you will continue to light up my world. All of the favorite moments of my college life have had something to do with you- late nights spent watching Starkid productions, outbursts of your songs in the middle of a crowded hallway or an empty field, weekly Glee viewings and reviewing and reviewing and reviewing, performing a mashup of AVPM songs for my school’s lipsync competition while trying to fill your shoes as Harry Potter….oh boy, that was fun. My friends are convinced that we are the same person, and have even proceeded to call me Clairren in public and want to paste mashes of our faces around campus because they are sure that nobody will be able to tell us apart. You are the source of endless amusement for me and my friends, and your remarkable talent has left us in tears. You’re one in a million. I salute you.

  • Nora Matthews
    Nora Matthews

    O Captain! My Captain!

  • Shizrae Mallick
    Shizrae Mallick

    There's a moment when you say to yourself: "Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever." Seeing you on Glee and previously on YouTube was a moment for me... about you. You move me, Darren. And this concert would just be an excuse to spend more time with you. :D

  • Dana

    If able to speak at all, I would say something like this: “Darren- ever since I’ve become a fan, my life has simultaneously been a Teenage Dream as well as full of Misery. I know that One Fine Day you will see that I’m The Coolest Girl in the whole wide world, but for now I’m just a Sophomore (technically a senior). But I know I’m Not Alone in the fandom, and I’m looking forward to these Days of Summer. There is No Way I will ever stop being a fan; I love you and I know you love me too. Don’t You?

  • kiraljones25

    Dear Mr. Criss, Darren, I would like to thank you. Thank you for being yourself. Thank you for being unique. Thank you for writing beautiful music. Thank you for being apart of such a wonder theater production company. Thank you for doing what you love! Thank you for being such a phenomenal actor! Every time your on Glee you just brighten up my television! I remember when I first watched A Very Potter Musical, as soon as you turned your head up and began singing I knew you were talented. Keep on Rockin' and Rollin' because your phenomenal at everything you do! Hope to hear many more exciting things happening in you future! I know for a fact, you future will continue to get brighter! Lots of Love, Hugs and Butterfly Kisses, Kira :)

  • stephanielupikachu

    Darren, As odd as this may seem, Starkid introduced me to Harry Potter. I was a deprived child, I know. I had seen a couple of the films (I missed three and five) but I had never read the books or even cared for the characters. I toyed with the idea of reading the novels, but the page count alone seemed daunting. Then I saw you in .gif form, looking absolutely hilarious and in a rage. I wanted to get into this world, but first I needed to understand Harry Potter. I refuse to watch either AVPM or AVPS until I finish the novels and right now I'm currently mourning Crabbe (I'm a sensitive soul... ignore me please). This series has been a great gift to me and I'm glad it was you that introduced it to me. Thank you for that. Thank you for making being a nerd seem cool (as it should be). Thank you for making supporting the LGBT community seem natural (as should be). (I was sorely tempted to us the word "organic.") Thank you for being out there and completely yourself (as everyone should do). Thank you for being such a success and an inspiration. Thank you for singing Disney songs from my childhood. Thank you for your adorable scruff. And thank you for listening to me babble. Keep up whatever you're doing to be so (totally) awesome but please sleep too!

  • ficklepucker

    I would also have to give Darren something that says "FicklePucker" on it! AND I would have to request that he wears my favorite brown boots of his more often!

  • Rocco Severini
    Rocco Severini

    If i met Darren, so many things would be going through my mind. I always loved your work from all your youtube series. The most important thing that i would say is that you saved my life. I never truely loved myself or understood myself. When you joined Glee i was excited about you getting into something bigger and becoming more noticable, but when you play Blaine, there was just a spark or something that made me believe you were there for all of us. Gay or straight we all need courage. Yeah sure anyone could say lines on the script but you're so good at it, that you made me believe in myself and to live. I listen to Warblers Cd all the time and songs like Alone and Sammi and A very potter musical. You're a big part of my life, the way i live, the way i see everything in the world now. I mean it's crazy how much i believe in the word courage now because you're such a role model. I'm going to buy tickets anyway so honestly i dont really entirely care about the free tickets. I'd rather let you know how much of a difference and impact you made on my life. Have a totally awesome show. Courage, Rocco

