Patrick Schwarzenegger Hits the Books for Final Exams (PHOTOS)

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Summer vacation is within Patrick Schwarzenegger’s reach, but he first has to tackle what every student dreads — finals!

Though he might have summer on the brain, the 17-year-old takes his schooling seriously, as he was spotted with a math tutor at Starbucks on Monday afternoon.

So, what is Patrick up to this summer?

According to his Twitter, he’ll be traveling. That will probably be a good way to get his mind off the drama his family has been experiencing as of late.

“been working all day… taking my finals this week in school and they suck so much! I need summer!”

He retweeted a friend’s tweet that mentioned how they will be heading overseas to Greece soon after summer starts:

“OFFICIALLY ONE WEEK LEFT OF SCHOOL then off to Greece @Will_Harbert @PSchwarzenegger @MarcThaler @AlecRoth”

Three months of freedom, enjoy them while you can!

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