Will Blake Lively 'Poke Fun' at Scandal at MTV Movie Awards?

Blake Lively to Present at MTV Movie Awards
Blake Reacts to Nude Pics
Blake Lively Nude Photos
Blake Lively's rep says the nude pics are 100% fake. Read More »

The MTV Movie Awards are always a place for celebrities to make fun of themselves and the messes they've found themselves in -- and according to some Celebuzz sources, Blake Lively plans on getting some laughs as well.

Despite the dramatic week of alleged nude photos that Blake's reps told us were "100% fake," insiders say that Blake will absolutely be in attendance at the show. Whether she addresses the week's news is another thing all together.

One source told Celebuzz "They're working on a moment in the show where she'd make fun of it." But another source says don't expect jokes at Blake's expense. We're told she will only be promoting her role in Green Lantern.

MTV and Blake's rep had no comment on Lively's participation in the show.

Blake has been laying low in Venice, Italy since her photo scandal erupted this week. On Friday, photos of her and rumored boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio on a boat emerged, showing Blake on the phone and looking less than thrilled.

We'll just have to wait and see on Sunday night, when the Movie Awards kick off at 9pm ET. Be sure to come back to Celebuzz for the most extensive coverage you'll find on the web.



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  • Jen

    You are quite the negative nancy.

  • tinat

    Cheap, trashy, publicity wh0re.

  • Hawk

    Making fun of the scandal will only keep the scandal going Blake. Admit the photos were yours, take the hit and move on.

  • blake

    please!!!!!Blake has a right to mock those after photo, are also false because the phone SLIO the market when she was dying .... and also the mole on the chest do not have

  • jfsdkfj

    the photos are clearly her she and her reps shouldn't lie about it - making fun of the situation isn't gonna make things better, it's gonna come back to hit her in the face, she's already annoying enough as it is, over hyped.

  • wallaby

    What would she have to do to please you guys? And remember it was her rep who issued a premature and knee-jerk response not her. She's nothing like Lohan, don't see how this makes her a narcissist and she'll most likely be fine. She really should fire that her rep though.


    poke fun of it?? yea, oh so funny to be a liar all week then make fun of it. the poster child for narcissism = Blake. If she makes fun of what she did then she has definitely created a new level of narcissism.

  • come on
    come on

    bad idea. Usually this would be great, but this story has had NO time to breathe, and the fact that she and her reps lied TWICE about them being her isn't funny. Also Blake threatened to SUE when in reality she can't because the photos became public the second she hit send! What a liar!! Come on!! Sorry, she may get a laugh out of the MTV audience like Lindsay Lohan did on Jay Leno, but the days of folks laughing off crap, raunchy behavior are over. Everyone eyerolls at the mere mention of Lindsay Lohan's name, and the same is happening for Blake. Congrats Blake you are now in the category of Lohan. She's disgusting more for her RESPONSE (lying, laughing it off, photographed w/Leo) than the nude photos. This girl sucks.

  • Jordan

    not smart shes threatening to sue then making fun?? making fun admits its her & stops her lying