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Keeping Up with the Kardashians DVD Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating!

Reality shows come and go but the Kardashians reign supreme! With the highly anticipated new season airing this Sunday (June 12th), on E!, we have the perfect giveaway for you Kardashian dolls!

This new season is packed with some intense drama, but even better quality family moments. In honor of the season 6 premiere, Celebuzz is giving one of our fabulous readers seasons one, two, and three of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on DVD!

Here’s how to enter: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, then leave us a comment telling us which Kardashian is your favorite and why!

The Kardashians
The Kardashians
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  • catherinelodge

    Also i recently got braces and let's just say i getted called names like brace face and what not but when i watch the show it brightens my day and helps me to get through the day in school. P.S. I followed celebuzz on facebook and twitter! xoxo

  • catherinelodge

    Hey ! Honestly I adore all the Kardashian sisters but, I would have to choose Khloe, because she is so insperational to me about how she looks so that makes me feel so much better about the way i look. Also she relates back to me with her personality because she is so pretty and really kind and soooo funny !!! I love you all, Bye xoxo

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I like Khloe because she is funny and looks beautiful @momtoem

  • heather

    Khloe is my favourite because she's firey and says it like it is. I relate most to her, and I think that's what keeps me watching the show. I love her tenacity, and she just seems so logical compared to some of the other members of the family. She handles criticism by rising above it, despite the amount of negative feedback she receives. She seems the most real. And i respect her for that.

  • rebeccaxxo

    Kim is my favorite because I can relate to her the most. Kim is shy, yet outgoing, and always seems to want to do the right thing. I am the exact same way. I can be extremely shy, but then be outgoing at the same time. I also live to make people happy. Kim is my idol<33

  • Jessica Beaudin
    Jessica Beaudin

    Oh and how can you not follow on twitter and Like on Facebook?? I mean if you really like them you would :)

  • Jessica Beaudin
    Jessica Beaudin

    I love Khloé cause she so pretty and she's down to earth and she speaks her mind, she's not afraid to say what she thinks is right or wrong!! Plus she has a great taste in clothes I love her style :) And she is so HIL-AR-I-OUS :D I also love Kourtney, I like her style too, and her son is very handsome :) I am so excited for this give away I've been looking to get these seasons and I cant seem to find them ever, I've been getting them from the library just to watch them and they are all scratched so they skip and its just not fun :(

  • Kaitlin Elizabeth Lockhart
    Kaitlin Elizabeth Lockhart

    KHLOE is defiantly my favorite! She inspires me where she is always been picked on for her weight and that is something I struggle with. She is strong independent and knows who she is and could care less what ppl think in the end!! likes you on fb and twitter!

  • Tiff

    My favourite Kardashian is Khloe because she always speaks her mind and she is a confident and very funny she is also an extremely kind and caring person to everyone close to her!

  • Georgina Garcia
    Georgina Garcia


  • Alysha Botticelli
    Alysha Botticelli

    [img][/img] [img] 2-340_255.jpg[/img] My one sister and I saved up for a trip to NYC. I google-mapped our way from Manhattan down to DASH! You should all go visit it! The ladies that work there are super nice and friendly!

  • Sheena Eller
    Sheena Eller

    I totally love Khloe! She is my favorite because I can relate to her. She loves her family and is not afraid to be speak up. Love to all of the Kardashains'! ;-)

  • Georgia Barnatt
    Georgia Barnatt

    Kourtney is definatly my favourite, she is my role model. because she is so head strong, she knows exactly what she wants in life and is so confident to try new things. i love that family is the most important thing with the kardashians and kourtney is such a good mum to mason. she isnt going to just marry scott because he is mason dad, she does what is best for her son. she always has a crazy fun side to her that i love. she is so beautiful and she dosent let her Insecurities or what other people think get in her way. she always tries to give scott the benefit of the doubt for mason's sack. she really is incredible and my inspiration. she is so down to earth and my all time favourite kardashian :)

  • Tress Brown
    Tress Brown

    Khloe is definitely my favorite! She keeps it real, down to earth, funny, and stands up for herself. I also love how she loves her man. I think her relationship with Lamar is the most solid Kardashian relationship I've seen. She is a supportive wife and you can just see the love they have for each other. I also love how protective she is of her family. She has her sisters back. Don't mess with her girls. Love seeing her with Mason too. Can't wait for her to become a mom.

