Happy 48th Birthday, Johnny Depp! See Him Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Happy Birthday!
Johnny Depp Through the Years

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Johnny Depp's 48th birthday today. The Kentucky-born actor has come a long way since his days on 21 Jump Street but his sexiness still remains.

Entertaining us in hit films such as Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny may go down as one of the most talented actors and-- dare we say-- sexiest men alive.

In honor of his birthday (June 9), Celebuzz has compiled Johnny’s hottest looks through the years. Take a look through the gallery, and wish him a happy birthday on our Twitter or Facebook!



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  • johnnydeppissexy

    Not a fan of the suit, but when the person wearing it is johnny depp, it doesnt matter. I wanna eat him hes too hot/

  • jabster

    I'll bet he tossed that yellow suit when he got out of there.

  • mayra lopez
    mayra lopez

    Happy Birthday beautiful Johnny Depp!! You look amazing for your age...you are the best ever,oh...baby,love you sooo much,God bless you

  • danielleakame

    ohhh what a hottie. looking better all the time!!!

  • Andrea Valenzuela
    Andrea Valenzuela

    Happy Birthday Mr. Depp :)

  • idaolivia

    happy birth dayy <3

  • Maria Dee
    Maria Dee

    Soooo delicious, AMAZING, and has gotten so much better over the years, GOOD GOD!!! I WANT TO TASTE THIS MAN FROM HEAD TO TOES, Literally, and everything in between, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT Since 21 JUMP!!!

  • Maxi Albrecht
    Maxi Albrecht

    Pirates of the Caribeen 1-4 =DD happy birthday =DD