No ‘Angry Birds’ for Webby Awards Host Lisa Kudrow (VIDEO)

When it comes to the web, Lisa Kudrow knows how to do certain things — like being an internet therapist a la Fiona Wallice. But once social media and wildly-popular games are thrown into the equation, count her out.

In a new video for the Webby Awards, which will be hosted by Kudrow on June 13 and streamed on Facebook, the Web Therapy hostess pokes fun at her internet presence in a new promotional video. “I don’t know what Angry Birds is … I Twitter, in fact I have over 56 followers,” she deadpans into a fake phone conversation.

The Webbys, now in their 15th year, will be as star-studded as ever this year, with Daniel Radcliffe set to attend. It’s also the first year fans can watch live on Facebook. For more info on the show, hit up the Webbys, um, website.

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