Selena Gomez Sleeps Over at Justin Bieber's House (PHOTOS)

Justin & Selena’s Romance
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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are getting pretty serious!

Holding hands, Justin walked Selena out to her car early this morning, and the 18-year-old Disney star was wearing the same white and black stripped shirt she wore the day before! Looks like Justin's family let the couple spend the night under the same roof while she's in town visiting, but it's probably safe to say they ended the night in separate rooms.

All week, Selena has been hanging out with Justin's family in Stratford, Ontario -- relaxing in the park, grabbing lunch and meeting his  friends.

Their PDA-fest started last week during a getaway to Hawaii. The couple, who have been together for a little over six months, were seen getting frisky while frolicking on the beach. The Biebs was showing off his newly chiseled abs while Selena wore a skimpy, pink bikini.



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  • cassie

    I no that was so nice of Justin Bieber to let selena gomez to seep over at Justin house love is in the wind kiss kiss Justin

  • cassie

    I no u love u Justin

  • cassie

    Justin Bieber kiss me

  • cassie

    I no that win selena seep over at Justin Bieber house they have sex but u no that they mat not have sex at all but they love each other.that what mat at all did u no that.

  • Nikita

    You dont even know selena.....give her a break,god

  • paisley


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  • haley

    i just think they should break up

  • Danny Kinsman
    Danny Kinsman

    lmao this is hilarious why the hell would anybody say that anyway, lol like she would stand a chance with justin any way like give me a break, hes a multi millionaire, and just gonnas put it out there guys dont like obssesive girls like that

  • smash

    Justin is sooooooooooo......... hot.selena is cute but uummmmm..... I LUV U JB.....

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber

    Hay! Justin Bieber here. I just wanted to let you know that she could'nt go home for a classified reason so we let her stay the night. SHe and I hung out and that is all then we went to bed. (In different beds)

  • james

    yh why do you hate her theres nothing wrong with her just cos shes going out with your celebrity crush doesnt mean you should hate her. its fans like you who ruins celebritys relationships and lifes...

  • naden

    wow do you have to be annoying everywhere? and yeah this girl sounds retarted but you dont have to comment on everylittle thing!! your not a bodygaurd like i said before your just another person to stand up for a celebrity that doestn no that you even exist and ps to the idiot that commented saying 'you no karate' it sounds like something spongebob would say and youll never get a chance so please get over yourself!and justin doesnt no you exsist so saying 'you mess with justin you mess with me' makes you look sooooo fuckin stupid!!

  • naden

    relax there you act like you no her yourself!wow seriously she or he can say whatever they feel like if i say i hate selena what are you going to do?please i dare you to say something!your not a body gaurd your just another fan that makes her money

  • justin

    I like your house it is cool and amazingly awesome. I like your song Baby and Somebody to love and your

  • Madison

    Guys just leave themez alone they are a good couple and also they are cute together.

  • Madison

    Guys justin leave themez alone they are a good couple and also they are cute together.

  • Mariah

    Yes I'm a huge fan of jb nd I agree if he wants to be with Selena let him u hatred r doin nothin but making his life a living he'll especially Mariah yeater mii name is Mariah but not Mariah yeater get a life stupid punk tlkn bout yeater u feel bad hav dis name

  • Cbreezyforreal

    just let them be happy. They r livin their life and u guys r hatin on them. Let them do wat they need to do

  • marjorie

    OMG guys there a cute couple and i think it is rediculous to fight over them... get over yourselves and let them be happy..... and salena and justin are perfect for each other they r both famous and they can both sing .. now im not saying i wouldnt like to be with justin but he is only sixteen and he has a ling life ahead of himself .... maybe salena is the one .... i hope they stay together.... i have always wanted to meet justin and i am thirteen but it would mean everything to me if i could meet him and salena ...i doupt that would ever happen cause i dont mean anything i am like a leaf on a tree falling to the ground.... now i am only thirteen and i am way mature then all u people that are jelous just let them be happy..... sincerely marjorie

  • nadia luna
    nadia luna

    Selena gomez rocks she is cool and I think she is the amazing person I ever herd of

  • Samantha

    Hey there is no problem that selena gomez is dating justin. I use to hate justin but when selena started to date him I noticed he is a gentelmen. I really wish selena gomez came and see me live in addison tx apt glenwoods

  • Gjgfcbnkjgffvnn

    I hate that bitch.

  • akira shaik
    akira shaik

    I love selena gomez she is soooooooooo pretty I love her movies I love love love love love her






    hey justin ii want to do the same thing . me grace

  • letícia

    eles são muitos lidos ainda mais o justin

  • Natalia

    They make a beatiful couple.

