Kenan Thompson On ‘iParty With Victorious’ Cameo, Dream ‘SNL’ Host & More

'iParty' Heartthrob!
Celebuzz interviews Cameron Stewart.
You know Kenan Thompson as one of the hilarious cast members from Saturday Night Live, but those of us old enough to remember know him from his old school Nickeoldeon shows All That as well as Kenan and Kel.

It’s been a while since he’s come back to the network that put him on the map, but the prodigal son has returned with a cameo in the latest Nick TV film event, iParty With Victorious. He plays himself, and hosts a party where the casts of iCarly and Victorious merge.

Celebuzz caught up with Kenan at the film’s premiere, and asked him what it’s like to see a new generation of Nick stars, his dream “What’s Up With That” guest and much more!

How did you end up being a part of iParty with Victorious?
Dan Schneider [the show’s creator] called me and said he had a great idea to blend these two shows together. He asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and I said yes. They’re going to have a party at a star’s house, so I’m that star apparently.

So he thinks of you as a party animal? What that your reputation back then?
Apparently. I think he’s trying to squeeze his things through my character. He has crazy parties.

What’s it like to see this new generation of Nickelodeon stars?
It’s cool. I never expected to be on the other side of it and kids not knowing you. I realized I’m not little anymore. I feel grown.

Nickelodeon recently announced they’ll start airing old school shows like Clarissa Explains It All and your old show, All That. What do you think about that? Are you excited or nervous to see it all on TV again?
I’m excited. I enjoyed those years. I like that those shows are coming back because we had a lot of good times on them.

Now that you live on the east coast since you’re on Saturday Night Live, is there anything you miss about the west coast?
I miss the sun. I definitely miss it. It’s wonderful.

Are there any actors that you would want to work with on Saturday Night Live or maybe do a “What’s Up With That” skit with?
Of course. Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and even Bill Cosby would be great. If big actors like Denzel [Washington] wanted to come in, that’d be fun. Don Cheadle could get his feet wet.

You’re a bit of a veteran of SNL now. Do you have any advice for the newbies that come around?
You know, everyone’s path is different. I can’t really give advice because everyone will do their own thing and contribute to the show. The only thing I can say is to keep at it and not get discouraged because Wednesday didn’t go so well.