  • Nathon Jimmie
    Nathon Jimmie

    KHLOE KARDASHIAN: Why? Because I can relate to this cool chick the most. Throughout all of the TV shows that Khloe has been apart of, she always talks about the troubles she has gone through regarding people scrutinizing her over her weight along with other judgments. Now, I am going to point out that I have never had a problem with my weight but I have had problems in my life with things such as racism, and homophobia. Khloe and I both have had judgment brought upon us and seeing her fight her way through all of it is just inspiring. I think it is sooo cool that Khloe is Armenian and that all you girls are so proud of your heritage! It is hard when no one really knows anything about your race and on top of that have negative stereotypes towards them. I am Native American and do struggle with racism and judgment with what has happened to my ancestors in the past. What helps me get through some of that is seeing other minorities on TV like yourselves being loud and proud and unashamed! Khloe speaks of being proud of her Armenian heritage quiet frequently which makes me very hopeful that one day we can all look past each others differences in regards to race and ethnicity. KHLOE KARDASHIAN you are one sexy mama and keep doing us all proud! XOXO :)

  • Anne Maagdenberg
    Anne Maagdenberg

    Khloe, she made me accept my curves and be proud of them. And she always makes me smile, because she is so silly, I think or that reason we could be friends. She is so down to earth, and although al the girls are actally normal girls like us, I think with Khloe you can see it the most. (I actually named my dog Khloe, because she's a silly dog ;))

  • Linda Maksimova
    Linda Maksimova

    I love Kim Kardashian! She's so adorable! I really like her style she's my style and beauty icon. I always follow her beauty secrets and also all posts what she's writing. And she's very nice with fans and I hope that once I'll meet her! I really respect her!

  • Dawlat Naguib
    Dawlat Naguib

    i love the kardashian fam! :) if i had to choose a favourite kardashian sister i would have to choose between Khloe and Kim, they are my favorite sisterss!!! Since i can only say one of them, i am going to choose khloe since she is so outgoing and funny. She is so beautiful, gorgeous, sexy & elegant xo And she isnt fat or ugly or whatever! she's normal and just because she has stunning sisters doesnt make her any less pretty in her own right. walkin down the street i bet alot of people would think shes stunnin, end of story, Khloè Kardashian is the BEST! -Khloe I fucking love you, you are super sweet <33

  • Abi

    Kourtney!!! i feel like she is my long lost soul sister! everytime i watch the show i feel as if i know her! she is a role model to me and i love her classic chic sense of style and silly humour is so similar to mine! she influences me everyday especially as we share intervior design as a passion.

  • fmosley

    KHLOE! cause she keeps it real and is such a strong woman and good role model for all her fans.

  • Lauren

    i like you on facebook and I follow you on twitter. Khloe is my favorite because she seems genuine and I like that she isn't super tiny or anything.

  • annab86

    I am completely in love with 'Keeping up with Kardashians'! They are all gorgeous but my favourite is Khloe. She is so comfortable with her self, funny, positive, outgoing and say what she thinks! I love how close she is with her sisters, family and Lamar. I love her positive energy and that she's a strong woman and on top of all that she is beautiful inside out. <3

  • Cassie P
    Cassie P

    Klohe is definitely my favorite Kardashian. She speaks her mind and doesn't care what others think about her. She loves her family so much and always has her sisters' back. She seems like a great friend: loyal, honest, and fun! She is also a smart business-woman and is very involved with DASH, along with juggling numerous projects all at one time. She is real, and seems happy with who she is. She also knows how to have fun!! She seems like a great person to be around, and always has me laughing! She is so witty and tells it like it is!

  • farnoushie

    Kourntey would have to be my favorite out of all the sisters because she has such a unique chic and bohemian style and her style is very versatile and she can wear knee-high boots one day and then wear fringe boots another day and pull it off. And i think she has the cutest celebrity mom look ever, she still manages to be fashionable even as a mom and even keeps Mason fashion forward. Overall i admire her for being so strong and put together.