  • Jessie

    If I met darren criss, my life would be made. Starkid is one of the most meaningful things to me and unfortunatley ive never been able to make it out to chicago to see any of their plays or go to any of the Harry Potter conventions. I really wanted to go to Leakycon this year but my mom was unable to take off those days so i couldnt go. When i went to the starship screening in NYC however, it was then that i really realized how amazing it is to be apart of this fandom and to be a starkid because everyones so nice to eachother and there really is a whole sense of community there, which would be non existant if it werent for the totally awesome starkids like darren. Darren also made me find my passion for singing and musical theater and i hope to be able to persue it in college, i might even consider going to Michigan now because of how fun they all made it seem! Darren is not only an amazing and (what i can see from all the videos and things we see of him) sweet person, but is also a great song writer and i really want him to know how much each one of his songs mean to me. I have been going through a rough time lately with my family but songs like Not Alone really makes me feel better. Starkid also introduced me to al lot of my friends at my school that i never even talked to before so i can thank darren for helping me meet some of the best friends i currently have. Also, whenever im feeling down, i do sit down and watch a very potter musical or a very potter sequel because they are the funniest things i have ever seen and i can always count on them to bring a smile to my face. If i met darren i would also tell him how i am utterly astounded at how he can possibly write amazing songs like Kick it up a knotch, status quo and beauty all while working on his crazy glee schedule. I dont see how it is humanly possible and that is why Darren is one of the most talented people i have ever seen. I really would just let him know how much everything he has done with starkid and continues to do means to me and how talented he is. I really hope to pursue musical theater/theater after high school and would probably ask his advice on that. Of course id have to as for a picture because its Darren Criss!!!! and let him know that i am so excited for whatever is coming next of his and support him with anything he will do. I love him so much and he is such an inspiration and talented person and i really hope to one day see a starkid production live (AVP THREEQUEL??!!) LOL. Darren means so much to me and going to his show would be the coolest thing in the world. Atleast, almost as cool as Hermione Granger and Pigfarts!! XX:D

  • Nikki

    Darren: I just want to thank you for being the same funny, humble, down-to-earth, geeky goofball you were before Glee. You are so approachable and accessible to your fans and it honestly goes a long way! So thank you for that. :)

  • Zoe

    I would tell Darren Criss that he inspired me to go back to music, and that has literally saved my life in a LOT of ways, and I am thankful for that every single day. I would also just kind of like to give him a hug.

  • faithtyler13

    I would tell Darren Criss how he inspired me to start singing again and how that has literally saved my life in a lot of ways, and I am thankful for that every single day.

  • angelforever817

    Darren! HEY SOUL SIS.. i mean Brother - um.. HEY TEENAGE GLASS? I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you! Actually I swam across an empty land- you know SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW! You make me feel like Im living a TEENAGE DREAM & you got me singing SILLY LOVE SONGS. I am in MISERY & there aint no other who can comfort me BUT YOU! I was wondering if u wanted to go VOTE together or we can DUET! I have some CUPCAKES that we can throw at the wall :) ! Then maybe we can go to an aquarium & check out DOLPHINS, your spirit animal. We can end the night w/ dinner surrounded by CANDLES (since BABY, ITS probably going to be COLD OUTSIDE) We can then dance to POLKA music & RAISE OUR GLASS to the TOTALLY AWESOME person that you are. Oh, you dont have to TEACH MY BOYFRIEND HOW TO DANCE because I don't have one ;) ! DONT YOU WANT ME? Ps. I can take you back to Hogwarts! I mean- Dalton Academy.Btw YES, I do think YOU’RE SEXY. PPS. You wont need to worry about BILLS BILLS BILLS. [please let this go through...]

  • Megan Luppino
    Megan Luppino

    If I were to meet Darren, I would thank him for making nerdy the new cool. It's not everyday that you can find someone who's a hotshot, A-list celebrity going to charity events and interviews and starring on arguably the most popular show on television who's also composed and starred in a series of musicals solely dedicated to Harry Potter. Darren's helping to show the world that it's okay to be yourself, and that everyone is dorky to a certain extent, and the more you embrace it, the better off you would be. I would also ask him about his experience at the University of Michigan, since I am thinking about applying there next fall. You know, all the important questions like is the food good or where's the best hangout spot. In reality, though, if I actually got to meet Darren Criss, I would probably be so starstruck that incoherent sounds would come out of my mouth and I would ramble on about something nerdy to him.... back to my original point. Darren wouldn't care, because dork= cool thanks to him :)

  • Bebe M.
    Bebe M.

    What would I say if I met Darren? Nothing. A frozen, awestruck, sobbing me would simply run and hug him. After collecting myself I would thank him for everything he has done. Not just for me but for gays, musically inclined folk, and all others. He gives me something to look forward to. I would tell him of my Disney, Theatre, Avatar the Last Airbender, Manners by Passion Pit, pesto pizza, and lastly my love of the word "beautiful."

  • aprlshower

    If I EVER met Darren I would be speechless, first off. Then I would try to formulate a proper sentance, which would probably be along the lines of asking him and his crew if I could hug him. Then I would ask him questions, like how he feels when he knows people are pineing over him, how did he fing the pink glasses, what it's like to preform on a big stage; things along that line. I, living so far from anywhere he ever could be, always dream of what I would say to him, but I honestly don't know. I would just hope that he is truely what we see and love, because he is so honestly and irrecoverably amazing just as he is.

  • angelforever817

    To Darren: HEY SOUL SISTER- i mean Brother or HEY TEENAGE GLASS! I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you! Actually I swam across an empty land, you know, SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW! You make me feel like Im living a TEENAGE DREAM & you got me singing SILLY LOVE SONGS. I am in MISERY & there aint no other who can comfort me BUT YOU! I was wondering if you wanted to go VOTE together or we can DUET! I have some CUPCAKES that we can throw at the wall :) ! Then maybe we can go to an aquarium & check out DOLPHINS, your spirit animal. We can end the night w/ dinner surrounded by CANDLES (since BABY, ITS probably going to be COLD OUTSIDE) We can then dance to POLKA music & RAISE OUR GLASS to the TOTALLY AWESOME person that you are. Oh, you dont have to TEACH MY BOYFRIEND HOW TO DANCE because I don't have one ;) ! DONT YOU WANT ME? Ps. I can take you back to Hogwarts! I mean- Dalton Academy.Btw YES, I do think YOU’RE SEXY. PPS. You wont need to worry about BILLS BILLS BILLS.

