Bradley Cooper & Olivia Wilde: Dating or Just Friends?

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Are Bradley Cooper and Olivia Wilde Dating?
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Can't a gorgeous and newly single girl just have some fun?

After being linked to a slew of Hollywood's most eligible men- Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake, and Bradley Cooper (to name a few)- US Weekly reported Thursday that Olivia is settling on Cooper, and the two are "definitely hooking up."

Well, here is what Celebuzz is hearing regarding Olivia's relationship status:

"Olivia is single," a rep for the actress tells us, adding that she and Bradley "are not dating."

Regarding the story in US that also claimed Wilde was "jealous" of girls coming up to Bradley Cooper while out, the Cowboys & Aliens star tweeted Thursday: 

"I think Us Weekly has the same sources who promised us WMDs in Iraq."

Love this girl's spunk!In our last poll when we asked you readers who you would like to see Olivia with, and the majority of you all answered Jake Gyllenhaal, but only slightly. Still agree?


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