Find Out Which 'Glee' Star is in Straight But Not Narrow's Newest PSA!

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Avan's Gay Rights PSA
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Straight But Not Narrow, a gay rights campaign started by Victorious star Avan Jogia, has given the world some amazing PSAs featuring some of our favorite stars including Josh Hutcherson and Avan himself. So, you can imagine Celebuzz's excitement over the fact that they're getting ready to debut their latest one!

It's been a while since SBNN released their last video PSA (which featured the hilarious Matt Bennett), but this time they've got a Gleek on their side, and it will definitely have been worth the wait.

So, which Glee star is the latest to show their support this amazing cause?

The name isn't being revealed quite yet, but at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT SBNN will announce the name via their Twitter! So make sure you're following them (@WeAreSBNN) to find out!

Trust us, you won't want to miss it!

Any guesses on who it could be? Share your theories on Twitter or Facebook!

And PS, SBNN will be sharing a sneak peek of the PSA with Celebuzz later today (Thursday), so stay tuned!



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  • Lauren Reed
    Lauren Reed

    Technically I think this a good program to teach some of the ignorant people in this world that gay bullying should not be tolerated on any level. I also think that having someone who is visible in the media and pop-culture is a good role model. However, due to the sensitive nature of young gay people’s emotions, it is sometimes polarizing when a popular star publicly declares “I’m straight”. Why can’t Cory Monteith, regardless of his sexual orientation, just say he doesn’t condone bullying on any level. Why must Cory Monteith publicly declare his “straightness” when it comes to gay bullying. What does his sexual orientaion have to do with teaching tolerance? How many celebrities have we had that feel the need to tell the world, due to career goals and a homophobic society, that they are “straight”, only later on, when they need a boost or a headline, reveal the real truth about their sexual orienation. Cory Monteith has done alot to help the LGBTQ community since his rise to fame. The best thing he can do to really make a difference is to come out as a proud, respectful, caring homosexual man who cares about who he really is and not who his delusional fan-base of teenaged girls what him to be. Just do it Cory. We’ll all still love you for who you really are….. a great role-model who happens to be a terrific entertainer.