Robert Pattinson Drops F-Bomb on Live TV at MTV Movie Awards

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Robert Pattinson’s night was going just great on Sunday evening, racking up awards left and right. Then, during a tribute to Reese Witherspoon, Rob did the unkthinkable: He dropped an f-bomb on live television that made it past the censors.

While Pattinson, Patrick Dempsey and Chelsea Handler were on stage presenting the generation award to Reese, Rob told a story about how Reese was in his first movie ever, and joked that she was responsible for his role getting cut in the final edit. Then he went on to explain that seven years later in Water for Elephants, the two were a couple … and that’s where things got R-rated.

“I didn’t cut you, but I did f— you,” Pattinson said, with the sound getting cut just after the curse made it through on air.

Watch Rob’s slip-up here (Warning: NSFW Language)

During her acceptance speech, Reese joked that Pattinson messed up the zinger by saying he should have called himself “the best mother f—– in Hollywood.” She also threw in a nasty little jab at Blake Lively, warning everyone that if you’re going to take naked photos of yourself, hiding your face is a good idea.