Shania Twain Falls While Walking On Stage at CMTs! (VIDEO)

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Sometimes you just have to shrug things off and laugh, which is exactly what Shania Twain did after she took a tumble and fell flat on her behind while walking onstage to present at the 2011 CMT Awards on Wednesday night.

Twain was making her way down the runway to present Best Male Performer when some sort of high-heel mishap occurred, resulting in the beautiful songstress losing her balance and plummeting to the floor. After some reassuring cheers from the crowd to fend off the embarrassment and bring Shania back into good spirits, she went on to present the award to Blake Shelton.

Thankfully, the show’s host Kid Rock went easy on Shania following the incident, not even mentioning it despite it being an easy joke to win a laugh with. Kudos on the restraint, Mr. Rock. 

In other Twain-related CMT news, she paired up with superstar Taylor Swift to do a bit of a country spoof on Thelma & Louise. Check it out below:

Swift Channels Thelma and Louise by 5minPeople

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