Miranda Cosgrove & Victoria Justice Talk Summer Plans, Beauty Secrets, Boys & More!

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Nickelodeon’s sure to be huge crossover event, iParty With Victorious, is mere days away, and Celebuzz got a chance to talk with BOTH of its leading ladies!

That’s right, we caught up with Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) and Victoria Justice (Victorious) at the TV event’s premiere and chatted with both of them about summer plans, their love lives and much more!

iParty With Victorious centers around the two main ladies who find out they’re being two-timed by the same guy! Carly (Miranda) and Tori (Victoria) find out and want revenge, so they set up to humiliate him at a huge party thrown at Kenan Thompson’s house. We asked both ladies if they could ever get past a guy doing that to them, to which Victoria replied:

“Absolutely not ever, nor will I ever. I think it is completely like the worst thing anyone could ever do. It would be a complete breach of trust. I could never go back into a relationship. “

Miranda echoed that thought, by saying: “I don’t want to sound awful, like I am not forgiving but I don’t think I would be able to. “

On a lighter note, we asked Victoria what it was like to get to film with the iCarly cast: “It was really, really fun. We obviously new each other but it was the first time we got to all hang out with everyone. We were filming together for three weeks, so it was fun to eat lunch together and walk off set together.”

Also, since summer has officially made its way into our lives, we asked each lady what they’ll be up to. Miranda said, “I will be filming my show and then I will be going on tour so getting to go back on a bus again and travel around the states will be very fun. Hopefully get a little beach time in. I love the beach.”

Victoria will also be working this summer, but she’ll be filming her first feature film!

“For summer I’ll actually be gone for two and a half months to film my first feature film. The film is called Fun Size and is all about a coming to age comedy. It’s a little bit like Superbad.”

We also asked the ladies what kind of beauty products are must haves for them during the summer time. Victoria’s favorites?

“Two of my summer must haves would be Posietint [a lip and cheek stain] and telescopic waterproof mascara. Those are great!

Miranda kept things simple by saying: “I am a big lip gloss lover, so I always go for mascara and lip gloss.”

Don’t forget to tune into iParty With Victorious when it premieres Saturday at 8 PM on Nickelodeon!