Bella Thorne & Zendaya Coleman Dish on the ‘Shake it Up,’ ‘Good Luck Charlie’ Crossover & Much More!

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On Sunday, June 5 Disney fans will get best of both worlds.

Shake It Up and Good Luck Charlie are about to crossover. On this upcoming episode we will see Teddy, Amy and baby Charlie from Good Luck Charlie travel to Chicago, while there they cross paths with the characters from Shake It Up and end up on their set. What happens next you will NOT want to miss!

We recently caught up with Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman from Shake It Up to talk about the episode, the show’s new season and much more!

How has filming been going thus far on season 2 of Shake It Up
I was so happy returning to SIU this season. It’s  like my home. We have some really funny new stories developing and are having a great time on set.

Your character CeCe Jones is known for being an aspiring young dancer. Is dancing something that comes easy to you?  
It wasn’t easy for me but I love it so much so I really work at it. 

Which actors in Hollywood would you love to work with in the future?
Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise, would love to work with some of my friends that are actors like Pia Mia Perez, Alli Simpson and Garrett Backstrom. 

If you were to turn your iPod on right now what song would you be jamming out to?
I’m loving Cody Simpson’s On My Mind, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and of course still in love with Look At Me Now by Chris Brown.

Tell us a little about how you got started in the entertainment business.
I started in the business as a model and then got a big break as the spokes kid for Texas Instruments/DLP. I had worked in more than 50 commercials before I started in the theatrical side. My first series was a show called, “My Own Worst Enemy” with Christian Slater. Although the show was cancelled, I got to work with some very talented people and really develop as an actress. I have been really blessed with my opportunities and I am forever grateful!

We also chatted with Zendaya. See what she had to say below!

Your highly anticipated new single “Swag It Out” recently dropped on ITunes. What is this song about?
The song is about, being yourself and being confident in that. Everyone has their own personal swag, and everybody has to love theirs and own it!!!!!

Season 2 of Shake It Up is currently underway with a week of filming already complete. What is it about this season that you are most excited about?
Deff, all of the new story lines and learning more about my character and who she is and how she deals with the crazy things that occur in her life.

Rarely do we get to see two of our favorite shows ‘crossover,’ but on an upcoming episode on June 5th we will see Good Luck Charlie crossover with Shake It Up.
What can fans look forward to seeing on this episode?
A lot of fun!!!! If you’re a fan of SIU and GLC then you’re going to love our new episode. There are a lot of twists and turns and even a big dance number!!!!

With summer fast approaching do you have any exciting summer plans?
Nothing to exciting. [laughs]. Working on shake it up, like i love to do and just a lot of pool parties and relaxing!!

Is acting something you have always wanted to be a part of?
Yes!!! Since I was 2, my mom has worked at the California Shakespeare Theater, so I grew up around it. That’s where I developed my love for the theater and acting.

Make sure and tune in this Sunday at 8pm on the Disney Channel!