  • Mandi V
    Mandi V

    If I could say anything to Darren Criss, it would probably be me trying to seem cool, but epicly failing. Our encounter would most likely start off with a corny joke... "Orange you glad I didn't give you significant hearing damage when I screamed back there? Wait, how did we get to oranges? There's another part to this joke...." He'd laugh sympathetically. Then I'd tell him that my favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE we'd get to sing the most awesome duet of "Belle" - he could be Belle, I'll be Gaston. Then things would get serious - I'd thank him for all he's done for me and so many others, and let him know how much of an inspiration he is to us. Then we could go out for frozen yogurt, get married, and call it a day! :)

  • Shizrae Mallick
    Shizrae Mallick

    I'd have to say "thank you". For continuing to be your amazing self and being so grateful and humble at all the fame that has been thrown your way. You are incredibly gifted and we are so lucky to be a part of your amazing journey!

  • amandaallen

    If I were ever given the opportunity to speak to Darren Criss, I'm not sure that I would be able to say everything that I would like to, on account of the fact that I would probably be crying. Darren is such an amazing inspiration to me. His music gave me a voice when I couldn't find my own. I would tell him how much he's helped me and made me feel like I really wasn't alone - that someone really could understand. On days when I feel like I just can't take the world anymore, I listen to his music and it gives me hope. I would tell him that no matter how big or how small my problems were - whether it was my parent's divorce or failing a test - his words, his personality, Starkid, Glee, and his songs helped me to make it through the day and have faith in there being a better tomorrow. Seeing him live would be the most amazing thing ever just because I'd be breathing the same air as the most awe-inspiring role model to ever exist! All my love, to the moon and back<3

  • Laura Baum
    Laura Baum

    If I met Darren Criss, I would rap for him, and it would go something like this: Let me tell you bout the coolest kid in the world You're sure to love him, dinosaur, boy or girl He's got hot pink shades, they couldn't be hotter And in that musical he played Harry freaking Potter He loves singing Disney and playing guitar Long way to go, but he's come so far So give it up for a boy you might've missed Coolest kid in the world, Darren freaking Criss. ...I think my rapping skills leave something to be desired.

  • Tina

    Someone else already did something like this!

  • Brooke

    If I were to meet Darren Criss, I would probably say: Oh my lanta. Do you know who you are?! You're Darren freaking Criss! Can I just say honestly how amazing I think you are? Really, the way you portray your character on glee is simply brilliant. And I love what you have done with starkid. Singing song you wrote, "The Coolest Girl" honestly helps me laugh and smile whenever I'm feeling like I'm in a supermassive black hole. I hope that one day I'll be as successful as you in theater and entertainment, and I would love some tips on songwriting if you please? And if I could sing a song with you, that would mak3e my life bro, just saying. Thank you so much for being so creative, inspiring, and for reaching overall awesomeness.

  • likeadcriss

    If I had the chance, I would tell Darren Criss: SONG TO THE TUNE OF PART OF YOUR WORLD Look at iTunes. Isn't it neat? Two albums on their charts must feel pretty sweet. Wouldn't you think you're the boy? The boy who has everything. Look at your clothes. Dapper untold. How many talents can one person hold? Listening to your songs, we think "Sure, he's got everything." You've got kindness and humor aplenty. You've got passion and modesty galore. You want pink sunglasses? You've got twenty. But who cares? No big deal. You're so much more. END SONG Darren, thank you for being so warm and open to all of your fans. We appreciate everything that you are, everything that you say, everything that you do. And even a Disney song cannot describe how much you mean to each and every one of us.

  • Julie Karre
    Julie Karre

    Dear Darren, Thank you (and the rest of Glee) for giving me something more to have in common with my sixth graders. When we listen to music in class, it's from Glee. And they know most of the songs from the original versions, so we have something to sing together. Enyea (pronounced On-yay) and I are partial to Warbler songs, so we belt those out together. And inevitably, you have given us another catalyst to have the very important conversation about acceptance and identity development. Enyea is always the first person to bring you up. Thanks and rock on. Harry Potter must be so proud of you. Julie

  • Barbara Maritsis
    Barbara Maritsis

    Darren, you save lives. My best friend was going through a really rough time and began cutting. The night that she attempted suicide I played her Not Alone. She burst into tears hugged me and stopped. Whenever she is upset she plays any one of your songs and puts the razor down. We both are your original starkid fans that cannot live a day without you. We spread you like wildfire throughout our school and now most everyone knows about all of your inspiring story. When I began cutting I looked to you for advice. I listened to songs, watched livestreams, and watched AVPM and AVPS. Through it all I have stopped. Me and my friend (as mentioned earlier) made a pact "For Darren" not to cut. We say that awkwardly throughout the halls whenever we see each other. Others have no clue what it means but we know that you wouldn't like it if your fans cut so we won't. You saved us Darren. EEP AP ORK AH AH <3

