Ice-T and Coco: The Story of Their Wedding Day! (VIDEO)

Coco's Teeny Bikini
You can't wear less without it being illegal.
Ice-T & Coco Renew Vows
Happy 10-year anniversary!
Ice-T and Coco recently renewed their vows to celebrate their 10-year anniversary with a wedding spectacular full of celebrities (including Snoop Dogg and Flava Flav), bulldogs and plenty of cleavage — just what you’d expect from the outlandish couple!

There’s no doubt these two know how to do it up right, and their interesting relationship is wildly entertaining — making them a natural for their own reality series. We should be so lucky to live in a world where that’s possible! 

We’ve seen how they do it up now, and in a bonus video clip the couple reveals how it was way back then. The two tell the story of their (first) wedding day, from partying in the elevators to their massive reception, and how it almost didn’t happen!

“First they said, ‘We’ve married everybody we can today,'” Ice-T recalls. “Then I told them who I was and they said ‘Come down here, I wanna see you.’ Then they saw who I was and said ‘Okay, we’ll marry you, you got an hour.'”

“Also,” Coco adds, “We met around New Years so we wanted to get married on New Year’s eve.” They never forget their anniversary, plus “it’s like everybody’s celebrating it.”

Don’t miss the series premiere of “Ice Loves Coco” on June 12th at 10:30pm ET/PT following the season premiere of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” only on E!.

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