‘Super 8′ Star Zach Mills: Elle Fanning Was ‘One of the Boys’

Elle at MTV Awards
Check out Elle Fanning's adorable floral fashion at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards!
Part of the reason Super 8 is so badass is because the movie is centered around tons of young up-and-coming actors. In a pretty much guy-dominated cast, Elle Fanning shines, and her costar Zach Mills said she was just as cool when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“Elle was one of the boys. She was very good at holding it down being one of the few girls on set,” Zach told Celebuzz on the carpet at the Super 8 premiere Wednesday night in LA. “She would play football with us, have fun, hang out.”

With lots of young teen-somethings running around on set, some may think it would get too rowdy, but Mills said they all got along fantastically.

“It was amazing, everyone was friends just immediately. At the auditions we were always hanging out on and off the set it was so fun. It felt like one big summer camp.”

Zach’s previous acting credits include Changeling with Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood, but it still didn’t prepare him for the awesomeness that is JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg.

“It’s a big, big deal to have worked with JJ and Steven Spielberg,” Mills told us. “I think this is the biggest thing I’ve done. I have a large part in this so it’s really cool.”

So what’s next for the rising star?

“Nothing to announce yet, I’ve just been reading scripts. I definitely want to keep going in the direction of movies. I always said if I wasn’t an actor, I’d be a director, and if I wasn’t a director I’ll be the guy who holds that sound thing.”

Everyone be sure to see Super 8 when it hits theaters Friday, June 10.

Celebuzz went out on the streets Wednesday for all the Super 8 secret screenings, and fans came out in droves for the chance to see the flick. Check out the pics!

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