Reese Witherspoon Jabs at Blake Lively Controversy at MTV Movie Awards

Reese Witherspoon at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Woah, girlfriend! Reese Witherspoon was absolutely ON FIRE at the MTV Movie Awards when she accepted the honor of the MTV Generation Award from Robert Pattinson -- who started ignited the naughty talk with a racy tribute speech to the actress.

When she took the stage to nab her award, Reese kept the racy comedy going, first by responding to Rob's f-bomb with an even more dirty joke! Referring to his first role (as her son) and second (as her lover) she called him "the best mother f-er in Hollywood." That was just getting her warmed up.

"I just want to say to all the girls out there, I know it's cool to be bad. I get it; but it's also possible to make it Hollywood without a reality show,' she ranted. "When I came up in this business, you were embarrassed, you hid it under your bed...and like, if you took naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone you hide your face people."

Watch the video here: 

Boom! Given that Blake Lively's recent photo controversy over alleged pics of the star nude,  it seems like a direct slam -- to whoever was in the photos anyway, since Blake's rep maintains they're 100% not her!

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  • CB

    Unless you know her personally, you don't really know her either. You have no idea if she would ever take the risk of endangering her Chanel contact, she would still benfit from the scandal even if she did lose her contract because nude photo scandals usually does that. More people came aware of who Vanessa Hudgens was when her nude photos was leaked. You also don't know if the theory the false, like the people who believe she was behind it, you are just assuming. There are celebs way more "frail" than Blake yet they are the target of people's joke all the time yet they don't get the support Blake is getting. For someone who doesn't appear to be a very respected actress (the majority of opinions about her acting talent is more negative than positive on discussion forums and she's accused a lot of using the casting couch to get her movie roles), I find it it amusing that she is getting a lot of sympathy but other celebs who are also not very respected have had nude photos leaked where condemed by the majority online. Taylor Momsen has faced more severe backlash for how she dresses than Blake has for her nude photos.

  • CB

    They don't have to take their hate elsewhere, Melanie Carmer. If you don't like Blake being criticized, you have the option of hitting the back button and not going on gossip forum. On these type of boards there will be negative opinions about celebs you like, deal with it. If you can't, stick to the fanboards.

  • sophie1986

    Reese has a valid point, and it’s not just her chin.

  • Guest

    Anyway, despite the fact that Reese Witherspoon might not be the most down-to-earth celebrity compared to Blake she does have a point, even though the way she expressed those words was rude. I don't know, until I find out how those photos got leaked, then I'll judge Blake Lively.

  • Guest

    @melaniecramer The way you're trolling makes you seem like one of those annoying fangirls.

  • Kate

    wasn't *

  • Kate

    Reese was taking a dig at Blake Lively. She simply stated that she had won that award whithout doing what many celebrities feel they have to do in this generation to succeed in the business. Reece is the only person who has the guts to stand up to the cool crowd and say 'hey, maybe this isn't OK'

  • blakefan

    Great way to kick someone while they are down! Way to go Reese!

  • Noah

    Maybe if Reese Withers-prude showed a little more skin to her old hubby Ryan Phillippe they wouldn't be separated... and he wouldn't be running around with alien-bug eyed starlets like Amanda Seyfried that are half Reese's age. Just saying.

  • melaniecarmer

    VERY sad. I dont think ANYONE should go through it. Blake or not.

  • melaniecarmer

    I know some people that have taken some for their own ways, benefit and reasons. For themselves. Im more than positive they were for Penn though, men like that stuff. No one has confirmed anywhere who they were for, nor do I believe they would share that information. As for support, why are we not allowed to support her? Maybe support for Vanessa was different, she isnt liked as much, known as much, cared for as much? I dont know why, but Blake is allowed support, even if Vanessa didnt get any isnt she? I believe they are her, I am still a fan of Blake's but that doesnt give the right, nor do I find it respectful for someone being as hypocritical as Reese to stab at her over them.

  • Wes Ferguson
    Wes Ferguson

    It was my favorite award show speech ever. Lighten up a little.

  • Gabriella

    People don't take naked pictures for their own benefit, guys. She very likely sent them to a man (or multiple men, if a blind item is to be believed). What is with all the Blake Lively support? I didnt see all of this when Vanessa Hudgens photos leaked. Anyway, they're definitely her. And if she didnt want to ever been seen that way, Reese is right - hide yo' face!

  • danielleakame

    she didn't need to do this publicly and humiliate her any more. yeah its true, girls don't show your face, but its not like she put it out like Paris Hilton or anything. her private phone was hacked, which sucks. poor girl! but if we have learned anything it will just make her more popular! (and that is sad)

  • Melanie Carmer
    Melanie Carmer

    Her family? Her movies? Take your hate somewhere that someone will care for it, because it doesn't like were giving in to it. Reese was wrong, deal with it.

  • Melanie Carmer
    Melanie Carmer

    I believe they are her, and still her fan! I love her tons and always will support her. I think Reese was ridiculous and disrespectful if anything in what she said. She is supposed to be a great 'Hollywood actress' as she says yet pulls a not so funny route of tearing at someone else. Whatever. Blake doesn't need that, Blake is beautiful and talented and doesn't have to take pictures of herself 'to be cool'. She was cool without them, and she will always be cool with them to me now! :]

  • Lina Gouveia
    Lina Gouveia

    Reese is a fool. For me it's an actress mediana.Let down someone who was frail. It's cruel. As for the theory that the photos were released by Blake. It is false. You guys really do not know. her She would never endanger the contract with Chanel.

  • sasquatch

    oh please! blake is after publicity, how else would she have gotten noticed?

  • Melanie

    This certainly makes all my caring for Reese go down further. I know more than anything Blake didnt take the pictures for publicity, nor to be cool. Reese is no comic, it was more distastefully rude to me, but oh well. Blake will get over it as we all will, shes a big girl and I still love her no matter what she does. Reese on the other hand, shes nothing to me.