Celebrity Engagement Rings: Guess Who!

Bling Bling!
Check out some of the best jewelry around.
Hollywood celebrities are no strangers to flashy and extravagant bling, but there are a few pieces in particular that will make your jaws drop.

Some of our favorite female celebs rock shiny engagement rocks that would make any girl weak at the knees on a daily basis – and Celebuzz has gathered them all in one place for you!

The beautiful Kim Kardashian recently got engaged and has been spotted wearing her new bling as she joins the club of lucky female stars who are no strangers to the big rocks. Superstars like Katy Perry and Mariah Carey also like to rock their new favorite accessory.

Take a look through our gallery of the biggest and brightest engagement rings in Hollywood and let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr which one is your favorite!