  • desireemichelle

    I know that I could hardly come up with anything as amazingly wonderful as some of Darren's totally awesome and lovely fans already have, however, I can say this. Were I given the opportunity to say anything at all to Darren Criss, I would thank him. I would thank him for making a difference in this world. Because in the million billion small and also rather massive fantastical things he does, he truly has, and does, and I certainly hope that he continues to do so. Through his beautiful music and creativity, giving people hope, or someone to relate to by being his badass self and not being afraid to show it, encouraging others, being kind, and spreading awareness and just plain extraordinary love. This boy is an exemplary human being, and if our young ones have to be inspired by or go totally crazy over anyone, I'm certainly glad it's him. I would thank him for sharing himself with all of us and tell him not to change. It has been an amazing gift. I would also tell him I'd like to hear him perform every song. Ever. He's got some awesome vocals and damn good music too you know! We're all so proud Darren! Look at you, performing at Irving Plaza!!! So much more than awesome. Good luck everyone! I hope we all can snag some tickets to what's sure to be a SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot show! Whether we win them here or not... :)

  • mar2123

    First, thank you for being an AWESOME ally to us LGBTQ people. Much appreciated. Second, I run a theater company with a bunch of friends. Sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes... well, it's like family -- you love them, but some days are better than others. How does anyone do this without going crazy?

  • ficklepucker

    HAHA I could tell Darren about my 4 year old daughter's story about him and Chris living in a sky scraper with her and her non existent 18 month old baby brother and two "enormous" cats. According to my daughter, Darren has a tripplicorn(I like to call it a horny unicorn, but it is actually a unicorn with 3 horns) The triplicorn is special because it flys faster than the doublicorn and unicorn AND it can fly on Mars, where at the grace of her dads (Darren and Chris Colfer) she plans on attending school at pigfarts(as she laughs) There is more to the story and she even drew pictures of it! I would LOVE to give it to him! LOL Im pretty sure that she is one of his youngest fans! So yeah, I would probably buy him a couple stiff drinks, tell him my daughter's ABSURD story, and then I would talk to him about writing music for theatre and about a ridiculous twilight parody musical that I'm working on.

  • Emily Gitten
    Emily Gitten

    Criss would be the best night of my life. (get it? like This would be the best night of my life, but instead its Criss)

  • Jessica

    How do I even begin to explain what Darren Criss means to me? Darren sings me to sleep every night. He sings to me while I’m going through the aisles in the supermarket. His voice is as sweet as sugar and yet has a sultry and spicy edge. His words provide me with hope, courage, faith, confidence and show me that where there is darkness there is also light. I am eternally grateful to him and would like him to know that he has been a motivation to me and has provided me with an escape during some of the most difficult times of my life. He is a ray of sunshine that brings out the best in everyone around him and beyond (plus, he never fails to make me laugh with his quirky, adorable personality.) Not only is he supermegafoxyawesomehot on the outside, but on the inside as well. Never in my life have I seen a man with so much passion and drive to create music as well as act (AND be so devoted and loyal to his fans) and by doing so prove to the world that it’s okay to be unique or different and that it shouldn’t matter at all what others think about you. From the moment I saw that he’ll be coming to New York I haven’t been able to wipe the grin off of my face. I am thrilled that instead of listening to him through my headphones or watching him sing through Youtube videos or on my TV screen I can finally have the chance to see him sing in the flesh and hopefully get to tell him all of this face to face (without bursting into tears! lol). I’d also like to tell him that I’m extremely proud of him for everything he has accomplished and to never stop singing/acting because he is the best out there.

  • ficklepucker

    If I could speak with Darren, I would thank him for being an AWESOME person and such an inspiration to myself and My 4 year old daughter, who LOVES him and StarKid Productions! I would probably want to buy him a beer and then I would randomly ask him what size shoe he wears right before I hand deliver him an autographed picture of myself (Because I'm THAT ABSURD)

  • Marie

    I would tell him that he's hysterical and a genuinely true inspiration. I can't believe he's part Filipino--I nearly died when I found out we shared a culture. I would probably want to know what his favorite Filipino dish is, if any. But I'd probably recite a corny poem just to see him crack up. Don't stop believing that All your fans are behind you 100 percent Realize what your music, your acting, your role represent Reaching out to those who have unique mindset Executing every look--Harry Potter, Warbler, or better yet Ninja-ing all those interviewers' personal questions with witty answers Courage you said Representing the encouragement to step out of shade Inspiring the belief that pure unnoticed talent can Still shine if we don't give up and try again and again So I say hi and goodbye to you now Darren Criss, it's time for me to go home, and I hope you notice this thing was an acrostic poem. :)

  • Miranda

    If I were to meet Darren Criss I would tell him what an amazing, inspiring person he is. I'd ask him all about AVPM and AVPS and wear the pink sunglasses I've had since before he got famous for them. I'd give him the biggest hug ever and take pictures with him. The most important thing I'd tell Darren though is that I listen to atleast one of his albums everyday and that I use them to cheer myself up.

