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Oh Joe Jonas, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: You’re an awesome singer, a great actor and a loving brother (not to mention hot, handsome and dreamy). Considering that Celebuzz will be hosting the online premiere of Joe’s new single, “See No More,” on Friday, June 3, we thought that proclaiming Joe as our inaugural “Obsessed” subject would be very apropos.

Are you as obsessed with Joe as we are? Read on for our love letter to the handsome crooner.

First things first – why is Celebuzz so obsessed with Joe Jonas?

Uh, do you mean aside from him being amazingly talented? And how great is it that he is starting to take risks with his music by branching into the not-tweener-friendly world of dance tunes. Also, please see: That Face and Those Eyebrows. He’s magical!

What’s this about dance music? Is Joe ditching the Jonas Brothers?!

No, Joe isn’t ditching the JoBros but he is releasing his first solo album, See No More, on Monday, June 13. Seeing how Joe’s brother Nick Jonas released his own solo album without leaving the Jonas Brothers, it is highly unlikely that Joe will be leaving the group for good.

As for the dance music, critics who have been given a sneak peek of the album have described it as having some heavy techno and dance music overtones, which is a huge departure from the more pop rock-focused Jonas Brothers. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in February, Joe declared that his solo album is “not just a cheesy pop record” and that he is more interested in “the dance element.”

Check out the “See No More” teaser below.

Now that his solo career is really taking off, does that mean that Joe’s acting career is put on hold?

Sadly, we aren’t really sure. Joe hasn’t left acting for good but now that he is gearing up for the promotion of his solo album it might be a little bit more difficult to find the time to get back into acting. Plus, since Jonas has been canceled, Joe doesn’t have a regular acting gig to return to once the album push stops. Hopefully Joe will step back into his acting shoes soon!

On a more personal note: is Joe still on the market? My “friend” wants to know…

Well, as far as we Joe-obsessed bloggers know, Joe is still single and ready to mingle. Joe was allegedly spotted chatting up Daily Show funnylady Olivia Munn at a recent party but he hasn’t been spotted with any other new ladies after his split with girlfriend Ashley Greene. The news is a little surprising since Joe is famous for moving on rather quickly when it comes to new girlfriends but we guess time will tell if he has a new lady in his life!

On a “Just Because” note – can we see those shirtless photos of Joe with his brother Nick in Hawaii again?

DUH! Here you go, enjoy!

Be sure to check out Celebuzz’s exclusive online premiere of Joe’s new single, “See No More,” this Friday (June 3) at 6 pm EST/ 3 pm PST with a special Livechat with the handsome Joe! Click here to find out how you can get Joe to answer your questions during the Livestream.