A-List Celebs Mask Themselves for Interactive Performance

While watching the play Sleep No More, you could be standing next to Justin Timberlake or Matt Damon and never know it. That might be the appeal to celebs as a slew of Hollywood A-listers are attending this interactive performance. 

The production is centered around Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and requires audience members to wear a mask (reminiscent of those worn in Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise) that almost completely covers their face, leaving them unrecognizable in the dark McKittrick Hotel of which the play is held. 

While most performances have you comfortably seated, this one requires you to be on your feet and encourages curiosity. 

The audience roams the hotel that is filled with amazing set designs as actors are performing simultaneously throughout the venue. No talking is allowed and none of the spectators are permitted to remove their masks unless they choose to return to the bar. The performance can last up to three hours and is an individual experience for everyone ( i.e. choose your own adventure). 

Other celebs to hit up this unique performance include Emma Stone, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (who reportedly attended with Timberlake), Olivia Wilde, Rosario Dawson, James Franco and Neil Patrick Harris … to name a few. NPH tweeted  a rave review of the play, writing: 

“Saw Sleep No More tonight. 1 of the single greatest things I’ve EVER seen. Immersive theatre on a whole other level.”

Click HERE for ticket info and who knows, you could be standing next to a masked celebrity.