  • Christine

    If given the opportunity to speak with Darren I would tell him that he is an awesometastic performer - not only on TV, but also during his stage performances as a StarKid. I would also tell him that his character, Blaine, is my favorite character on Glee & that I think he is a very handsome guy with an amazing sense of humor & lovely personality that makes all the girls swoon :) !

  • asyouwish44

    I would tell him how he has given me hope in men. Though I will now never settle for less than him, I realize there are males out there who are not tools and who I can bond with over music, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney. I now have the motivation to find a guy who is just as much a nerd as I am instead of giving up all hope and settling for a jerk, and it's all thanks to Darren :)

  • Hillary

    If I were to meet Darren Criss, I would tell him how huge an impact he has made on my life. He has helped me with my depression, and made me realize that there are things to go on living for. Whenever I got into a dark place, I would play his music and feel like there is someone out there who cares about me, even though I've never met him. His music is so beautiful and really speaks to me. Plus, I love that we have mutual interests, such as Disney movies and theatre =]. I really enjoy watching all of the Starkid productions on youtube, and seeing Darren's lovely face never fails to brighten my day. To put it simply, to meet Darren would be "Totally Awesome" ;)

  • Corinne Crowhurst
    Corinne Crowhurst

    What I would say to Darren Criss: “I first saw you when I was browsing youtube looking for Harry and Ginny videos, and then I saw Act one part six of A Very Potter Musical. I fell in love with this musical right away and I watched it immediately, I followed you and starkid since and you guys never fail at making me immediately happy when I see you and starkid perform. Even when I was at my most depressed state, I would watch you guys and my mood never failed to turn around. I also got very into glee when it first came on, and I loved the messages it gave its viewers. When I heard you were going to be on it, I was in complete disbelief it was like my two favorite things were combining. It is not only your amazing talent that makes you my favorite person in the world, its the fact that you stay true to who you are, you are still your goofy, awkward, adorable, self. That you were when you first started doing starkid. You are so modest and humble and I love how grateful you are for everything that has gone your way. You constantly remind us that starkid is still a vital part of your life, and you have done everything in your power to keep starkid fans from feeling unimportant, I feel like not many people would care that much for their fans. I am so happy that I could finally tell you exactly how much you mean to me. You have shown me more than anyone that there is nothing more badass than being who you are. You just seem so cool to hang out with and more than anything in the world I want to be your friend."

  • Nina

    Hi! Darren? What's up? cool, whatevs, see ya!

  • Vipattra Nimboonchaj
    Vipattra Nimboonchaj

    If I met Darren I would struggle to get past my awkward rambling stutter and tell him that I love his quirkiness and that he still is his crazy self even with all of the fame <3

  • Molly

    I suppose the first thing I'd say is "I'm sorry." I had the chance to see him live at the Living Room while working in NYC last summer, but I didn't really know him or his music at the time and missed it. I've regretted it ever since. But then I'd probably stop myself. Because now, being very much indoctrinated into the iridescence of "Darrenism" and all that it entails, I realize that it wouldn't matter if I'd seen him then or at this upcoming concert, because he'd still be just as grounded, unabashed, joyous, incredibly generous, and gifted (as well as talented). All of the creative and enthusiastic comments above me are a testament to his impact, be it socially, musically, and beyond. He is a gift that keeps on giving, and his articulation and resounding certainty in himself, his abilities, and his relationship with fans is worth so much more than I can alone can say.

  • Sarah K.
    Sarah K.

    I would say: Hi! (and try to spaz out minimally). I just wanted to let you know that it has been amazing watching your journey, because, as a Starkid fan, it's almost like my dreams are coming true along with yours. You went from some cute kid on a dark stage dressed as Harry Potter to a full out superstar, performing in front of thousands upon thousands of people who are screaming out your name and loving you just as much as Starkid fans have loved you from the start. It's kind of weird, but it literally warms my heart to see your dreams coming true right in front of your eyes, because they are also coming true in front of mine. It gives me hope that people who deserve fame and recognition can actually achieve it. Whenever I see you in videos with fans begging for your autograph, I can't help but get proud mama feelings (even if you are four years older than me). Your musical talent is phenomenal and listening to your music, and even your disney covers, is so enjoyable because you just radiate happiness whenever you play (and i honestly think music just kind of seeps out of your pores). Thank you for being a crazy goofball that loves his fans and stays true to his roots while surpassing all the walls that try to hold you back. I only have love for everything you do.