  • Bethany Prince
    Bethany Prince

    I love watching the Kardashians they are hilarious and I love them to death! My family is so Much like the Kardashians it can be a lil frightening at times I know its hard to pick but I would have to say Khloe is my Favorite! She has such a playful nature but when its time to get the job done she dives in head first! She is smart, beautiful, and down- to- earth! She has some of the funniest sayings like "I'm the biggest jelly belly in life" lol She is always positive and is the life of the party!! Khloe and Lamar are the cutest couple ever and I can't wait to see a lil Odom running around! She will be a great mom along with sister, aunt, daughter, friend, and wife! And Must I say She has the cutest wardrobe ever!! I love all the Kardashians and I follow all of them on twitter and facebook! I watch all the shows! But I must say Khloe is my Favorite!! Keep on Rockin' Khloe!! :)

  • Emily Kate
    Emily Kate

    So i've liked/followed on facebook & twitter. I watch kuwtk all the time, plus all the other kardashian-odom shows. I like you all. your all so diverse but in a good way. I relate to you all but mostly Khloe. She's so funny & sweet but she stands up for what she believes and sometimes that means being harsh. I have that crazy, fun mom like kris and a sister who is responsible & more tight edge than me but lets loose every once in a while and were really close. My family is goofy and really tight together, exactly like the Kardashian-jenner-odom family. I would love to have 3 seasons kuwtk. I'm a broke college kid lol so free sounds amazing! xoxo em

  • KardashianVille

    I love them ALL...Im torn between Khloe & Kimmie! Im so much like Kim when it comes to being shy and not wild, i care about others feelings before I say the way I think, Im always trying to please everyone like Kimmie too. now Khloe on the other hand has inspired me so much. they all love thier curves but Khloe has shown struggle and alot of us can relate to that. Khloe is my motivation!I KHLOE IS MY FAVORITE! I adore her personality and she says things I think about, but would never love and adore them all and now that they are all happy in their relationships makes me even more happy! I feel like they are my big sisters! Im a their blogs EVERYDAY ALL DAY! <3 I would love to win these! XO

  • kimberlymcfarland90

    First off i would just like to say I love the show!!! If i had to pick just one Kardashian as my favorite it would have to be Khloe. She is so down to earth and just tells it like it is. She doesn't take crap from anyone and no matter when her sisters and her are fighting she is willing to see eye to eye with them becuase she loves them. Khloe is a beautiful, strong, funny, incredible, loving woman. She inspires me to be a stronger woman. Khloe Kardashian Odom is one remarkable woman!!!! p.s I liked and followed!!!!

  • Allysha Woods
    Allysha Woods

    i love them all, each for different reasons!! if i HAD to pick one it would be kourtney, she's the oldest and sarcastic like me :) but i tell you, i love kim and khloe just as much, haha

  • Ana Cristina*
    Ana Cristina*

    My favorite is Khloe because she is a strong, beautiful, confident person and she tells u the truth in your face very straight forwarding.Very honest and isn't afraid to express her feelings.She inspires me and a very good person to look up to*

  • Brittany Cross
    Brittany Cross

    i love kim because she is so stylish and i want to belike her when im older <3

  • Marisela Otero
    Marisela Otero

    liked you on fb and twiter marshmallow0_o I love khloe shes the best! I just love her attitude.

  • Alysha Botticelli
    Alysha Botticelli

    I learned about this giveaway because I check Khloe's facebook page every morning and before bed. Although I love all three, Khloe would be my favourite because we act so very much alike! My oldest sister acts like Kourtney and my second oldest sister acts and speaks pretty well EXACTLY like Kim (it's actually a little scary!). We watch the episodes together when I am home from school and we never stop laughing - 1) because the show and the sisters are hilarious and 2) because we each act so much like one of the beautiful girls. When I am away at school, we constantly text each other throughout every show. I don't think this was the main goal of the show, but the most important thing I have learned from watching Keeping up with the Kardashians is how important it is to stay close with your family regardless of the different paths that each may take. Being that all three of us girls in my family are students, it makes it difficult for us to spend money on anything that is not absolutely necessary. Winning this giveaway would be wonderful and we would be so grateful for this reason to spend more time together!

