Arnold Schwarzenegger Supporting ‘Second Family’

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Despite taking fire for his affair with a member of his household staff, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still supporting his kids — all of them.

New reports say he’s no “terminator” when it comes to doling out financial aid. In fact, sources say that he’s always made sure his now 13-year-old son has been well taken care of. An insider tells RadarOnline

“Arnold has always taken care of the boy financially and he’s continued to do so generously amid this whole ordeal.”

The source goes on to say that the boy isn’t the only one Arnold is supporting.

The governator is also helping out his mistress with emotional concerns. The source added:

“Arnold has been very supportive of Mildred throughout all of this. The scandal going public has really taken a toll on Mildred, so Arnold encourages her not to listen to what people are saying about her and just tells her to stay strong.”

While he continues to bankroll his “second family,” he hasn’t forgotten about the Shriver clan. He and his son Patrick were spotted out lunching last week.

Patrick also tweeted about the lunch: “bout to grab an unami burger which is the best! Going with a few of the CHP officers that worked with my fam for last 7 years. Cant wait!”

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