  • kpy5330

    Darren Criss, how do I even begin to explain Darren Criss? Darren Criss is the perfect amount of crazy/goofy. I hear he does pink sunglasses commercials...in Milan. I hear his signature curly locks are insured for $100,000. His favorite movie is Aladdin. One time, he met Perez on a plane and he told him he was handsome. One time, he climbed on some leather furniture while singing and threw stacks of paper in the air...it was awesome. Alright no, if I were to meet him, I'd love to thank him for being such an inspiration and touching others through his music across the globe. I'd thank him and tell him to thank Team Starkid for all the laughs their productions have brought...and thank him for writing 'The Coolest Girl'. Thank him for just being himself and always staying true to himself no matter what. Thank him on what he's doing to change mindsets around the world regarding views on the LGBT community and the causes that he gets behind and supports. I'd tell him it's totally awesome that he's remained so grounded and appreciative. I'd wish him all the success in the world cos he deserves every bit of this. And since the gig is in NYC, I'd ask him if he'd like go see a Broadway show with me and perhaps be my lucky charm for the Book of Mormon lottery!

  • tsivia

    well for starters ill start crying... then ill get really nervous and shake and then stutter.. ill tell him i love him so much, and that hes my inspiration, i love his voice, and him and his eyes and then id ask to take pics with me and sign my pink wayfarers and a poster of him and thenn!! id propose to him with a ringpop... in every color bc im not sure wat flavors his favorite then id tell him want to record him singing a little for me and that hes supermegafoxyawesomehot and totally awesome and that i never liked glee up until him and that i lovveee AVPM and AVPS then id ask him to sign my wrist... then thats it. hahah<3 i really love him i just turned 16.. my birthday was yesterday (i was sick) and when my mom asked what i wanted i said i need to meet darren criss and my life will be complete<3 (dont believe me i tweeted it a bunch of times hahah my twitter is tsiviajonas spelt like that but i really love him so if i could win this i would be the happiest person on the entire universe<3

  • Paige Knapp
    Paige Knapp

    First of all, I'd tell him he's my long lost brother, because it would be a PERFECT attention grabber! But really. If I got to speak to Darren I'd first tell him how incredibly proud I am of his success, both as a Starkid and in every other venture he's been on in life. He would know that I look up to him and his ability to be himself. But after all of this mushy stuff, I'd tell him that his triangle eyebrows literally make my day, and that he should be incredibly proud of them because I also experience the Triangle Brow every once in a while, and it pleases me to no end. Maybe I'd even sing this to him to the tune of Status Quo, or some other lovely song of his. But maybe not, because by this point I would have probably fainted of joy. And finally, I'd let him know that to get to his show in New York, I rescheduled a plane ticket to Florida just to see him - because he means that much to me. And hopefully he would see that. :]

  • Jessica Wong
    Jessica Wong

    If I were to meet Darren Criss, (assuming I could get past the awkward and giddy and nervous and extremely rushed 'hi, you are super amazing and super talented') I would ask him to get some sleep and ask him if he realized how the internet...exploded during his livestream with Celebuzz because "go vote" can never be heard the same way again.

  • Ashley

    If I ever met Darren Criss, I would thank him for being "totally awesome" and SUCH an inspiration. He is truly the epitome of optimism, passion and dedication - he isn't afraid to stick to his own opinions despite the craziness around him and that has helped him compose his fantastic music and become such a star in HIS way. He also has proven that you can be a nobody but if you are passionate and work hard, you can make your dreams come true, and that has given me the confidence to follow my own dreams as a performer and an advocate for gay rights. I think a hug would probably work its way into there too. :] I'm a hugger.

  • Grace Wang
    Grace Wang

    Darren-- I'm a huge fan of yours and of StarKid. Even if you're name isn't Sami, I Still Think that you are one of the most amazing artists and musicians underneath that Good Ol' Moon. What I love the most about you is how Human you are—how you mess up lyrics, how you're blatantly dorky, how you're not The Coolest Girl, but how that's okay. You make being a Sophomore somehow acceptable. There's so much Jealousy inside me for your confidence, your talent, and your wit. Hollywood could use more people like you as a Muse and an inspiration. You're wonderful. Don't You change, ever. We love you just the way you are. -Grace

  • Jenny

    Also a winner. I'm cracking up!! Good luck girl!

  • Paige Briglia
    Paige Briglia

    There once was a lad named Darren, Sexy pink shades on his face he was wearin', He's still a Starkid to me, And as you can plainly see Why it's his music I'm constantly blarin'.

  • Sarah Espinosa
    Sarah Espinosa

    If I were to meet Darren, I would tell him firstly that his songs are so darn catchy and I've been waking up every morning for a month with a different one in my head. I'd also tell him that he's become an inspiration to me in the past few months, being a college student anxious about the real world. I've been stressing over getting the right internships and doing all the right stuff, hoping to make something of myself but he just seems like patient, hardworking, genuinely nice person and he's been rewarded kindly. I hope to present myself in the same way and have my own successes happen in due time. I'd also tell him thank you, for being goofy, entertaining, down-to-earth, and keeping me occupied and laughing through what is proving to be a long summer already.

  • Jenny

    You should win. Just sayin'

  • singmexf09

    If I ever met Darren, I would probably just tell him very simply that I appreciate knowing about him and his music, as me and as a dancer. I might ask him to sign whatever sunglasses or shoes or purse or wallet I had with me, but I think saying that he inspires the artist in me would take precedent.