  • Desiree Quarello
    Desiree Quarello

    It is very hard for me to pick a favorite because I enjoy each one of your characters and vulnerable and real people that come across but if I had to absolutely pick one it would be Khloe because she is so endearing and lovable and I adore how she is with her sisters and how funny and mouthy she is...she cracks me up and shes done a phenominal job at becoming a wifey and step mommy to her kids from Lamar's prior girls keep me entertained and I adore and support everything you all do because the Lord is rewarding you all with blessings because you deserve it. Love & Blessings Always, Desiree (Your biggest Fan)

  • Christina Moses
    Christina Moses

    I like on FB. It's hard for me to choose which Kardashian I love the most, but I think I'll have to go for Khloe. Its so nice to see a celebrity who is comfortable with who they are. That really inspires me to be comfortable in my own skin. I think she is so funny, and she is always there when someone needs her. Khloe rocks!

  • Kayla

    My favorite Kardashian is Khloe because I love her personality. She's real, speaks her mind, and she's funny. She isn't bigheaded. And I love her and Lamar as a couple.

  • julia

    Congrats on another season!!! i'm absolutely obsessed with it! I love you all but if i HAD to pick one I think i'd pick kourtney! i think she is absolutely beautiful (like you all are) and is so silly but doesn't joke too much. Her voice is so cool and so is her son! she also has an amazing sense of fashion! Love you all!!! You guys' family is amazing and i wish mine was as close as yours was! i haven't been able to see the first or second season and have only seen parts of the 3rd because they rarely air on TV anymore :(. So excited for the new season! i love 'keeping up' with the kardashians :P by the way i already liked all of you on facebook and follow all of you! my twitter username is: WeLuvKardashian

  • VivaLaLene

    Khloè ! She is my role model! I look up to her so much, she is PERFECT <3

  • Samantha Calderon
    Samantha Calderon

    omgggggg pick me i just love this show!!! lol

  • Samantha Calderon
    Samantha Calderon

    i dont have a fav i luv all of them!!!! They r all beautiful girls who deserve to have their own tv show but if i had to choose it would b KHLOE because her and lamar r so hot together i love everything about her nad him kisses dolls!!!

  • Courtney Beckerdite
    Courtney Beckerdite

    It would be so hard for me to choose one. They are all beautiful and such a down to earth family. If I had to choose one it would be Kourtney, she is so down to earth and I can relate to her I have a child and I am not married. Like her I am not giving in to the pressures of getting .I also love how she supports and loved to breastfeed, I get the same fulfillment from it. P.S I always wished my mom spelt my name with a K lol LOVE-Courtney

  • Han Robinson
    Han Robinson

    My favourite is Khloe for sure, because she's just so down to earth all the time. She's real (not saying that the other sisters aren't..) but her life is just so real and nothing seems to be fake about her.. ever! I think I should win these DVD's because i'm from Australia and when I went overseas last year, I made my boyfriend drive to Miami from Orlando and back JUST so I could go to the DASH store! I spent $30 on their water and $60 on a DASH top because they are amaze.

  • Stephanie Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson

    KLOHE! Because I think he and I would be friends in real life! She is SO freaking hilarious, never once boring!! Liked you on FB/TWIT!

  • Debbie B
    Debbie B

    Posted my vote on FB. Hope you read it & Thx.

  • Viktoria Katarina
    Viktoria Katarina

    Kourtney because I can relate to her the most. I am the oldest of 3 sisters and happen to also be the smallest, actually 5 feet tall, same height as Kourtney. I have the same temper, obsessed with working out, and always act crazy with my youngest sister. Kourtney is so beautiful, very successful, and smart!! P.s- I also spell my name (Viktoria) with a K!

  • Christian Snow
    Christian Snow

    Khloe because she is absolutely HILARIOUS. No matter how bad my day is, just reading a few tweets or watching Khloe on tv can always put a smile on my face. And i love her for that! :)

  • Kayla Ray
    Kayla Ray

    I can't get enough of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but of the three Kardashian sisters, I would hands down pick Khloe. Khloe is sexy and confident. She also gets criticized a lot about her weight, and even though sometimes it seems like it gets to her a little (who doesn't!), she always remains confident in her own skin. I also love her relationship with Lamar. She is completely devoted to their relationship and seems to be a great, supportive wife!

