Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Kiss & Party Down After MTV Movie Awards (PHOTOS)

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What do you do when you make a grand sweep at the MTV Movie Awards? Party!

Twilight lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted on their way to an MTV Movie Awards afterparty on Sunday night when they left the famed Chateau Marmont with a large group of friends. The pair had changed out of their fancy award show duds and instead optioned for jeans, t-shirts and sneakers for partying the night away.

So what did they do once they hit Jason Sudeikis' after-party at SoHo House, sponsored by Grey Goose? Here is the scoop:

The duo arrived together and never left each other's sides.

"Kristen held Rob's hand and led him through the small party, after they said hi to some friends they basically just hung out together," says a source inside the shindig.

"Everyone at the party was in great spirits, there was good music, Rob and Kristen danced, laughed, and looked like they had a ball."

As for PDA between the couple that played coy during their Best Kiss acceptance speech? (Remember, Rob swooped down into the audience and kissed co-star Taylor Lautner instead of Kristen).

"They were kissing and hugging, literally they did not leave each other's sides," says an onlooker at the private party.

So glad the couple got to unwind and let loose! 

Even at the awards, Rob and Kristen were in their own world.

"I'm going to take you backstage," Rob said with a giggle, causing many Twihards in the audience to gasp at the end of their Best Kiss speech.

Once the cameras were off them, an insider tells Celebuzz that the infamously private couple walked off the stage hand-in-hand, and were giggly and cuddly backstage.

Even when the lights dimmed on stage, Kristen held Rob's hand when they showed the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 trailer and even did a dance during the part when Edward broke the bed!

The insider also added that Rob's Water for Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon got her hair done before the show with KStew. Good to know that Kristen doesn't mind being friends with the women who kiss her beau on-screen.

Check out more photos of Rob and Kristen heading out to a bar and be sure to follow Celebuzz on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for more celeb news and photos!



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  • Jan

    Did they even speak after the MTV awards? Let alone kiss....?

  • Jan

    That is NOT Rob she is smiling at. Look at the plaid shirt showing under the jacket. AND the other picture shows ROB with hat, darker hair and a dark shirt no plaid under it and obviously at the same place...Come on guys what is the truth?

  • Hogwash

    This story is so fake. There was no dance while they watched the clip because fan video from the audience showed Rob being led off stage was soon as the clip started playing. They weren't holding hands either, since he wasn't even there during the clip. They didn't hang out at the after party either, he went off with Andrew Garfield and she went off with some girls. Even the photos you have don't show them together. Rob's with his bodyguard and Kris is with some blonde girl and another guy. It's all sort of irrelevant since she left Toronto 38 days ago and hasn't been back there once. Looks like he gave her the walking papers and they are over.

  • oniszko2


  • kat

    this is an old post. its from the night of the MTV Awards

  • oniszko2

    I dont understand on all of the other websites, kristen is out with Sienna M, Tom S and Garrett H, coming out a bar in London, I thought she was involved with Robert Pattinson Why is she with Garrett....Can somebody answer Thx...

  • oniszko2

    Well she is having a good time in London with Garrett H., Tom S and Sienna Miller, I guess Robs out of the picture, I guess she will be staying in London to party with them for awhile.....She looks so stoned getting into a car with them. I am surprised at Tom he is Robs good friend for years, you think he would look after his interests...

  • edwardbella2

    LOOK ROB ISN'T A GAY!!!he dates kristen and they are happy together!!Love u robsten!!!!

  • angel2317

    they looked so sweet together and enjoying each others company whether its fake or real they looks great together

  • suuuure

    this is soo fake. If you can only say 'sources said' then I don't believe it. until I hear from Robert Pattinson's mouth or Kristen Stewart's mouth on video I will not believe that they're dating.

  • shewolf

    I think Kellan Lutz is sooo SEXY,but he's dating that 90210 girl,and the best part is she cheated on him.Nikki Reed and him would be a good couple,but since shes engaged it really doesn't matter anymore.He can date me if he'd like I am totally fine with that idea.Team emmett forever

  • Orson Lean
    Orson Lean

    Why all the shots of Emma Watson when Robert Pattinson was on the stage?.....Are they still doing the Dark Arc Movie?

  • robstenroyalty

    Taryn, I've been waiting for your scoop. I remembered you tweeted about how you found the "couples" at the party were so cute and I automatically thought of RK. Thanks for the reporting it without getting too invasive. Classy article. Thanks again.

  • Noah

    She's already dating Dakota Fanning. Get your facts straight.

  • Taryn Ryder
    Taryn Ryder

    Please, if i was dating anyone it would be Kristen. get it together Noah

  • Noah

    My sources tell me that Taryn may be dating Robert Pattinson. Stay tuned.

  • linsey27

    They are so adorable together. Looks/sounds like they had a fantastic time last night! :)

  • LoveRobsten

    Grazie Taryn: I thought they were 'GREAT". We got to see all the love backstage also with the hugging and hand holding. They were in their bubble most of the show. love them. You always get the scoop without making up stories like most. WE fans of Rob and Kristen appreciate that. You're a sweetie.

  • LK

    He was high

  • Janie

    Rob was hilarious last night. I think he's definitely in Packer mode lol.