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You got a heads up on Thursday that Celebuzz was going to be giving you the exclusive chance to buy presale tickets to Darren Criss' June 15 show in New York City, and now we're making good on our word.

From 12p EST/9a PST through 4p EST/1p PST, you can buy your tickets to the Irving Plaza show before they're made available to the masses by hitting up LiveNation.com and using the password "celebuzz." If you're in the New York City area and want in, act quick because they'll likely be sold out in no time.

Tickets are $20, and the show begins at 8pm (doors open at 7pm). After the presale ends, they will be available via charge-by-phone at 800.745.3000, at the Irving Plaza box office or on LiveNation.com.

As for Thursday's ticket giveaway, congrats to Celebuzz commenter Paige Briglia, who put together a clever little song for Darren.  We’ve got one other pair to give away as well, so stay tuned for that!

Not in NYC or able to make it to these shows? You can see Darren and the rest of the Glee crew on their live tour by checking out GleeTour.com for a date near you.

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  • Sanjana

    There’s a line from the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral” when John Hannah’s character, Matthew, is discussing his partner, Gareth, and says “I remember the first time I saw Gareth on the dance floor. I feared lives would be lost.” I’m almost certain, that as ecstatic as I would be to take in the concert, I would be thinking of that as I watched everyone descend on Darren Criss, hoping I wouldn’t lose a toe in the process. If I had the chance to meet him, I’d commend him for being so unaware of his ability to evoke equal passion from his fans, and for doing what he loves in spite of that. Somewhere in there, I’m sure I’d find a way to gush about Blaine too and just how wonderful of a fictional character he really is.

  • jenny

    if anyone has extra tickets their willing to sell for less then 50@ please please please email me at avpm795@gmail.com it would mean the world to me!!!! =)

  • Sherin Shetty
    Sherin Shetty

    I've been on from 12 to now trying to get tickets with no such luck. I've called and used the internet with 3 of my friends all trying for me cause my birthday is the day before! I really hope I win this!

  • Michal Leibowitz
    Michal Leibowitz

    YAYAY! I got the tickets!

  • joe a
    joe a

    I must have been one of the few lucky ones (who is not a reseller) to purchase tickets. I started trying at 11:58 when the box office opened for four tickets but had no luck. At around 12:21 I decided to change my order to 2 tickets and afer a few tries, wallah, I got through! They now must have run out/stopped the presale as the 4pm note is up. Good luck to all at 4pm EST.

  • Rachel

    I'm so upset. I was on at exactly 12o'clock and before a minute had gone by I had already received the "no matches" page. NOT COOL!!

  • ksalerno928

    I would personally probably be too shy to say anything too detailed to you, Darren, except smile and say hello, and comment on how talented and inspirational you are. But if I really wanted to express my feelings to you, I'd bring along my mom, who equally loves glee and loves the Klaine storyline. And even though, she probably won't know your name or even your character's name and call you Kurt's boyfriend, she'd tell you how much I love you and then she'd pimp me out to you because I’m 22 and single... either that or tell you about her stroke and how she thanks God everyday to be alive (she enjoys talking about herself, but you will be entertained because she's hilarious).

  • Rachel

    I'm so upset. I was on at exactly 12o'clock and before a minute had gone by I had already received the "no matches" page. WTF?!?!

  • carolinethegleek

    Right now I'm getting the 'no exact matches found' screen too. Are they sold out already?

  • Vipattra Nimboonchaj
    Vipattra Nimboonchaj

    ARG! This is so frustrating

  • :)

    I was able to get tickets right at 12.

  • Rachel

    I don't think it worked for anyone...my friend on the phone finally got one ticket but then livenation had an error and wouldn't let her continue..so I think something is wrong with the site cause I can't believe they sold out in a second.

  • Anna

    And try to call the live nation help line, with all their claimed super customer service, and all you get is an automated ticketmaster menu.

  • Sarah K.
    Sarah K.

    They all sold out within SECONDS. it's not fair- I got the "no tickets" page BEFORE 12:01. How fast was I supposed to go? seriously...

  • Anna

    Did you guys have like 2 tickets for presale or did 'resellers' grab them all in 1 second b/c I was on there at 12:00:00 and got nothin'. :(

  • Brittany Lynn
    Brittany Lynn

    it's not working for me D:

  • Wendy Bachhuber
    Wendy Bachhuber

    "Da. . .Dar. . .Darr. . .sorry, did I just stutter?"