Rihanna Wears Barely-There Costumes for Canada Show (PHOTOS)

As the performances get bigger, the outfits seem to be getting smaller! From Lady Gaga to Katy Perry to Rihanna, these divas know how to work it itty bitty costumes!

Rihanna showed off her curves in Canada with three show-stopping outfits! The "S&M" singer took the stage in a yellow, thigh-baring dress, a jean shorts/strapless bra combo and a little gold number. Her hair, up in tight, red spiral curls!

RiRi tweeted about the show, writing: 

"Rockin the red @rihanna look :) concert in Ottawa tonight what up!"

While she's in Canada, her friend Katy is performing in the Southeast. However, she still managed to send her some love via Twitter. Rihanna wrote: 

"@katyperry hey barecunt my MD Kevin will be at ur show tonight in Orlando! He'll be arnd backstage, I sent u a hug! Kill em 2nt biatch!"
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  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Chris you should never have given that up man..!! mmmmm.....mmm..

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Stunning and super-sexy Ri!

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Wow! Stunning legs Ri Ri...!! :-)

  • Darold

    Shoot, who would have thouhgt that it was that easy?

  • courtneybaaaby

    that outfit is really ugly!

  • courtneybaaaby

    what the fucks up with the outfit haha

  • courtneybaaaby

    your a fucking bitch, you must be anorexic if your saying shes fat, she has an amazing body, so many girls would kill to have her body, shes sexy!

  • cookiebaby

    her back has rolls haha

  • cookiebaby

    looks like shes put on a it of weight.

  • dhaneshaney

    She looks and acts like a sleaze!

  • caren

    She is really heavy you an tell she eats bad food because I am sure he gets plenty of exercise being on stage.....way too fat for her age! Too many rolls, and too many rolls!

  • rayzor

    I agree on both points. The outfit makes her look heavy, and I'd love to see her try a new hairdo. She's a drop dead gorgeous girl but everything isn't for everybody.

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    This is what you do when you have no talent

  • danielleakame

    love her outfits. but the yellow one wasnt that flattering on her. she needs a new hair style already. the red curls are getting old and not that cute on here. she is a hottie. so let it show!

  • tashia

    I went to this show on June 6th in Toronto. The production was amazing, SHE was amazing, and her outfits were great! Tashia Wilson TW Lamps http://www.twlamps.com [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/09/P4250732-340_255.JPG[/img]