Khloe Laughs: ‘Kim Is Going to Be Such a Bridezilla’

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Kim Kardashian’s wedding will surely be a moment that everyone in her family will remember forever, especially if things go the way that her sister Khloe Kardashian is anticipating.

Talking with PEOPLE on Thursday night at the Forbes Celebrity 100 event in Hollywood, Khloe joked about how she thinks Kim will behave as her wedding — which still has no date — approaches. She said:

“I don’t want to help because Kim is going to be such a bridezilla! If I do one thing wrong, I’ll be screwed! But I would love to be in the wedding.”

Khloe said that despite all of the attention about the wedding and her closeness to Kim, even she is still in the dark about the details.

“People keep asking us, ‘When is it?’ She doesn’t know … But you know, Kim goes big. It’s not going to be small. And I joke and I say it will be like the Royal Wedding, because she is just like that.”

Sure, the Royal Wedding would be a fabulous comparison, but what does Khloe think about Kim’s soon-to-be Prince William, NBA star Kris Humphries?

“If she’s happy. Whether he’s an NBA player, a fireman, a policeman, whatever it may be, as long as she’s happy.”