  • DanielKardash

    Wooohoooo! This is why I LOVE Celebuzz! My favorite Kardashian is Khloe. Don't get me wrong I love all three but Khloe has caught my attention since season one. Something about her is so addictive. She is so outgoing and hilarious. Love her because she is straight forward with everything. She is so FAB and sweet. I met her and Lamar on March 24th in Costa Mesa and they were the sweetest and so cute together. Oh! and she's currently following me on twitter. I love her! TEAM DASH BABY!!!!

  • Lennice Cummings
    Lennice Cummings

    My favorite Kardashian is Khloe because she is very honest and says how she feels and not afriad to say it how it really is eg. her recent nip slip :)

  • Erika

    I love Khloe because she doesnt care what others have to say and has a big mouth to say it how it is kinda like me.. And Khloe is beautiful so are all Kim and Kourtney but I have to say my fav is Khloe love ya girl ...

  • Heather Osting Turner
    Heather Osting Turner

    I like you on Facebook. My favorite is Kloe. Love that girl! She was under scrutiny and it was shady. She's an amazing person and people really miss out when they make lame comments about her. She seriously could easily be one of my "home girls" lol.

  • Ibe Da Kardashian
    Ibe Da Kardashian

    I love all the kardashian/jenner family BUT KHLOE KARDASHIAN i like the most because she is beautiful funny and smart I have been a fan of the kardashian from day one back in 2007

  • Jordan Lyons
    Jordan Lyons

    Khloe is definitely my favorite because she tells it like it is, doesn't take crap from other people and she loves animals. Not to mention she's gorgeous in every way possible <3

  • Jordan Lyons
    Jordan Lyons

    Khloe is definitely my favorite because she tells it like it is, doesn't take crap from other people and she loves animals. Not to mention she's gorgeous in every way possible <3

  • Lindsey Tollison
    Lindsey Tollison

    I love Khloe because I identify with her. I am tall and not a small girl by any means and when I see her getting crap for her size, I know exactly how she feels. Knowing that a celebrity is having the same issues really helps me feel better about myself because I think Khloe is beautiful so it helps me feel the same about myself :)

  • Drew Ariel :)
    Drew Ariel :)

    twitter: @DrewHeartsYou facebook: Drew Ariel Hallman hey! My favorite Kardashian is Kim because I can really relate to her and we share similar interests. :) Kim is mostly the one who is very into makeup, fashion, anything girly & that is exactly who I am! She is also my style icon and I would love to get into the makeup, fashion and writing industry and some how incorporate all those things into my career down the line. Also, our personalities are similar too. Kim is very sweet, kind, & caring and I like to think I am too! My family and friends frequently comment on how sweet I am! (I mean that in a not bragging way.) Also, I think Kim and I are both very sensitive at times. We take things to heart & can get our feelings hurt easily. (As shown in episodes of the shows.) Anyways, I overall love the whole family! It seems like such a fun family to be in :) Thank you for reading my comment & taking me into consideration! I have a good summer <3 xoxo

  • sheila sorenson
    sheila sorenson

    i love Khloe because she is a beautiful passionate woman who will do anything for her family she gives herself to everyone and expects nothing in return she is kind and caring and deserves the best! I Kim because she knows when its time to take charge and be serious and still knows how to look good and have fun! and finally Kourtney because she is a wonderful mother, she is sensible someone who also knows how to have fun she loves her family and will trust someone until she has a reason not too. I love you all and could never pick a favorite because you are all so sweet and caring congrats on your success!!!!

  • Jamie-Lynn Stewart
    Jamie-Lynn Stewart

    Khloe is my fav because, She is beautiful, out going and doesnt take shit from anymore haha, also she is caring, loving, and gives back to others. She has an amazing out look on life. people could learn a thing or too from khloe lol :) I love you ladies im a big fan ♥ Jamie-lynn ♥

  • Rachel S.
    Rachel S.

