Exclusive Look at Britney Spears’ Tour Rehearsal (VIDEO)

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For those breathlessly awaiting the Britney Spears summer tour there’s only one thing that can satisfy the fan frenzy — an inside look at the show before it hits the road! 

With an exclusive backstage pass, ET gives a sneak peek at the stage performances to come. While she’s excited for the tour, Brit says:

“I’m probably going to be extra nervous the day before. We’ve been working hard for, like, two months now and everything’s coming together really good.”

How has this Femme Fatale been prepping for the brutal schedule?

“It can be kind of [grueling], especially when you’re on stage and you’re on your eighth number,” she admits. “You get really winded and you’re like, ‘How can I do the rest of the show?’ But I’ve been training for a while and I actually – before I come to rehearsals – I’ve been working out and stuff like that so I won’t have that predicament.”

Brit says she does a lot of running to keep her stamina up for all those dance numbers. Based on the performances we’ve seen so far, girlfriend is gonna need it! Watch the video below for a look inside the top-secret rehearsal:

Brit’s tour opens up next week, June 16. Just says ago, she revealed the cover art for her new single “I Wanna Go” — a sign (in song) that’s she ready to hit the road! 

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