Kelly Bensimon's Super-Sheer Formal Wear: Yay or Nay?


Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon isn't afraid to show her lingerie at a formal affair! The reality star arrived to the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards in a see-through sparkling gown that exposed her bra and underwear.

What do you think of the getup? Can Kelly pull it off, or does this formal gown look more like a bikini cover up? Vote on the poll below and leave a few comments as well! 

The reality star was at the event on behalf of an entertainment news show. She tweeted about her outfit, writing:

"Hey EXTRA!!! @cfda. Im wearing Azzedine Alaia. @bradleyiriondid my hair @quinnmurphy for makeup."
Kelly was among a slew of celebs at the event, but was excited about one in particular. She tweeted: 
Wow. @ladygaga in mugler and what looked like 5 feet tall shoes. Hot and cool at @cfda."
Kelly, a former model, is known for showing off her body. Back in March, Celebuzz posted some pics of the real housewife in her teeny bikini basking in the Miami sun. Check out the pics below and be sure to follow Celebuzz on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr for more news and photos.



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  • Susan

    I'm 27, I hope to God by the time I'm 40 I won't feel the need to wear sheer things to get attention. When your body starts to morph into a shape that's not normal, like her stomach, knees, etc., it's time to cover up. Her face once may have been really pretty, but she's just starting to look trany now.

  • danielleakame

    she is a beautiful woman, there is no need to go out in public like this just to get some attention!

  • Joan

    As she herself said, once you are in your 40s you should start covering up. Kelly really ought to be wearing a burqa because her freaky body just shouldn't be seen by anyone. Not even her supposedly hot legs - which are long, but way too muscled and punctuated by wrinkled knees.