    Kourtney is my favorite Kardashian because when I watch the show I feel as though you always get a peek into her true personality. Of course I love all of the sisters, but I feel like Kourtney always stays true to herself and exudes confidence. I admire her ability to be a great mother/daughter/sister/friend in addition to being obsessed with her style! That girl's ability to put together an outfit is beyond!

  • kinipelaaa
    kinipelaaa Khloe is my favorite Kardashian because in my opinion, a lot of us can relate to her. She is so real and tells the truth no matter what. She is also very humble and interacts with her fans ALL the time. :) I also think she sends out a positive message to girls of all ages to love their selves no matter what! I love her ! I have to admit, I do love them all though :)

  • Kendric Tj Baynard
    Kendric Tj Baynard

    khloe is my favorite because she is so down to earth so real tell you how it is

  • Ava

    Kourtney is my favourite, because she is funny, cute and i love her voice! She is my ultimate fashion icon

  • Khrystinah Wright
    Khrystinah Wright

    Khloe is my favorite because I feel like I can identify with her the most. She is funny and down to earth. Smart, too. Plus my name starts with KH. I always have to spell it for people. I imagine Khloe did/does too.

  • lizt

    i love your family and the show. I never miss an episode.. I would love to win.. I have done the like of Fb a while ago but i do not have a twitter . Can i still be in the drawing without following twitter? I hope so.. When will seasons 4 and 5 be released? I don't have a fave Kardashian.. You each are faves in your own way..

  • Sadie Allen
    Sadie Allen

    My Favorite Kardashian is Kourtney! I love that she is such an amazing mommy and sister! Shes so down to earth!!

  • Kk

    I Love Khloe because of her style, attitude, and her courage to stand up for herself! She is beautiful and I aspire to be like her!

  • Crystal Marchese
    Crystal Marchese

    I love all the girls because they are relatable, but Khloe is one rad chick! She is always put together, has an adorable relationship with Lamar, is loyal to the people she loves, and calm, cool, and collected. She just knows what's up! Love that girl!

  • Alex

    Khloe is my favorite because she is so funny! she inspires me because she is proud of her body even if shes not perfect! She says what she thinks and most of the time it is so hilarious! She stands up for what she believes in and that is inspiring! Love her! <3

  • Jinnie

    I know this might not be good cause he isnt a Kardashian exactly but Bruce is my favorite he is so powerful and so strong keeps it all together and recenters Kris when he has the balls to do so :) he is hilarious and loving and would do anything for his daughters and his extended family he is an amazing person all together!

  • mbs9law

    My favorite is Kris ~ she started out by helping brand Bruce, then branded all of her girls. I also don't think one is more famous than the other~you each have your own niche and you stick to who you are, on and off camera. Never have any of you ever said "I am not who I was portrayed to be" or blamed editing like other reality shows. Keep up who you are always :)(

  • pbelcher12

    Khloe is my favorite because seeing her and Lamar together makes me believe that there really is true love. Not only that but Khloe is such a strong woman and is a true role model. She is a real person with real body image issues along with others and is not afraid to admit it. She stands up for what she believes in and works hard. Khloe is definitely my favorite but I also truly enjoy watching Kourtney and Kim because they are also role models.


    i love the kardashian famm!! :D if i had to choose a favourite kardashian sister i would have to choose between khloe and kourtney, they are my fave sisterss!! since i can only say one of them, i am going to choose khloe since she is soo outgoing and funny. i can always relate to her and i love the way that she doesnt let the media or haters get to her and feels great the way she is even if she is different from the other sisters. love u dolls xoxo gurpreet :D

  • Evan James
    Evan James

    Khloe cause she's soo DGAF and 'out there'! Well she used to be before she got married.


    Kourtney is my favorite. Shes always in the best mood, shes funny, a great sister and also an excelent mother. Her style is insane! she always dresses up with the best clothes, such a fashionista. Shes a real example o a complete and strong woman that has what she wants and takes care of her family.