  • Susie Raisher
    Susie Raisher

    What would I say to Darren? That he's both supermegafoxyawesomehot AND totally awesome. Ok, that's probably a lie, as I'm far more likely to just stutter like a buffoon. But I'd like to think I'd be able to pull it together enough to thank him for his talent, creativity, and all the joy he's brought to so many. And possibly for a hug.

  • Lauren Matera
    Lauren Matera

    If I had the chance to talk to Darren, I'd probably be overcome with tears, but then I'd tell him how much his music has done for me and meant to me. I'd tel him that I'd always loved "Not Alone" since I first discovered AVPM, but recently it's gotten me through so much. I have been self-harming for over a year, but I've been trying to stop for the last three months. When it gets really rough, I discovered one of the things that can help me calm down and make it through without hurting myself is turning on "Not Alone." That song in particular gives me something to hold onto, and grounds me in reality so that I don't need to hurt myself. I'd thank Darren for his incredible lyrics, and his dedication to his fans, his humility and genuine spirit and kind heart. I'd thank him for his music and the part it's playing in my recovery.

  • Madison Danis
    Madison Danis

    If I met Darren, I would tell him that he is a huge inspiration to me. I'm not a theater kid (I'm majoring in Psychology) but seeing how all of his hard work has paid off reminds me to keep studying and pushing myself to be the best I can be.

  • Lindsay

    If I met Darren Criss, I'd ask him if he'd rather time travel or travel to space, just because I know he'd have the most insane, in-depth and hilarious answer. (Either that or I'd ask him to marry me, but what if he said yes? I'm not ready for that kind of commitment!).

  • Sara K.
    Sara K.

    I'd thank Darren for helping me save the life of a 15 year old boy. I work as at the phones for anonymous helpline for LGBT youth and just last week, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer's contributions to the world helped me convince this kid that he is perfect just the way he is and it's society that needs to change, not him. So, I'd like to tell Darren the change he's made in the world by being himself and encouraging others to be true to themselves as well.

  • Susan

    Because of watching you and your cast mates on Glee, I find myself in a self-induced mid life crisis. I had always wanted to try my hand at singing and theatre, but never allowed myself the opportunity. Now, before any more time passes, I am! Singing lessons and all! :-) I'm having a great time....thanks for the inspiration.

  • Kristin

    If I met Darren Criss, there would be a lot of "Umms" and "Hello" but eventually I'd move onto real words saying how amazingly talented I think he is both as an actor and musician =)

  • Sarah Koskinen
    Sarah Koskinen

    if i met darren criss, i would let him know how talented he is. i'd say that he is a great singer, songwriter, and actor. i think it's great that he's on glee and making a positive impact with his character for teens watching the show. he was great onstage as harry potter and he's a really good actor on glee. i love his music and his youtube videos, and i'd tell him i miss his hair!

  • Sophie Riscigno
    Sophie Riscigno

    If I could say anything to Darren Criss it would be this: {to the tune of the Fresh Prince Theme song:} Now This is a story all about my boy Darren Who was born with a talent, a grace, and and air That was beyond anything, beyond all compare And it goes without mention- a great head of hair. In San Fransisco, Born and raised In the theater is where he spent most of his days Learnin' Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar, Mandolin and drums- he knew he'd go far. When a couple of kids, decided to put on a show None of them knew how far It would go! He cast a few little spells with the flick of his wand, And there was no stopping Darren from that point on! Next stop on his list was to just keep playing, Never did he imagine that it’s get him to L.A. And all of the sudden he is on our TV screens Singing and dancing like a “Teenage Dream” The moral of this story is to never give up Just put on you pink sunglasses and climb to the top And if you ever feel like there’s no where to go Just listen when Darren tells you: You’re “Not Alone”

  • Abby

    Darren, I'm the Mom of a huge Starkid fan. The best moment in her life (so far!) was meeting you after the show at the Living Room in NYC. You were so thoughtful, funny, and kind to spend so much time with your fans after your impressive performance. You took the time to take pictures, sign autographs, and even answer questions (maybe she should have skipped the one on what kind of shampoo you use...). You also have been true to your word - I asked you stay the kind of young man that a mom wants to put a twinkle in her daughters eyes, and you seem to be that same person. As we walked away, I told my daughter I thought you had a bright future; your talent, charm, and quirkiness would bring you far. She told me her heart was pounding so hard she could feel it in her chest, and did her cheeks look as red as they felt? Congratulations on your meteoric rise; it couldn't have happened to a more deserving, talented, kind young man. Our family anthem is now a tie, 'It's a Small World' and 'Not Alone'.

  • Charlotte Exton
    Charlotte Exton

    If I were to meet Darren Criss I would probably be too starstruck or nervous to talk. But I would get the courage to say that he inspires me in every way. I am an aspiring actor myself and hearing his story about how he just started by having fun with his friends is amazing. Also, knowing that someone who can be so grounded and talented at the same time is inspiring. Everything from his Starkid productions to his appearances and solos on Glee are admiring and perfect. I love him! He seems like the coolest kid in the whole wide world!

