'Jerseylicious' Stylist Tracy DiMarco Calls 'Jersey Shore' Style 'Embarrassing'

'Jerseylicious' Star Tracy DiMarco Talks Smack About 'Jersey Shore'
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If you watch Jersylicious, then you know Tracy DiMarco is not one to hold back her opinion. It was no different when she talked to Celebuzz!

With the new season underway, there's plenty of drama going on, and Tracy reveals how she's dealing with her ex coming back around -- plus she has a few choice words for the Jersey Shore crew!

Can you give us some insight on the drama this season? This season’s going to be great. We don’t really have a filter anymore. I know that Olivia’s dating my ex-boyfriend. I stand up to her and I think that’s going to be on the next episode.

How do you get along with your ex now? He knows that I can’t stand him. I think he’s a horrible person. I think he’s a manipulator and I’ve warned Olivia about him.

You’ve certainly said that you have no apologies when it comes to your wild style on the show. I don’t. I know people are going to talk about it whether they like it or not, so I don’t worry about it.

What are some of you summer must-haves? Get a tan and tease your hair up big. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors and stand out. Don’t be afraid to wear leopard print. It’s fun.

Do you have a favorite bikini brand that you like to wear? I really like Beach Bunny bikinis. I think they’re really cute and unique.

Do you still like to rock the big wedge shoes during the summer? Yes! When I wear something, I like to go over the top. I like taking things that a lot of people wear and wear it in a different way to make it stand out.

What do you make of the Jersey Shore style? I don’t really think they have their own style. They wear things that we used to wear years ago.

Who of that group would you makeover? I’d say Jwoww. Those shirts she wears are embarrassing.

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  • TeamOLivia

    omg!! are you blind ??? O-o

  • TeamOLivia

    oooooommmmmmmmggggggggg !!! look how awful u are !!! sorry tray but lynn told u the truth !!! u re an ugly person and u dare to critisize jwoww ?!?!? sorry but she's 10,000 more sexy, cute ,beautiful than you !!!!so next time before you open your f'ckin mouth u should look at your ugly face in the mirror cause u embarass your self !!

  • stargirl

    maybe if you got to know her, you wouldnt feel guilty that she's refering to you.... anyway, you dont really have to take the advice personally.

  • bongi

    I like her she's one supar women love you dear

  • odddd

    Soooo flippin perfect

  • Jealous Tracey
    Jealous Tracey

    Her white lipstick is embarrassing! Her lips have no shape and white lipstick just emphasizes it. NOBODY wears white lipstick - except for Halloween.

  • lynn

    trace you really need to get over olivia new boyfriend. I do recall you dating her ex lorenzo and allowing him to come into the salon while she was there, so whats wrong with olivia bringing her new beau. You are just a ugly jealous witch who wants to be olivia so bad. Get over you out of shape hooker.

  • danielleakame

    oh wow. i dont watch either show, but she has nooooo reason to correct other peoples style. look at her, fake tan (fine get tan but don't look like oompa loompa) those fake nails with zebra, are you kidding me? and too much makeup. she is a pretty girl that doesn't need all that, i bet she would be beautiful with a make-under!