‘Hunger Games’ Movies Will Be ‘Steamier’ Than Books

Hunger Games Script 'Steamier'

There's endless talk and hype surrounding the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games novels, and the new Life & Style story reporting that there's going to be even sexier scenes written into the movie surely won't quell the fever. 

In their story, L&S reports that to make the first movie a bit more interesting, "scenes have been added in to give the heartthrob a larger role on-screen and make the love triangle steamier and a bigger aspect early on in the franchise." That will surely make the love triangle between hotties Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth that much more fun to watch.

Even with all of the hype, the set and details of the Hunger movies have been somewhat slim aside from casting news.  During an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman recently to promote X-Men: First Class, Lawrence -- who landed the lead role as Katniss -- joked about the movie, even taking a jab at Twilight, saying: "It’s a very violent futuristic movie where kids are selected from their home districts to fight in an arena to the death … but we don’t drink blood. That’s sick."

Lawrence as Katniss
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  • RebeccaB.

    The Hunger Games is not Twilight! It is not a love triangle, Gale and Katniss are friends. Katniss and Peeta's "relationship" is so insane - mostly played out for the Capitol viewers - and they don't really show hardcore (if you will) romance until when they are married with children in Mockingjay. Maybe they're just talking about the cave scenes, though. Because Katniss and Peeta don't "meet up" until nearing the ending, right? And "steamy"? They only kiss each other, and in Katniss' world it isn't even real, only to Peeta. What's going to happen besides Katniss/Peeta kisses? Cato and Clove have rough knife/spear sex and every tribute watches? Katniss rapes Rue's dead body? Gale joins them in the cave and it's a threesome? Sorry if what I listed sounds sick and perverted. But the only "steamy" scenes in The Hunger Games are the cave scenes. Which is mostly talking, and I hope those scenes don't last long within themselves, I really didn't enjoy those. Made a perfectly nice survival story into a romantic setting. PLEASE DON'T RUIN THE HUNGER GAMES WITH EXTRA "STEAM".

  • person

    I WANT THE STORY NOT.YOUR. STUPID. LOVE. TRIANGLES.!!!!!!!!!! I hate your Hollywood BS. u RUIN MY BOOKS!!!!!!!! i can make a list of all the books u have crushed and tortured the characters and script and ....EVERYTHING!

  • Tomomi

    I DON'T WANT STEAMY. NO. I'm gonna be so heartbroken when the movie comes out and it ends up being lame. UGH. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the script back so it stays true to the books. The books were so amazing and bloody and chilling -- rnhgkdngjdjkbgjkdbgfdkgdbkfgiuodfhgosfsof.

  • Louise

    Although it is not the main part of the novel, the love-triangle is part of the story and i thought it was quite a big part. Katniss had to choose between Peeta and Gale and it is never clear which one she will choose so, yes, for the movie they are obviously going to add to it, just to get more people interested. Calm down everyone it is still the same story we all love.

  • Polly

    Why does Hollywood think the only things that can sell a story are love triangls? Sometimes the storyline is good enough.

  • hungergamesfan

    Um, no, let's NOT do this. There is no love triangle in any way, shape, or form. Gale was Katniss' friend and he was hardly a major player in the book anyway if I recall. It was all Peeta and Katniss. I didn't even consider choosing between them. Not cool.

  • Stephanie Haley Williams
    Stephanie Haley Williams

    This is very disappointing if it is true.

  • Rue

    THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT! Get it through your thick heads already. This isn't a romance, it's an action movie! I'm a girl, and I will not pay to go watch The Hunger Games as some crappy chick flick. It deserves so much more than that.

  • hungergamesblog

    As one of the blogs that faithfully reports all the newwest news on The Hunger Games, we are very upset that this could be true. Although we love a good love story, that is not what this trilogy is about. It is the story of a strong, selfless girl who does what she has to do to save those she loves. Katniss is a heroine in every since of the word. That is what we want to see. Please don't make it into another Twilight!

  • Claire

    I seriously doubt that they would put steamier scenes in the movie. The author of the actual trilogy wrote the screenplay, for crying out loud!

  • GG

    hunger games is not really a love story. the books is more like a book about a girl who sets the spark of rebellion In her nation and basically changed the world. It's isn't really primarily a love story It's more of a action movie. It upsets me that they are trying to completely change the gene of the movie. I have a bad gut feeling thay they will completely change and cut out parts of the story line.

  • Esther

    WHAT THE HELL. It's not a damn love story and it doesn't centre on the love triangle! Great. Just great. We don't want 'steamy' and why would that be a good thing?!

  • Jerome Pearson
    Jerome Pearson

    It's a book about a oppressive government and children getting killed for others amusement and you're talking about LOVE TRIANGLES? Celebuzz = Idiotic Capitol residents.

  • annamorphos

    THE. HUNGER. GAMES. IS. NOT. A. LOVE. STORY!!!!!!!!! God, why is Hollywood so inept when it comes to making the page to screen transformation?? If they were making Animal Farm would they turn it into Romeo and Juliet? This is ridiculous! I don't want to see this movie for some annoying "triangle." Why is Hollywood trying to turn this series into Twilight??