  • Leila Ostria
    Leila Ostria

    I love you ALL..but i have too say Kourtney. I love how she just really does not care what people think..And some people may say she is dumb and stuff, but she really isn't. I think she always knows what she is talking about and she is hilarious. She reminds me of myself because we are both like 5 feet tall and small people but we defend ourselves and do not let people put us down. She has so much emotional energy, but she does not always show it. she is an amazing mom to mason and has raised him very well..Even though she can seem kind of serious in some episodes, she knows how to have fun and she also knows when to stop. in other words she does not go overboard. She is confident and a strong woman just like the rest of you. Also she is so gorgeous and such a sweet person and very genuine..When i went to new york for the book signing, i was one of the yougnest people there and i was honestly the most scared to meet kourtney because i would have NEVER expected her to be SOOO sweet and nice. It blew me away..I was sobbing crying and she is an amazing person. I love her personality and how she really cares about everyone around her. LOVE YOU ALL!<3

  • Lynn van Olst
    Lynn van Olst

    I think Khloe because she is gorgeous and I feel the same way as her, she might think she is fat but she looks fine, we all may not feel confident once in a while but we are who we are. That is what I also love bout Khloe she is so down to earth she couldn't give a sh*t in the whole world, I also think Khloe because she seems a little bit 'forgotten' in the fame fuzz. It doesn't matter but she deserves being the center of attention once in a while.

  • Marcus Rosales
    Marcus Rosales

    My favorite Kardashian sister is Khloe, because she is a really hardcore person, but also sensative in most cases.. She has a very nice sense in style and she ALWAYS makes me laugh..

  • Sarah

    Kendall, is my favorite even though she isn't really a Kardashian, she has the most amazing personality. She i so sown to earth, and not to mention Beautiful. She always so family oriented, even though shes a teen. I Love Kendall Nicole Jenner!

  • Lisa

    Khloe cause she keeps it real.

  • Theresa

    My favorite would have to be Khloe. I love how down to earth she is and just stays away from all the drama. She is an awesome wife and I know she's going to make an awesome mom one day! Love ya, Khloe!

  • Laquita T. Hodge
    Laquita T. Hodge

    Kim is my favorite because I love her style & her positive attitude despite all the craziness around her. I can relate the most to her.

  • Marisa Kardashian
    Marisa Kardashian

    Khloe becaause she inspires me to love myself and be confident in all situations and love my body! Im 13 and arent the most confident but thanks to Khloe I am learning to love myself. Shes always talking to her fans on twitter and making everyone feel good on a bad day. She wants every woman and girl to feel special in their own skin and i love that! Its so sweet of her to take the time to be there for her fans and cheer us on. alwaays;; marisa a.k.a. @kardashianskrew ![:

  • StephieG13

    Khloe is my favorite. She is sooooo down to earth and says what is on her mind always. Her relationship with Lamar is adorable, and she is such a great sister to Kourtney and Kim. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!

  • ilovekardashians44

    Also, not to mention, I love how Khloe won't let people's negative thoughts rain on her parade. She doesn't let anyone's rude comments bring her down. Her confidence is so amazing! She makes people feel special about themselves. I love her and look up to her for that.

  • ilovekardashians44

    I am so happy about this giveaway because I am such a HUGE fan of the Kardashian family! I love all of the family members so much, but if I had to choose a favorite, I would probably choose Khloe. I would choose her because she is so funny and outgoing and can always find the humor in things. She always makes me smile! She is also very sweet, honest, and sincere and I can tell she truly cares about all of her family members and loves making people happy. She is just a beautiful person all around!

  • twinklemepink06

    following twitter and facebook. I love Kim because she loves to act like a diva.

  • Natalie

    Kourtney is my favorite because she is naturally pretty and looks so young for her age!

  • juliannex18

    Kim is my favorite, but not because people think she's the prettiest or most popular, but because I relate to her the most on the shows and I LOVE her sense of style!

  • CHH

    kourtney is my favorite because i love her voice and think she is so naturally gorgeous. also because she knows she doesn't want to marry scott so she isn't giving into the pressures of her family and the media. and because she always says one day she is just going to live on a farm

  • Rebecca

    Kim cause she's gorgeous!

  • ecaterina29

    like u o facebook and follow u on twitter i like kourtney! LOVE her style and she has the cutest son ever:)

  • danielleakame

    gag me with a spoon...