  • Christie Pate
    Christie Pate

    This is such a creeper post I must say, but road trip to NYC to see him sing, for sure! I wanted to go to NYC really badly already and this is like the best reason that there is. I would probably just say that he's "totally awesome" and I Love AVPM and AVPS. however.. red vines? really they're super gross. And probably GO BLUE since I live in Ann Arbor. That I miss his curly hair, it was pretty sweet, bummer he has to have it all fancy for glee. OH! wait I know what I would say.. "When is there going to be A Very Potter 3?" And then I would ask for a hug and a photo. Thanks so much and a high five cause they're just cool lets be honest.

  • Emily

    lol if i were to meet Darren Criss what I would say would be simple and to the point..."You make disney songs sexy!" I'd be blushing and giggling the whole time but it would be worth it. hahaha I love him in everything he does but I first heard about him through his youtube videos and it's because of them that I think he is so amazing!

  • Madalyn Schoonover
    Madalyn Schoonover

    I would tell him that he's very inspiring to me. He didn't make it on Glee his first couple of tries, but he still went out for it. And, he's accomplished so much (totally) awesome stuff. I mean, just look at "A Very Potter Musical" It was an instant hit. And don't even get me started on the sequel. And "Little White Lie", all the music for it was absolutely amazing. He's more than just a good singer (Please, AMAZING is more like it) and a great actor. He's someone who can relate to you because not to long ago, he was just a fan of Glee. Now he's proving that anyone can do what they want, if they try. Yes, cheesiest saying ever, but it still speaks truth. So, darren, you are my role model. You're very inspiring to me, and it's been a pleasure watching your rise to success

  • Kari West
    Kari West

    Darren: thanks for my newfound appreciation of dudes wearing suits! First the Warblers, and now the GQ wedding article. Swoon!

  • Nicole Wiseman
    Nicole Wiseman

    If I had the chance to meet Darren I would like to thank him. To the fans he has always been super approachable and kinda and giving and gets it from our perspective. As an actress I hope that if I ever reach that level of success I can have that kind of relationship with my fans as well. Also I want to thank him for helping me remember what the root of everything is, passion. He made me realize the things I am most passionate about and he helped me also to realize that I can take that passion and do anything with it. I am not that much younger than Darren but if you asked anybody I feel that we would all be able to say that Darren is wise beyond his years and with every interview, every song, every episode he gives us something new to look at be able to take a piece if his wisdom to guide us through anything. Darren is just a down to earth, extremely talented person and I just want to thank him for being him.

  • Kristen Dickerson
    Kristen Dickerson

    If I were to meet Darren Criss, I would have to tell him that he helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I first heard of him last summer, around the same time my mom was diagnosed with cancer. A Very Potter Musical helped me to feel better on the worst days. My mom is a single mom, and I had to take care of her by myself the entire time she went through chemo. It was the scariest experience of my life. Darren's song Not Alone got me through the worst of days. And now, a year later, my mom is cancer-free, and we watch him on Glee together every week.

  • Elaine

    What would I ask Darren Criss? OMG so many things, I want him to adopt me.... I would ask him 1-if he is settled in his new home. 2-when his alblum is going to come out. 3-if he prefers acting to singing. I could go on and on and on.

  • Amanda McCullough
    Amanda McCullough

    If I was to meet Darren Criss, I think first I would probably have a geek moment of being speechless but than say thanks. Thanks for making Harry Potter even more amazing, thanks for making it cool to be a dork and just to be yourself. It takes a special kind of person to be able to get such emotion from people all over the world through not just his music but also by sending out a strong message of its totally okay to be yourself. And than I would probably ask for a picture and continue to geek out. Yes Geek out, it is the only way. :)

  • Emma Ritter
    Emma Ritter

    If I were to Meet Darren Criss I would tell him that I love his triangular eyebrows. SWOON SAUCE! I would also tell him that 'A Very Potter Musical' is pretty much the best thing I have ever seen in my life. I've watched it with my mother, brothers, and even my grandparents. I would tell him that I tune into 'Glee' just to see him, to just marvel at his talent. I would tell him that I cannot ever express my gratitude or appreciation of how utterly awesome he is. His maturity about playing a gay character on 'Glee' is something that I wish I could bottle and sell to others. I wish that everyone could be as understanding as Mr. Criss. I would tell him that I think his support of the "Democracy Day" is wonderful, and it's really RAD that he's so involved in things like that. Basically, I would tell Darren Criss thank you. Thank you for being an awesome human being with a wonderful heart of gold. (I would tell him all of this, that is IF I could form my words, because as I stated before Swoon. Fliippin. Sauce)

  • Asequui L Rollins
    Asequui L Rollins

    Darren, you are a truly amazing inspiration in hot-pink sunglasses, and, speaking for all the fans, I have to thank you for Starkid, Little White Lie and your time on GLEE. You make everything magical, and have become a real idol for us to look up to. Your work is amazing, and you are the perfect spazz. We all love you, and I hope you can know just how much we look up to you, respect you, and wish you only the best in life. Keep smiling, and keep enjoying what you do, because I know we all register with how you feel on screen or stage, and thanks to that, you brighten our days, and make us smile too. Thank you again, for everything. You're amazing.