Inside ‘The Voice’: What Secret Celeb Was in the Audience?

Xtina Performs on 'Voice'
Team Christina sings 'Lady Marmalade'
As Celebuzz has said before, The Voice is kind of the new best show in quite some time. So when our writer Taryn Ryder scored an invite to go to the first live taping Tuesday at Warner Bros. studios, we knew that it was going to be a great night, and it’s safe to say what you see – or who- on TV isn’t exactly what you get. 

So what did we see in our first-hand account?

Everyone was split up into fan sections: Friends and family (of contestants and hosts), and executive (guests of NBC/Comcast).  

Color me surprised when I saw one Oscar-nominated face in the audience in the friends and family section…

Hailee Steinfeld! The True Grit actress was there to cheer on one of the contestants she went to school with, and sat in the audience, not trying to draw any attention to herself.

The new face of Miu Miu, who is just as adorable in person, was friendly to staff and those people seated around her and was up dancing, clapping her hands and cheering the entire two-plus hour taping.

It’s safe to say I’ve rarely seen a celeb who can be so down to earth and low key at an event- especially one that didn’t directly involve him or her. Didn’t think it was possible to heart Hailee more, but guess I was wrong!

Another familiar face cheering on from behind the stage was Christina Aguilera’s boyfriend, Matt Rutler. Since she gave two killer performances on Tuesday’s show, so it’s not so surprising her main man was there cheering her on.

During commercial breaks, the dynamic you see during the show between the judges held strong.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton definitely kept their bromance-fest going, much to the audience’s delight! But nothing quite got the crowd going like when Adam said “I s–t myself” to Beverly McClellan. Don’t think he quite understood where Christina’s critique was going, but he certainly went with hit.

Still, it was Frenchie Davis from Team Christina who got the crowd cheering the most, followed by Dia Frampton from Team Blake.

So where do I stand when it comes to the competition? I’m going with Frenchie for the win, as of now.

Did you guys watch the show? What did you think?