Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart “Really Nervous” for ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding, Says Costar (VIDEO)

Rob and Kristen Kiss!
R-Pattz and K-Stew smooch on set.
Rob on Kristen
Pattinson spills on the 'Dawn' sex scene.
After fans got a glimpse of Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) waiting for his bride Kristen Stewart to walk down the aisle in the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 sneak peak Wednesday, Celebuzz staffers can’t get enough wedding scene scoop.

Elizabeth Reaser just talked to MTV about nerves running high on set that day of filming:

“Well, the wedding scene was like a real wedding, in that it was stressful…That was stuff we were all dealing with [and it was like] you were planning a real wedding.”

So how did real-life couple Rob and Kristen handle all the emotion?

“Seeing Kristen walk down with aisle with [her movie dad] Billy Burke. I mean, seeing Billy Burke killed me,” Reaser said at the screening of The Art of Getting By.


“I understood in that moment what it’s like to be a parent and seeing Kristen and see her really be nervous and see Rob really, really be nervous, and the two of them [together with] the families coming together; it was an emotional day for real.”

Not to mention the prying press only made it that much crazier:

“I mean, there was an added element of nervousness when we were shooting it, maybe because there were helicopters and people jumping out of trees with cameras, but it was definitely a heightened couple of days on set.”

For more of Elizabeth’s interview watch the clip above!