Style Showdown: Kim Kardashian vs. Monaco Royalty Charlotte Casiraghi (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian goes up against the fourth in line to the throne of Monaco in a fashion faceoff! Charlotte Casiraghi, the second child of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and the reality star/fashionista stepped out in identical Gucci dresses within the same month!

Charlotte wore the coral and purple getup to the 'Il Mondo Vi Appartiene' dinner in Venice, Italy, on June 1, even posing alongside actress Salma Hayek.  Meanwhile, Hollywood's royal Kim Kardashian chose the dress to wear to her perfume launch in London, England. Who do you think looks best in the Gucci dress? Vote on the poll below and be sure to leave us some comments below!

Before she was dressing like Monaco's royalty, Kim was visiting the gorgeous country with her fiance.

The reality star recently shared a private pic of herself in Monaco with her NBA beau Kris Humphries. She wrote on her blog,

"We recently went to Monaco and I absolutely love it there! Such a gorgeous place. I remember going with my mom, my Grandma and Kourt a few years ago. I’ll dig up those old photos to post! Kris, Joyce and I all went on a little boat ride together. We took a small boat to a larger boat, where we watched the F1 Grand Prix race from!”
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  • Marion

    Kim because she has attitude!!

  • estelle nadege N
    estelle nadege N

    kim you look so good with that dress. kissssss

  • Melody

    1000000000000000000000% kim! I LOVE YOUU KIMMY!

  • jaicon

    kim I swear I love you

  • Lee James
    Lee James

    Charlotte does not have the face, the figure or the attitude to carry an outfit such as this. Kim Rules.

  • shaneadabrown

    I so agree with you,I have full lips also,and kim wore it better,that girl has no curves or anything she needs to look at her self be4 she leaves,She look like she rose from the dead put on an outfit she can find and took some pics,

  • danielleakame

    kim looks fat in this outfit (more so than usual). so uglyyyy. both should fire their stylist!

  • Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile

    Draw. Kim looks to be a biscuit away from a muffin top and Charlotte looks like Skeletor.

  • ilovekardashians44

    Kim definitely rocks this outfit! She always looks amazing in everything she wears! Go Kim!

  • Michelle 미셸 Gancina
    Michelle 미셸 Gancina

    i like kim most...she has a great bumps and humps

  • Stacy Ferguson
    Stacy Ferguson

    Kim Kardashian is stunning...As always! She could probably wear a bin liner & make it look great!! Charlotte Casiraghi on the other hand needs to eat some food, iron her clothes & smile a little...Eeeww!

  • greneyez

    whether shes from monaco or jerico..shes looking worn out and frumpy ..she needs boobs and umm an iron for her skirt was she thinking or who thought this one out for definitely rocked it but seriously kim i adore u but wtf u r naturally beautiful whats up with balloon lips u have full lips as it is u seriously looked like someone either bit u in ur lip or some kind of bee or bug bit ur lip...word of advice..this is coming from someone who also has naturally full beautiful lips bitches would kill for them..luv ya..u rocked this deress definitely bangin...<3

  • greneyez
    greneyez definitely rocked it