Whitney Port: Changed My Hair Color Again!

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Hi tootsies,

My colorist Johnny Ramirez and I have been having a lot of fun with my hair lately experimenting with different shades of red. A few months ago, we went with a bright red which then gradually washed out to a strawberry blonde, and now I've gone sun kissed apricot!

Do you guys like it??

FYI, these pics were taken on my blackberry -- I'll be posting better ones from my camera later.

xoxo, Whit



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  • Lil

    man i cant stand this stuff about whitney port or that real housewives chick... who do they think we are, thinking we give a shit about this crap? do they actually think they are that famous that people care? it actually makes me so annoyed i waste my time looking at it, that i had to waste more time writing this post.