Robert Pattinson Kisses Taylor Lautner at MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

'Breaking Dawn' Trailer
Breaking Dawn Trailer
Check out K-Stew and R-Pattz in new 'Breaking Dawn' trailer! Watch »

Twilight is snatching up tons of awards tonight at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, and it comes as no surprise that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won the Best Kiss award for the third year in a row! The couple hit the stage -- and awkwardly avoided a kiss.

Instead (and to everyone's surprise), R-Pattz ran into the crowd to plant a huge kiss on his hunky co-star Taylor Lautner! We didn't see that one coming. What did you think of the smooch?

In related Twilight news, the Breaking Dawn trailer hit the web, hours before its scheduled debut at tonight’s Movie Awards. Edward, Bella and Jacob are back in action, and this trailer features more of the wedding and sexy honeymoon.

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  • Gabriel Fuentes San-Román
  • sydsouth

    * I knew Rickey Martin was gay when I was 14 bahahaha, I have Gaydar and Taylor doesn't set it off. He is rare in the world we live in today, he just has a pure heart, is mature, can speak well and makes great life choices. * (I know everything about him, trust me.) =}

  • simplydiffer

    I thought Rob and Kristen were going to kiss because she hinted towards it. And then he lays one on Taylor. Ahhhh, homosexuals acts between a vampire and a shapeshifter wolf.

  • sydsouth

    * Yeah...that was strangely still one of the hottest things ever!! wow, I think there is something wrong with me. * xD Taylor is happiness on two legs. Love him lots!

  • edwardbella2

    YUCK!!that was disgusting!!

  • angel2317

    hahahahha that was sooooo damn funny rob was so funny yesterday <3

  • Amy

    Looks like my brother was right all the time

  • Leona

    Me too. They are both hot so it was double hot!

  • Jenni

    Really? I liked it!

  • McTavish

    They did it because they knew loads of people would find it sexy and a bit exciting, which it was. If Robert Pattinson was gay he probably wouldn't have done it, but perhaps Taylor Lautner is. I don't think he was expecting it. It's often said that there are a few Hollywood big names that are in the closet and older gay actors like Ian MacKellen try to encourage them to come out. Remember when people used to think that Ricky Martin was straight...

  • Cluella

    Urge, what other unsavoury opinions do you share with Adolf Hitler?

  • Rachel

    Sounds like you're a homophobe- oh dear, how sad you are...

  • Marco

    Yeah, too sexy to be true. Shame they were probably just playing around!

  • Jason

    That was sexy

  • weird

    its just acting like if they were kissing

  • Anna

    I don like Taylor anymore. i through up when they kissed

  • Urge

    Fuckings gay shit

  • Melli

    Actin up? LOL he is gay

  • Szohr

    Not surprised, all the twilght actors/actress are gay/lesbian

  • Mike

    I knew they were gay, I knew it!!!!

  • Kendall

    hahaha I kon me to

  • tatts09


  • tatts09

    i knew it all along..he likes the animal in taylor...

  • seharniazi


  • Cristina

    Rob so so funny!!! Great!!

  • Actin up
    Actin up

    So funny! Rob was actin up tonight!

  • Kisses

    It's funny...and weird.