Nicki Minaj Girl Crush! Natasha Bedingfield Reveals Their ‘Long Distance Relationship’ (VIDEO)

These girls just want to have fun! Natasha Bedingfield reveals her “long distance relationship” with Nicki Minaj on the VH1 Morning Buzz Blog Live site.

The two recently worked together on a new track, and Natasha practically gushed about working with the quirky singer, saying, “She’s really, really creative and I find her very inspiring as I’m sure … you can tell everyone does. We recorded the song in a very modern way actually. She sent a song to me and I got into a studio and I sang and layed all my vocals and wrote a little bit extra on top of what she had done. It’s like a long distance relationship.”

Meanwhile Natasha says she’s somewhat obsessed with another music star. Guess who? 

Believe it or not, the Unwritten singer is a big fan of Eminem! She tells VH1: “I was in Eminem’s studio in Detroit because I was touring at the time and I was kind of kissing the walls because I’m a huge Eminem fan and I was hoping he would drop by any minute.”

Watch the video for more:

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