Emma Roberts Phones it In While En Route to the Salon (PHOTOS)

Emma at the 2011 met gala
Emma Roberts attends fashion's biggest night.
Emma Roberts is pretty much a chameleon when it comes to hairstyles, as she’s rocked long, short, dark and light over the past years.

But now it seems she ready to switch it up once again after being spotted outside the Ken Paves salon in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon.

While we’re not sure what exactly she’ll be doing. the 20-year-old actress did drop a subtle hint on her Twitter.

“Changing up my hair. Again!”

We guess we’ll have to wait for the “after” photos to be released to see exactly what she did. We bet it will be fab!

And just because Emma is a major movie star herself, doesn’t mean she’s immune to getting star struck!

Em-Ro also shared (via Twitter):

@lisavanderpump is standing 5 feet away from me! #starstruck #wheresjiggy?

Stars running into stars? Got to love LA.

Emma should enjoy this down time while she can, as she will be promoting her latest movie The Art of Getting By, which is hitting theaters this summer.

Also, she’ll start filming Celeste and Jesse Forever, which also stars Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg. According to JustJaredJr,”the flick revolves around a young divorcing couple who try to maintain a friendship while living together and pursuing other romantic interests. Emma will star as a starlet who requires the assistance of Celeste (Jones) to revamp her image.”

Check out all the photos of Emma in the gallery!

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