Justin Bieber Shows Off His Bulging Biceps (PHOTOS)

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Justin Bieber Shows Off Biceps in Toronto

What a difference a year makes!

Once upon a time, Justin Bieber was just a scrawny little fella, and while he's not exactly all beefed up like Kellan Lutz or anything nowadays, he's filling out his frame a bit. The Biebs was showing off his guns in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario on Friday in a black tank top.

Of course, JB has had some help with perfecting his physique (in the form of a personal trainer).

According to Us Weekly, Justin's trainer, Dolvett Quince, will be joining NBC's hit weight loss show, The Biggest Loser, as one of the trainers. He'll join the other new trainer, tennis pro Anna Kournikova.

Justin has been enjoying some down time around his hometown, along with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and they've been having all kinds of fun. Check out some photos of them out and about from earlier in the week below!

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  • Zach Visk
    Zach Visk

    He doesn't have muscles those are just ones you buy off a paid program commercial that you blow up!

  • Dan

    He's coming at that guy with a STRONG LEFT!!! Somebody's going to be knocked out after that punch lands.

  • jade

    i thought you were better then that lol!

  • paris reynolds
    paris reynolds

    look at his arms man nothin dont know why girls are falling head oer heels for him im not he ent that hot get oer it...........:)

  • Lola

    i swear his grandparents live in Stratford. not toronto?

  • BABE 80
    BABE 80

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  • BABE 80
    BABE 80

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  • BABE 80
    BABE 80

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  • BABE 80
    BABE 80

    he is jusss messing with u u guys dont have to get butt hurt!!!!!!! F.Y.I not that dummmm!!!!!!

  • Tom Bell
    Tom Bell

    It's barely even got anything to do with that, you don't need to be mega ripped to be a man or stand up for your girl but he's a born bitch and no amount of working out on 100 calories a day can change that.

  • Tom Bell
    Tom Bell

    hahaha I could wrap one finger around his arm. And, to be honest, it wouldn't matter shit if he was ripped, 'cos he's still a PUSSY.



  • daniel


  • kidrauhlfor

    god he is so hot ;)

  • kidrauhlfor

    woahhh someone's getting seriously fit ;)

  • ;)

    pffftt.....LMAO why flaunt what u aint got!

  • ;)

    pffftt.....LMAO why flaunt what u aint got! stupid boy!

  • ;)

    if you was his girlfriend and needed protecting he would probs turn round and say "im justin bieber don't touch me im number 1 diva!" he would shriek!! and leave you... even if he tried to defend you he wouldn't get no where with them puny excuse of what he would call muscles.... just saying ^

  • Mirta Caballero
    Mirta Caballero

    i love justin

  • cathy

    mmmmmm look at those arms

  • Sunshine.

    What's with the star?

  • Kiera Mallete-Bieber
    Kiera Mallete-Bieber

    OMB i loooooooooooooooove his tattoo!! and i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him even more he is dreamy i like melt every time i c him ahhhhh...... xoxox <3

  • deborah

    picking your nose there eh justin..?

  • LuvJB,don'tcarewhatusay

    OMG shut the hell up already! Keep the hate comments to yourself! Get a frickin life and do something useful with it.. haters are such losers, looking up people they 'hate' just to comment retarded crap.. He's successful at a young age and he doesn't care about the hate comments you guys leave him. He actually said that haters help him become stronger, so really he can care less about haters. Just trying to help.. get a life before you waste it being on the internet all day.. oh and no offense, but your picture looks liike you're cross eyed :) in a bad way, like your high :)

  • jbzbaby

    dont pick ya beak haha

  • megandjb

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  • saranico


  • saranico

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  • saranico

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  • tatts09

    it's my eyes isn't it..they're a dead giveaway..

  • Jelena

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  • Helen

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  • MIke

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  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass

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  • Olivia

    rainbowpanda shut up, aint nobody trying to hear what you got to say about Justin Biebers bitchass.

  • willoney

    Why do so many commentors here feel compelled to attack this guy so viciously? Lighten up on the kid...just because he's cute and talented and successful doesn't mean he has no feelings. I just hope all this hatred will not cause him so much hurt that he has to cry....all the way to the bank. Living well is the best revenge, Biebs!

  • Marie

    Watch your pants. I can see your Hello Kitty bloomers.

  • rainbowpanda

    wat is he doing aww he's to cute

  • rainbowpanda

    shut up u stupid he already hit puberty dumb azz think for once!!!!

  • untouchablegirl

    I really don't see much of a difference in his appearance!

  • Noah

    FACT. I guarantee that Khloe could bench more than Bieber. Someone needs to set up a physical challenge.

  • Noah

    "Once upon a time, Justin Bieber was just a scrawny little fella..." "Shows Off His Bulging Biceps..." Huh?! I believe the author of this post is wildly drunk on pedophilia because I see no biceps whatsoever on this little pre-pubescent elf.

  • idaolivia

    mmm yum <3

  • danielleakame

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  • lexilove

    he looks grown up :) i cant believe it lol

  • KAte

    right, Sl !!, Khloe is a beautiful woman !

  • Sl

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  • saranico

    aww tatts09, that's mean but oh so true! betcha ass teenyboppers are hyperventilating from his 'biceps' right now..like..oh my gosh..damn child..

  • Guy Smiley
    Guy Smiley

    this is a joke, right?

  • tatts09

    khole kardashian's more manly then him.

  • saranico

    biceps? more like a couple of strings hanging from his shoulders..