Love the Look: Gisele Bundchen’s Sparkly Gown (PHOTOS)

Gisele's Sexiest Looks
Does Gisele ever look bad?
Leave it to the world’s number one supermodel to put a fun twist on what could have been a typical evening gown.

Gisele Bunchen was seen wearing this Oscar de la Renta frock at a the 39th American Film Institute Life Achievement Award (which honored actor Morgan Freeman) in Los Angeles Thursday evening, and as per usual, she stunned.

We love that the sparkle accents on the gown are a bold enough to make a statement but are also subtle enough to pay homage to the hot trend of animal print. Then on top of that (literally) the pink ribbon accent adds a fun pop of color.

Not only does Gisele look fab with clothes on, but she looks just as good with as little clothing as possible, as evident by the bikini photos below. Check them out!

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