  • teez my luv
    teez my luv

    wow...nice couple wteva thy doin kp ur dirty nose out f it wt d u expect..tts a way 4wrd

  • rawash

    Selena and Justin are a cute couple and at the end of the day...they are human being. If their parents allow them to stay in the same house then that's their business. They are teenagers at the end of the day and I chose to believe in the best of people so why don't you people do the same. They are teenagers spending time together...don't jump into conclusions because all we really know about these two teenagers is what we see in the media. We don't really know anything about them and personally that's how i like it because like i said they are teenagers and they should be given a little privacy to live their lives. So leave them alone and get on with your own lives. This is my first and last comment on this site.

  • unknown

    y u say datttttt

  • unknown

    y u say datzzzzz

  • fia

    i hate selena

  • jeff

    wow maybe that rumor that she is pregnats true ;o

  • livesinafairytale

    You don't even know Selena. And I know you use it loosely, but hate is a strong word. You say you "hate" her and you've never even met her. Your growing "hatred" is from reading magazines and seeing pictures and its just because she's dating Justin.That's no reason to hate anyone. I think you need to get over yourself and your obsessive love for Justin. Be happy that he's happy with Selena.

  • prabha

    lol. children's love

  • Cindy Rayshel
    Cindy Rayshel

    they are together all the time, it's like she doesn't have a career. like being by his side is her career. like their husband and wife.

  • DeAnna Pena
    DeAnna Pena

    i think so too. i love justin and selena. they are a very cute couples. i wish they can stay long together for their future. they look very cute. love u selena and justin. :-)

  • SelGo4EVER

    I dont know why people hate them, or more Selena. I think they are a cute couple.

  • jbzbaby

    BRUCE!!! haha!

  • idaolivia

    selena is so beautiful.. <3

  • livesinafairytale

    OMFG LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE MOST HILARIOUSLY IGNORANT THING I'VE PROBABLY EVER HEARD. " When you mess with Justin Bieber, you mess with me." Are you freaking joking..? First of all, she's not "messing" with anyone. And you need to get a hold of yourself and your freakish little obsession with Justin. He appears to be happily in love with Selena, and if you're actually his real fan then you would support him and his happiness. But no, since you're just a little stalker, you won't. PS: "You know karate" ? Well that's great for you but it won't do you any good since you'll never be within distance of Selena or Justin, ever in your life, most likely. Yeahhh, sorry to break it to you, hon.

  • Ramon

    I don't think she's going to back off after seeing a comment on a gossip site, dumbass. Saying you do karate isn't going to do much seeing as you would get arrested if you "karate chopped" her and plus, she has bodyguards. They've probably had sex a zillion times by now, just putting that thought in your head.

  • Janetta Harrington
    Janetta Harrington

    I don't judge anyone, much less this couple. i just wish that the parents or grandparents would not make every thing so easy about things like this, but like i said, these two i can cast no blame. we don't know what happened at that house. this boy and girl are innocent victims of being to the stardom and is so sad that they cannot grow up as regular people without the grown ups acting like they are "friends to the boy and girl rather than role models. just saying.


    nossa ele é muito gatOoOoO!!♥♥

  • Marie

    I don't care, they're teenagers and have full rights to be exploring relationships in any way... Geez they're old enough to try to act like adults. Althought they'll have whole life for that. Just be careful. And if smething is ON (which c'mon for sure is, 6 months, hormones,... it just belongs to life and it's kinda pretty haha!) use protection. Then it's not that funny.

  • kristyn

    selena gomez u better back off because when you mess with justin bieber you mess with me and i can sing and dance way way better than u can and i take karate so back off sister

  • untouchablegirl

    I think that they are a nice couple I just hope that they don't move too fast!

  • mike

    Just because Selena slept over at Justin's house doesn't necessarily mean that she "slept" with him. If she did, then I won't attempt to judge her or Justin. That's something only God can do. But, as of right now, as I type this comment, I don't think they "did" anything.

  • rainbowpanda

    omg ahh justin is changing ALOT

  • imanim

    nt a good couple i hate selena nd love justin

  • HaHa

    Weather ppl wanna hear it or not Justin Bieber will have lost his virginity before he turns 18. I'll be anything.

  • Jen

    It’s his grandparents home and lots of people stayed over.

  • clearing up
    clearing up

    before this story is misinterpreted, his parents and grandparents were also in the house. The original picture shows them in the background at the door when she is leaving.