Hollywood’s Most Random & Unexpected Couples (PHOTOS)

Do opposites really attract?

Recently, many were left scratching their heads as Kimberly Stewart (daughter of legendary rocker Rod Stewartconfirmed that she was expecting a baby with bad boy lothario Benicio Del Toro.

There’s also another recent Hollywood hook-up that has causing even more confusion.

While there had been some speculation, American Idol contestant Paul McDonald revealed that he is in fact dating Twilight star Nikki Reed – to which everyone collectively replied, “Huh?”

This couple of couples aren’t the first mix-matched mates to get together, which got Celebuzz thinking of some of the most random celebrity couples around.

While some have since broken up (like Christina Aguilera and her ex-hubby Jordan Bratman) and some aren’t even technically “together” (we’re looking at you Kim and Benicio), we were able to put together this list of 17 of the most random celebrity couples.

Take a gander through the gallery and let us know on Twitter or Facebook — which do you think is the MOST random?